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Gas Plants

We offer a complete product range of and producer gas plant

Producer Gas Plant

Located at Mumbai(India), we are reckoned for providing excellent array of products throughout the country. We have developed robust payment processing procedures to facilitate safe and quick exchange of the trade.   Steps involved in Supply of Gasifier : Calculation of load requirement Sizing of Producer gas plant Documentation & Guidance for Government authorities & approval (Pollution Control Board) Supply of equipment & verification when received at client’s site Supply, Erection & Commissioning of whole setup Fabrication, Erection & Commissioning of Pipeline & Superstructure, if client required Supply of manpower viz. skilled operators & unskilled helpers for Operation & Maintenance on chargeable basis Good quality fuel supply on chargeable basis Design, Erection & Commissioning of Up draught Producer gas plant having capacity from 1 TPD to 60 TPD is done by us Gasification is a process of conversion of solid fuel into gaseous fuel but in controlled atmosphere. Gas produced due to incomplete combustion of Biomass resulting in combustible gases like CO, H 2 & CH 4 is called as a Producer gas Process of gasification has been carried out usually in vertical cylindrical chamber/vessel which is called as Gasifier   Following chemical process are involved : C + O 2 CO2 C + H 2 O CO + 2H 2C + CO 2 2CO   So from above chemical reactions we get to know that there are 3 main constituents of producer gas, there are as follows: 3 CO 30 – 40% 2 H 25 – 35% CH 4 1 – 3% SPM 120 ppm C.V of gas 1050 Kcal / m3 Flame temp of P.G will be 1200 Deg. C Cyclone & Water curtain is provided for purification of gas. After purification SPM gets reduce to 90 ppm which is much more less than fossil fuel SPM To remove condensed volatile matter (i.e. Tar) Tar drain has been provided intermediate of main pipeline irrespective of length of pipeline (up to 500 mtr) Ash formed in main cylindrical vessel can be removed from the worm & wheel mechanism from the bottom of gasifier which is then collected into ash tray in wet form Removed ash in wet form can be sold or utilized for landfill purpose because it’s Non hazardous effluent Advantages of Producer Gas : It is Eco friendly, Clean & Cheap gas than compare to fossil fuels Best alternative for LPG, CNG, FO, LDO, HSD, LSHS etc It reduces Annual fuel bill up to 40-50% SO 2 , NO x contents are almost negligible Applications include are as follows : Heating & Melting Furnaces Various types of Ovens & Driers Various types of kilns It can also be used in boiler for steam generation CHP generation

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