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Surveillance Equipment

Our product range comtains a wide range of Cs Mount Camera, Digital Surveillance Camera, CCTV DVR Card and Dvr Cards

Cs Mount Camera

The advantage to a C-Mount Camera is that the lens can be changed. If you need to see further than 35 or 40 ft then you'll need a c-mount camera with a special lens. C-Mount lenses are available from 4mm to 50mm. A 4mm lens provides facial detail and a 70 degree angle of view focused up to about 35 ft. An example of where you might use a fixed 4mm lens is in a small office, or at home to focus on your driveway.

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Digital Surveillance Camera

C Based Digital CCTV Surveillance systems are a reasonably new technology in the CCTV Industry. This type of Digital CCTV system works in two stages. You then install the digital cctv surveillance card and software on to your PC. This Software (or program) will allow you to view your Digital CCTV Cameras, search through previously recorded footage, backup footage to CDDVD, control PTZ Cameras either on the PC system or remotely and much much more.

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A DVR card is a device for installation in a home PC computer which converts that PC into a DVR digital video recorder by gathering video and compressing it into digital information onto a computer's hard disk drive. When all works well, this allows a home PC to record up to several surveillance cameras. However, due to reliability concerns and software glitches associated with Windows® as an operating system platform, using PCI cards to record video is not recommended. A home PC is designed to perform many operations at once, but relatively simple functions. Recording digital video requires enormous system resources like computer memory and processor attention. Complete DVR digital video recorders designed specifically to handle recorded video (and solely recorded video) offer the benefits of reliability, as well as simple setup and use, a computer card can never achieve.

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