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Goods Lift

Goods Lift

Goods lift are used in industries for vertical transportation of material. With use of goods lift, vertical space in industries will be effectively used.

ΓΆ€ΒΆ Consist of cage hoist arrangement with supporting steel structure which reduce cost of civil work.
ΓΆ€ΒΆ Operated by push button station fixed on outside of cage on respective floors.
ΓΆ€ΒΆ The landing door will be provided with mechanical & electrical interlock.
ΓΆ€ΒΆ Heavy duty collapsible door on entry & exists. The cage is being guided with guide shoe on guide rail.
ΓΆ€ΒΆ Electrical motor used is crane duty only. Limit switches for provided on each floor with extra gravity limit switch for additional safety.
ΓΆ€ΒΆ Cage door will be provided with electrical interlock.
ΓΆ€ΒΆ Goods Lift Capacity 5000 Kgs.

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