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Our offered Product range includes Cyclone Single Motor Dryer, Monster Single Motor Dryer, Hercules Double Motor Dryer and Ionic Stand Dryer.

Cyclone Single Motor Dryer

  • Heat Power 600 W
  • Blow Force 605 g
  • Highest Temperature 52 C

Cyclone Single Motor Dryer New Launched 52mm (2.04") diameter hose system and highly improved motor, give the user a much higher blow force of 605 grams, an increase of 45% over previous model; unmatched wind speed of 60ms, an increase over previous model by 40%. Longer carbon brush of 38mm (1.5"), is the longest currently on the market. Smaller sparks created by smaller carbon pellets and smoother rotors give the TD-901T a longer lifespan (by 30%) compared to the previous model A better air flow system and a smaller flow friction force, has allowed this dryer to perform at a highly energy efficient ratio. The Cyclone Single Motor Dryer, 1200 watt motor, outperforms the 1600 watt dryer currently in the market

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Monster Single Motor Dryer

  • Heat Power 600
  • Noise 86 dbA
  • Dimension 13.4" x 6.3" x 8.3"

Monster Single Motor Dryer This single motor dryer outer forms most dual motor dryers in this market. It’s windspeed and blow force has to be experienced to be believed. This dryer is revolutionizing the world of single motor pet dryers. It’s versatile too. Mount it on the wall or stand mount. This is the most aptly named dryer in the pet world, Monster Blaster!

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Hercules Double Motor Dryer

  • Maximum Temperature 65 C
  • Blow force 955 g
  • Maximum Wind Speed 95 m/s

Hercules Double Motor Dryer Long carbon brush of 38mm, which is the longest on the current market, smaller sparks created by smaller carbon pellets and smoother rotor, gives 30% more lifespan. A better air flow system and a smaller flow friction force, has allowed this dryer to perform at a higher energy efficient ratio. One-click Easy Operation: allows operator to remove nozzle head with use of just one finger, with a simple click of the attachment.

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Ionic Stand Dryer

  • Temperature 25℃ (77F) to 75℃ (167F).

Ionic Stand Dryer, Finishing Dryer Maintenance free brush-less motor, does not require oiling or greasing on the internal parts. ABS body compartment, resistant to harsh chemicals and scratches.Fashionable shape designed by Italian master designer.The outlet tube is made from heat resistant PPS material, resisting over 260℃ (500F) temperature.Durable hanging arm could be lifted and lowered thousands of times.

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