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Institutional and Domestic Reverse Osmosis Plant

Institutional and Domestic Reverse Osmosis Plant

 Enhance taste of water by removing undesirable heavy salts.
• Removes contaminants that may cause high blood pressure, kidney stones, indigestion, gastric bacterial diseases, etc
• Process Hard water /Bore-Well/ Municipal supplied or overhead tank water to bottled quality drinking water.
• Removes salinity & hardness from raw water, besides eliminating impurities, viruses & bacteria.
• Refreshing beverages, soups, & sauces.
• Great tasting coffee & cold drinks
• Sparkling crystal clear ice cubes
• Cooking for delicacy
• Hygienic water for baby milk & food
• No need to purchase expensive mineral water


R/O+ U.V+ TDS Advantages 

• Mount cum Counter top water purifier
• Suitable for all type of raw water, purified water of bottled quality standards yet made at home.
• Operate from 120-180 VAC
• Erratic voltage supply protection 
• 12 ltr. of purified water storage capacity
• Fully automatic water level sensor with Auto Start off
• TDS controller maintenance essentials natural minerals, mineral cartridge made from rice balls, pH Balls, silver activated carbon. 



• Powered by UF membrane technology, removes bacteria as well as cysts
• Use of Activated Carbon for better disinfection & taste of water
• High base stand for easy dispensing of pure water in a glass
• Transparent unbreakable tank made of ABS food- grade plastic.
• Ideal for purification of water from most sources (preferably low TDS water).
• Bottom Storage tank (I I lit) provides purified water on demand 
• No boiling hassles
• No electricity required 
• No running water required
• No plumbing required 
• No chemical required 

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