Vetade Farma

Vetade Farma

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Liquid Amino Acids with Vitamins & Chelated Minerals

We are offering liquid amino acids.
Poultry producers today, realize that subclinical or hidden deficiencies pose a larger problem than the acute cases as the specific clinical symptoms are not always evident and the flock productivity remains suboptimal or decreased.

With the decline in nutrient status, immunity and enzyme systems are compromised first, followed by reduction in growth and productivity.

Composition: each 15ml contains
protein hydrolysate 7.5gm (to supply essential amino acids methionine 3.5%, arginine 4.3%, tyrosine 2.8%, threonine 3.9%, valine 7.1%, l-lysine 7.3%, histidine 3.1%, tryptophan 1.4%, leucine 9.1%, isoleucine 8.1%) pyridoxine 12mg, niacinamide 45mg, cyanocobalamine 45mcg, selenium 6ppm, biotin 6ppm, calcium 2.5mg, sodium 25mg, chloride 50mg, manganese 1.0mg, iron 0.3 mg, zinc 0.25 mg, copper 0.06mg, iodine 0.02mg, cobalt 0.06mg

note - product can be design as per customer specification also.

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