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Wacky Whistles

Wacky Whistles

Wacky Whistles are a magical whistle that goes in the roof of your mouth and changes your voice to a high octive so you can make awesome sound effects. It vibrates so fast that it can even be tickalish. It really is quite an amazing whistle and a lot of fun to use with all the sound effects it lets you make. Fast becoming the number one fun toy to have, it's great fun to have at a party and will raise the ambience at any event! They make a great bird whistle too, you can make a large variety of bird sounds as well.

How to Use Wacky Whistles : Place the whistle in the roof of your mouth with the white side facing down and the straight edge facing your front teeth now say -  CHIP, SHOP, SHIRP & SHHH CHICK-A-CHICK. It's easiest to start out by saying CHICK...CHICK to help position the whistle in the roof of your mouth.

Making Different Sounds :

  • Further back on your tongue makes higher pitch sounds (tongue forward).
  • Curl your tongue up and use the tip which makes deeper sounds.
  • Back of the tip is crackly.
  • Add your voice (G, Z, and R) gives an extra vibration.

Details :

  • Laughing  -  Vary your breaths like you would when you laugh and say SHH SHH SHH SHH SHH.
  • Talking  -  Say any word and SHHH at the same time, the vowels carry through.
  • Motorbike/Car  -  Voice and breath of reving.
  • Lorikeet  -  Quick movement of tongue, back & forward.
  • Frog and Pigeon  -  Flick your tongue/purr.
  • Crow  -  Breath of whoosh, but say SHHH & R
  • Kitten  -  Breath of wisher, but say shhh.
  • Dog  -  Whine; Breath of WIsh but say SHh, Bark; say WROOLF with tip of T near WW.
  • Music Beat  -  dshh bshh
  • Rap  -  giga gigis zhis bss bit, basdie bashbie grrrgie, ya gotta go a little nuts here!

Prices : $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00.

  • Condition : New
  • Place Of Manufacturing : Australia
  • Color : Multi
  • MOQ : As per Client Requirement


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