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Atulya Farms

Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Desi cow A-2 Ghee

Desi cow A-2 Ghee

INR 1950 / Litre ( Approx )

Min. Order (MOQ) : 10 Kilogram

We deals into desi ghee made from desi cow milk(a2) by hand churn process. This method maintains all nutrients that was there in ancient time ghee and actually required in present for human body. Desi ghee has been a favourite in most indian households. According to ancient ayurveda, cow ghee is full of essential nutrients, fatty acids, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidants and antiviral properties. It is cool, sweet and full of saturated fat. You can add 2 teaspoons of it on your cooked food during lunch or dinner or you can use it in cooking. If the ghee is in the solid state then warm it for some time till it becomes liquid. Keep in mind that if cow ghee is very old then it is more effective and costly. Cow ghee health benefits and uses 1. excellent for cooking. 2. it is an excellent home remedy to improve digestion and curing constipation. It helps to secrete enzymes that digest the food. Stimulates digestive system. 3. drinking a warm glass of milk containing a spoon of cow ghee before going to bed will enhance your digestion power and clean the stomach in the morning. 4. it is known as a brain tonic. 5. normalises vata and pitta. Nourishes body. 6. it is best for cancer patients. Having the power to stop growing cancer cells. 7. it is best to improve the voice. 8. improve sperm count and strengthens sexual power. 9. it helps to feel more hungry. 10. strengthens immune system and vitality. 11. good for eyes and vision. 12. good for building stamina. 13. excellent for glowing skin. 14. excellent for increasing appetite. 15. curing thyroid dysfunction. 16. it is used to heal wounds, chapped lips and mouth ulcers. 17. detoxifies body. 19. body massage with ghee boosts the immune system. 20. cures insomnia. 21. best for lubrication of joint. 22. burn healing – also useful when applied to burns. 23. adding 1-2 teaspoon of ghee specifically helps reduce stubborn belly fat 26. good for a healthy heart

  • Shelf Life : 2-3 Years
  • Packaging : Jar
  • Product Type : Ghee
  • Type : Cow Ghee
  • Processing Type : Hand Churned
  • Colour : Yellow
  • Place of Origin : India

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Cow ghee
  • Cow Ghee

    cow ghee

desi cows ghee
  • Desi Cows Ghee

    desi cow ghee

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