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Solder Bar Casting Machine (VT-20A)

Solder Bar Casting Machine (VT-20A)

We are offering solder bar casting machine,
machine specification:
vt-20a apply to with lead or lead-free solder barstick casting automatically in a labor-saving way. It is able to pour the tin liquid into the tin mold automatically and lift the ingredients chapter from the mold and eject the final bar all by itself achieving an automated machine for producing lead-free or with lead from the melting liquid to final product.
It is mainly consist of machine body. Tin liquid insulation container , measuring funnel ,tin mound, thimble system, hydraulic system and control system.
Working procedure:
liquid from melting furnace go to the insulation container by pumping automatically, which is with liquid level detector to set a maximum level and the highest level, when the tin liquid water is below the minimum control surface, the pump automatically starts pumping, when the tin liquid reaches the highest level warning line, pumping the pump will automatically stop pumping ,we adopt electric heater in the insulation container ensuring the temperature of the tin liquid does not decrease.
When open the tin valve tin liquid would flow from tin guide pipe to measurement funnel in their own gravity.
When measuring the equivalent tin bar weight in the tin funnel, the tin valve closes automatically. Then the tin liquid from measure funnel pour into the mold, after the liquid become solid in the tin mold, the composition chapter first rises, then upon fully cold, the solder bars are ejected out of the tin mold by cavity ejection,
take out the bars manually and finish a completion of tin bar casting, pressing the reset switch will cycle the next round of casting.

  • Item name : Auto Solder bar/stick casting machine
  • casting mode : full Automatic
  • bar qty per single casting : 20 pieces
  • single bar weight : 1kg
  • merit : high automation
  • merit : good bar quality
  • meirt : high output

Additional Information:

Payment Terms : T/T

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Set(s)

Packaging Details : international standard

Delivery Time : 15 days

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