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Floating Oil Skimmer (DSKM-06)

Floating Oil Skimmer (DSKM-06)

Drum skimmer - drum skimmers float on the surface, sealed flotation makes it unsinkable. The drums are motor driven (by air or hydraulics) and turn slowly attracting the oil to its surface and rotating around to the wiper blade which scrapes the floating oil off and it runs into the sump area, where it is picked up by pump suction and transferred to storage. These drum skimmers are the most efficient and the most selective floating skimmers available anywhere, due to the large surface area that is exposed to the floating oil. Easy to install and operate. Drum skimmers need only 3" of water to float in. Great for heavy industrial or spill work and is the tool of choice for several spill contractors and facility owners since it is so fast and does not give you much water to deal with. Readily skims light hydrocarbon, kerosene, petrol, diesel or heavy floating oils

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