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Reactive Dyes

We make sure that the transactions are made with utmost security and precision with us. We have made necessary arrangements to process transactions through mediums like cash and bank transfer. We make us of only experts' certified packaging material to meet the personalized and standard packaging requirements of the clients. Rest assured us for the packaging of the products.

  • Purity : 100%
  • Form : Liquid
  • Use In : Textile & Paper Industries
  • Color : Available in various Colors


V.C. Dyes Name C.I.No
274 Yellow Hf-4gl Y-160a
275 Yellow Hf-3rx Y-145
276 Orange Hf-2rx O-122
277 Red Hf-3gx R-227
278 Red Hf-Gx R-223
279 Red Hf-2gf R-222
280 Red Hf-2gx R-194
281 Red Hf-3bx R-195
282 Red Hf-6bx R-250
283 Blue Hf-Brx B-221
284 Turq.Blue Hf-Bg B-231
285 Blue Hf-2gx B-194
286 Blue Hf-Bx R-222
287 Blue Hf-Bf B-222a
288 Yellow 4gl Y-186
289 Yellow Fg Y-42
290 Yellow Gl Y-37
291 Yelow Gn Y-23
292 Yellow Gr Y-15
293 Yellow Rnl O-107
294 Orange 3r O-16
295 Red C-2g R-106
296 Red Bb R-21
297 Red Rb R-198
298 Red 5b R-35
299 Red 5bx R-198a
300 Violet 5r V-5
301 Blue 3r B-28
302 Blue R B-19
303 Blue Bb B-220
304 Trqu.Blue G B-21
305 Blue Jkc H/C B-21a
306 Navy Blue Gg B-203
307 Brown Gr Br-18
308 Black Rl Bl-31
309 Black B Bl-5
310 Yellow He-6g Y-135
311 Yellow He-4g Y-105
312 Yellow He-4r Y-84
313 Orange He-2g O-20
314 Orange He-R O-84
315 Red He-3b R-120
316 Red He-7b R-141
317 Blue He-Gn B-198
318 Blue He-Rd B-160
319 Navy Blue He-R B-171
320 Navy Blue He-2r B-89
321 Green He-4bd G-19


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