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We offer the best product range of VITA MILK PLUS, AMINO TONIC, Vetzyme, BOOST-100 and RECAL GOLD.

Vita Milk Plus

Indications : Poor Growth & Production Low Fat Percentage Infertility Anoestrous Low conception rate 1kg of Vita Milk Plus to be mixed in 100kg. of feed.   Mixing Ratio For Animal : 25g. to 30g per cow/buffalo per day to be mixed in  the feed for maintenance and for better mix production.

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Amino Tonic

Indications : Amino Tonic helps in protein formation. It acts as building Blocking agent for the development of meat production It also Uses to increase egg & milk production. For use as a Supplemental source of dextrose, electrolytes, vitamins and Amino acid in allanimals. Supporting therapy   on the operation &after operation. Convalescing, dehydration, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, imbalance of electrolytes, ketosis, anaphylaxis, acidosis andhypoproteinemia.   Dosage & Administration : Poultry - Add 1ml per 2-4 liter water continue for 3-5 days. For cattle, Buffalo, Horse, Goat, Sheep, Dog & other animals: Normal dose - 2-3 ml per 10kg body weight in drinking water. fattening dose: 4-6 ml per 10kg body weight in drinking water. Milk increaser dose - 4-6 ml per 10kg body weight in drinking water. Or as advised by the registered   veterinarian.   Presentation : 250ml. 500ml. & 1 liter bottle.

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Indication : When growth is uneven in the flock, undigested feed in faeces, indigestion and less feed intake resulting into delay in attending marketable  body weight. Composition : Each Liter solution contains Cellulase  - 100, 000, 000 U Xylanase  - 1, 500, 000 U Lipase  - 6, 500 U Amylase  - 250, 000 U Protease  - 400, 000 U Pectinase  - 30, 000 U With the activity of a-galactosidase B-glucosidase & Arabinase Key Features : Highly Concentrated liquid cocktail of enzymes powered by Protein Optimizing Factors (POF). POF Is hydrolyzed vegetable protein resulting into supplementation of bio available amino acids. Benefits : Acts as  liquid growth promoter. Reduces feed consumption. Improves weight gain & PCR. Reduces Incidences of wet litter

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Indication : Hepato- Stimulant Hepato-Protective Hepato- Regenrative Production-Enhancer   Dosage & Administration : For 100 Birds Broiler 50-100 ml. Daily From 2nd To 6th Week Growers/layers 20 ml. Daily For 10 Days Cattle 20 ml. Twice A Day Calves, Sheep, Goats 5-10 ml. Daily   Benefits : Weight Gain Growth Promotor Encephalomalacis Aflatoxicosis Mascular Dystrophy Egg Drop Syndrome

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Recal Gold

Direct for Use : Ideal for all Species. The following quantitites Are sufficient when given in drinking water as Calcium supplement.   Dosages : C attle, Buffaloes & Horse - 100-200 ml. daily Dogs - 10-20 ml., Twice daily. Poultry - Chick 20 ml/100 birds. Growers - 50 ml./100 birds. Layers - 100 ml./100 birds.   Benefits : Strong bones Increase in milk yield Improve immunity Maintain lactation periods Benefit in heat strokes                                          

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  • Usage Cattle Feed
  • Style Type Dried
  • Certification ISO 9001-2008
  • Shelf Life 2 Years
  • Color Brown
  • Dosage Strength Powder
  • Function Animal Feed

INDICATION:  Indicated for the treatment of ruminant animals suffering from indigestion, inappetence, anorexia, gastritis and ruminal impaction.   COMPOSITION Each 20 gm solution contains Dried ferrous sulphate 2000 mg Vitamin B1                                         98 mg Vitamin B12                                       2 mg              Cobalt Sulphate                                200 mg Nux Vomica                                       400 mg                                                 Ginger                                                2800 mg Sodium bi Carbonate                      1450 mg                    DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION: Cattle & Buffalo: 20-40 gm for 100-300 kg body wt, 60gm for 301-500 kg body weight calves, sheep And goats 5-10 gm for 15-25 kg body wt, 10-20 gm for 25 kg or above body weight Requried quantity of Rumitop should be mixed in 1-2 liter of drinking water and apply Twice daily for 2-3 days.  STORAGE: Protect from light store in a cool &dry place, keep out of rech of children.  

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