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Coaching Classes

Our product range comtains a wide range of Lumion Master & Beginner to Pro Course, Graphic Design Courses, digital marketing course, Node.js Standard Course and Advanced Photography Courses

Lumion Master & Beginner to Pro Course

Mode: Classroom and Online Duration: 01 Month Rendering was at one time a moderate and monotonous procedure. With Lumion, everything is better. As an across the board structural rendering arrangement, Lumion enables draftsmen to picture CAD models in a video or picture with genuine conditions and striking aesthetic pizazz. Regardless of whether you model in Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Rhino, AutoCAD and 3Ds Max, among others, Lumion in a split second revives your plans with practical scenes and urban setting, a la mode impacts, and a huge number of items and materials from the substance library. Objective of Lumion Training Course Lumion is a Fast 3D rendering software for architects who use todays highly advanced 3D software. It is a time saver for extremely busy architects. Following a 2 weeks theoretical and 2 weeks project-based training from our Lumion training center, you can figure out how to make stunning images, videos and 360 panoramic scenes with unbelievable speeds.

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Graphic Design Courses

Graphic design field often referred as communication design or visual communication. In this field various methods are used to create and combine words, symbols, messages etc. To perform strong communication through the visuals. The purpose of graphic design is basically to create or manipulate pictures, images and art for better and easy communication. In general, we relate graphic designing with the designs which get printed but nowadays it is a hot career field equally in print and electronic media too. Graphic design communicates visually in many ways and you can design anything which you see around you such as brochures, logos, advertisements, posters, business cards, newspapers, magazines, books, presentations, catalog, calendars, hoardings, sign boards, exhibition displays, websites, television commercials etc. Studying graphic design gives a chance to study about computer technologies, social context, design principles, printing technologies, and various other publishing. Scope and opportunities in graphic design nowadays graphic design is an in-demand career option. In recent days graphic design is a need of the growing indian graphic and communication design industry.

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digital marketing course

What is Digital Marketing? If you have ever received an e-mail or seen an advertisement flashing on Facebook offering a variety of discount offers from renowned websites, you are no stranger to the world of digital marketing. It refers to the promotion of companies’ products or brands via one or multiple forms of electronic media. Digital marketing varies from traditional marketing in a way that it involves the use of such channels and strategies that allows a company to redefine their marketing campaigns and evaluate what is working and what isn’t at a particular frame of time. Digital marketers monitor things like what’s being viewed, however usually and for the how long, what content works and doesn’t work, sales conversions, etc. internet is perhaps the biggest and closely associated channel with digital or web marketing. Other commonly used medium of digital marketing include: Wireless text messaging Instant mobile messaging Podcasts Mobile apps Electronic billboards FM-radio channels Television etc.

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Node.js Standard Course

Mode: classroom and online duration:1 month node.js has become one such popular language that has successfully taken over the programming world and everyone seems to be talking about it. Node.js is actually an open and free source cross platform for server side programming that allow its users to build applications more quickly. Node has given a new standard to applications and some of industry developers even claim that node is potential alternative of java. With such popularity, there are many giant companies such as walmart, nasa, twitter, intel and others that are successfully using node to increase the performance & efficiency of their application talking about the popularity of node, medium, an online platform mentions about it in their blog. They wrote, “node.js executes javascript code using google v8 engine. Unlike other javascript interpreters, v8 engine compiles the javascript code into native machine code. Thus, it enables the runtime environment to boost the performance of web server applications by executing javascript code in a faster and more efficient way.” seeing such demand for this language, we have started this 1 month long fundamental course of node.js that will essentially deal with the basic concepts of node. The course will include a project work and application that you will complete under the guidance of trained faculty of our institute. Eligibility to join this course as the course deals with basic concepts of node, it is advisable that candidates should possess knowledge of javascript. Objectives of this course the course is specially designed for the individuals who wants to grab the basics of the language which is currently ruling the technological world. It will cover not only the node language but also mongodb with one basic application, its deployment, and testing.

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Advanced Photography Courses

As recent trends suggest, India has become the second country with the highest number of internet users. This drastic development in Digital industry has allowed E-commerce an option to flourish in India. India is a country where storytelling is part of our heritage and people have started using photography as a medium of storytelling. If you would ask me what photography is about, I don't think twice before calling it a new language, a language that sees no barrier, a language that can be understood by all regardless of where they come from, what native language they speak or even their literacy level. The growth of Digital Industry has positioned the photographers at a great height. With the revolution in social media, people have started documenting every moment of their life and photographers are no doubt, enjoying this. The growth of Digital Industry has positioned the photographers to an important place. Earlier, only the wedding photography was the popular option but now people are exploring fields like street photography, food photography also. Seeing the craze and love photography is getting from people, ADMEC has decided to offer career courses in this field. If photography has been your hobby, then it is time to change your hobby into passion. These courses will help you to understand both basics and advanced techniques of this industry. From editing photos to understand how to click photos, we have got all covered for you! Let's explore.

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UI and UX Designing Course

With such a vast industry, we see thousands of designs produced every minute. The discipline does not matter, whatever we design, we always design by keeping our audience or users in our mind. So in the broad sense, we can say all designs are User-Experience Design. In the recent years, we have witnessed a shift in the relationship between designer and developer and the shift has brought them closer, that oftentimes we found one person who has mastered both the skills! UI/UX design has evolved a lot in recent years and every organization is putting special emphasis that every project of them is user friendly. Probably this could be the reason that there is so much demand for UI/UX designers. As a leader in the Multimedia Industry, we have never failed to cope up with changing needs and demand. Our UI/UX design training institute provides both online and offline training in web designing, web development, and UI & UX design. With a dedicated team of mentors, we offer the perfect balance of self- paced learning and teachers' guidance. We have curated industry-relevant courses and it can take you anywhere between 4 to 18 months to master this field. Come and explore the ocean of opportunities that the Web has stored for you!

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Textile Designing Courses

What is Textile Designing? With the aim of always moving hand in hand with the ever-changing and growing industry, ADMEC has been able to establish itself as a leading institute in Animation and Multimedia industry since its inception. Students are offered industry-oriented courses by our Competent, Dedicated and Trained faculty. Gone are those days when graphic design was only used by a few industries for promotion. With the advancement in Digital Marketing, Graphic Industry has witnessed a drastic evolution. From hospitality services to hotels, from a content writer to a fashion designer they all need graphics to present their work and one industry that is definitely enjoying the impact of this growth of Graphic industry is Fashion & Textile Industry. Using software for fashion and textile designing has changed the way the industry used to work. With the help of software, every concept can be covered. Whether it is about creating a product or presenting a product, designing software has got your back! CAD Courses offered by us in Textile and fashion design.

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Web Designing Course

Web design is a process of creation, presenting the content on web pages which the end-users can access through the internet with the help of a web browser using computer, mobile, or tablet. A web designer is concerned with how a site looks and how the customers interact with it. Web development is considered the back-end of the website. It is what makes the website function. Please check out our web development courses also. An advanced website making consists of two stages: front-end development – uses client-side server technologies html, css, bootstrap, javascript, angular, reactjs, google material library, etc. Back-end development – uses server-side technologies php, mysql, python, node.js, mongodb, etc. Web promotion is also one of the best skills nowadays. Web promotion is an umbrella term which we use for all the activities related to promoting a website using seo, sem, smo, ppc, various internet marketing, etc. Please check out our digital marketing courses too.

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animation course

What is Animation? "Animation" is a form of "animate", which means to bring to life. Thus when a multimedia designer brings an image to life with the help of animation. Animation is one of the latest and most advance technologies of the computer applications, it is not only useful in the scientific world but animations have also slowly taken over the entertainment and the other daily aspects of life. Animation merges text, images, graphics, audio and video to create 2d or 3d images and graphical effects. Usage of Animation Commercials Films Cartoon Movies Games E-learning Web Applications etc. Future of Animation The animation sector in India is growing at rapid pace. Many global companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony etc. are outsourcing work to Indian Companies. New tools and programs are created every year to enhance the overall animation process. The field has expanded from television and movies into mobile devices, games, and software applications. Want to explore your career in animation, meet ADMEC’s career counselors and see what we are offering? ADMEC is providing long term and short term animation courses in Delhi as per student's requirements. We help our students by making them work on live projects assisting our students even after completion of the Animation course to achieve their professional goals getting them placed in different job profiles

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Post Production Course

What is Post Production? Post Production is a division of film making and the video production process. It occurs in the making of television programs, radio programs, videos, photography and digital art. Post Production is a third and final stage of Film/ Video Production procedure. The first two being, Pre-Production and Filming. In Post Production film/ video will have to go through various steps within three stages. All production work done after the raw video footage and audio elements have been captured, video editing, audio mixing, titling and other production work is done during post-production. The aim of the post production diploma and certificate courses is to produce versatile digital artists with a complementary set of traditional and digital filmmaking skills.

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multimedia course

What is Multimedia? In todays advanced and technology adapted society, the model of multimedia is present in many facets of life. Multimedia is a swiftly involving technology that is bridging the gap between reality and magic. Do you want to know how images, symbols, words and letters can be combined together for delivering an effective means of communication and portray the appropriate message? ADMEC offers Multimedia courses for graduate and under-graduate students who wish to have a professional career in the field of multimedia. The purpose of these courses is to generate highly trained and creative professionals in the field of advertising, entertainment, web, and animation. Individuals will be able to create designs for these industries print, web, film, game, architectural, interior, video editing, gaming, 2D & 3D animation and many more. About All Media in Multimedia Courses Multimedia comprises of two main Media Print Media Electronic Media Print media introduces to graphic designing and further electronic media comprises many other forms such as television, computer, mobile etc. Multimedia curriculum has been divided into six main parts.

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video editing course

Video editing is everything about choosing and also reorganizing pieces of video/footage gathered from numerous resources to build a significant aesthetic. An essential element of post-production operates in electronic media, video clip editing and enhancing, has rapidly become a profitable profession alternative, because of the intensifying appeal of the audio-visual media. Production houses, as well as news networks, are currently on a hunt for extremely proficient video editors, that could provide meaning to the episodes and also news items generated by them. The aesthetic elegance of the end product relies on the skill and also efficiency of a video editor. Trainees at admec multimedia institute have actually taught skilfully as well as creatively to make sure that they could think of exactly what part of the motion picture needs to be incorporated or just what component needs to be left out. Our video editing institute provides video editing training in delhi on the most up to date software program for video editing such as apple fcpx, adobe premiere pro and also after effects. Trainees are going to be educated the fundamental to advance video editing for the movie and also televisions. Video editing is the procedure through which we could modify the various sections of video clip footage, unique effects, and also audio recordings. We are a well-known name in the field of delivering top-notch video editing courses in delhi and learners could trust us.

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Digital Painting Course

Mode: Classroom and Online Duration:4 Months Digital Painting Standard Course To give a new dimension to the old painting techniques, we have designed this 4-month long digital painting course for individuals who possess an eye for visual aesthetics. This is a comprehensive course on digital computer painting techniques created essentially for animation & post-production students who need to create backgrounds, 3D textures, and surfaces. Along with theoretical concepts, students will be receiving extensive software training as well. Eligibility for the Digital Painting Standard Course: Any individual can be a part of this program. However, additional knowledge of sketching and computer will serve as an added advantage. What you will Learn? Introduction to Graphic Design Sketching Techniques & Design Principles Raster and Vector Graphics Flat Illustrations Professional Patternmaking Brand Identity creation Color Modes and Color theory Material painting Brush tools Image retouching & manipulation Lighting, color & modes Environment creation Painting and Blending Techniques Silhouettes Tests & Projects

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Digital Painting Master Course

Mode: Classroom Only Duration:6 months Advanced Digital Painting Course Stretched over 6 months period, the Digital Painting Master course is designed to introduce the students to the digital medium of painting and various types of illustration making. Special emphasis will be given on manual methods of various types of paintings and all other related tools to create an intricate painting. Throughout the course, you will learn industry-leading digital painting and illustration making applications. For the high-level training experience, ADMEC Multimedia Institute has divided this course into 2 modules. Digital painting course will be a perfect blend of practical assessments as well as theoretical knowledge. Along with designing software teachers will also be focusing on the manual sketching work that will inculcate the basics of painting too. Eligibility to Join this Digital Painting Course An individual from any background with a genuine interest in learning painting can become part of this course. The basic knowledge of computer is a must for the course. No knowledge of painting or drawing required. Who can join this Digital Painting course? Any design professional from any design industry can join this course. Few are given below: Colouring Artist, Digital Painter, Game Designer, Magazine Designer, Fine Artists, Painters, Fashion or Textile Designers, Creative Heads, Visualisers, Art Directors, Books Designers, 3D Artists, 2D Artists, Post Production Artists, Graphic Designers, Multimedia Professionals, Architects, Interior Designer, etc.

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Microsoft SSRS Course

Mode: classroom and online duration:03 months ms ssrs training in delhi we live in a competitive world where if you don’t set yourself apart from the rest it can become extremely difficult to survive & navigate. Learning sql server and its various management, integration, analysis, and reporting services is one way through which you can give a competitive edge to others. This course is a complete database management system that is widely used around the globe. This microsoft ssrs training course will validate a candidate’s ability to handle configuration, installation and maintenance of microsoft sql server using ssms, ssis, ssas, and ssrs. With the aim of training individuals to become a leader and expert in offering database solutions, this course will serve an ultimate purpose for students. Eligibility to join to join the course, you just have to enroll yourself for the ssrs training. However, the basic computer knowledge with passion & interest in information technology is mandatory. Objective of our ms ssrs sql training course the objective of the ssrs training course will be to introduce you with sql server management studio (ssms) sql server integration services (ssis) through which you will learn the conversion of data. Sql server analysis services (ssas), which allow you to create cubes, and sql server reporting services (ssrs) which is required for creation of reports.

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Microsoft SQL Server Standard Course

Mode: classroom and online duration:1 month ms sql server course in delhi the sql server is one such skill that offers one of the most stable career options along with consistent growth because each and every company has a database and as database analytics, you need to manage the database. Admec multimedia institute’s sql server standard course covers all the essential aspects of microsoft’s database engine. The lectures will be delivered by trained faculty & will range from basic to advanced patterns. Microsoft’s sql server course offered by best sql training institute is one of the favorite courses that it individuals are opting for. Eligibility any individual who wants to pursue their career in information technology & database management can enroll themselves in our microsoft sql server training course. Objective of our ms sql server course the course offered by our sql training institute will enable students to write and manage database indexes, triggers, cursors, operators & much more. Besides that the students will also learn to build database using data definition language statements, understanding the data manipulation language and call stored procedures and functions stored in database.

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Node.js Master Plus Course

Mode: classroom and online duration: 03 months node.js course thumbnail with the rapid evolution of web development, it has become quite hard to escape from the gravitational pull of javascript and its omnipresence in modern-day web. Javascript offers libraries and framework to create interactive interfaces. However, it never used the backend platform. Node.js, the new kid on the block has become an effective alternative of various serverside programmings. With node, we can now use javascript for back- end development too! sounds great! isn’t it? node. Js is an open-source platform to execute javascript which makes interaction with databases (nosql and sql both) simpler and easier. The place is becoming more data-based and the demand for developers and programmers is increasing across the globe. According to a recent survey, it seems like node.js developers are getting all the attention as alone for node.js developers the jobs has increased by around 2500%. Node.js, since its inception, has become an effective serverside programming alternative and with the flexibility and ease it offers, it is highly embraced by multiple startups as well as giant companies like paypal, linkedin, yahoo, wallstreet journal, medium, netflix, instagram, etc. As a leading web development institute in delhi, we have introduced a special course for budding developers. The course will be a blend of advanced javascript along with a-z of node.js. The node js course will be project-based that will equip with the skills of facing real-time industry pressure as well as competition. Throughout the course and project, you will be guided by trained faculties on every issue related to the subject. Eligibility any individual who wishes to be a part of this training must know the basics of javascript along with the html and css.

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React Master Course

Mode: Classroom and Online Duration: 03 Months React and JavaScript Advanced Course The React Master course is intelligently designed to make you familiar with the advanced patterns & practices of React and Javascript. This React JS course will enable you to create full-stack JS application along with ReactJS. From learning how to configure to manage application both internally & externally, you’ll dive into the ocean of ReactJS through this course offered by our training institute in Rohini, Delhi. No web course is complete without projects and while keeping this thing in mind we have designed this 3 months certificate course with 3 real-time projects that you will complete under the guidance of competent faculty of ADMEC Multimedia Institute. Objective of this Course The objective of this course is to make you familiar with the advanced concepts of JavaScript & React. The advanced React JS course will enable you to make simple and flexible components that will ultimately help you to make amazing UIs. Eligibility to Join Our Most Advanced React JS Course Any individual who possesses basic knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript can get himself enrolled in our React Master course.

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React Premium Course

Mode: Classroom and Online Duration: 2½ Months React Advanced Course The React Premium course has been designed to help you understand & build extensible React based applications from scratch. In this React training, The students will learn the fundamentals as well as advanced structures of React, Redux & Firebase. Professionals having enough experience in this field will conduct classroom sessions. The course will be project-based and you will get a chance to work upon various real-time projects in order to gain experience. With industry-oriented content, the course will be the perfect amalgamation of self-learning and technical knowledge. Objective of this Advanced React JS Training Course Our training institute has introduced this course with the sole objective of making students familiar with the advanced concepts of the ReactJS and redux. Through this training course, you will understand the advanced level concepts of the application development using the most common approaches. Eligibility to Join this React JS Training Course Prior knowledge of the web industry (programming languages like HTML C++ & Advanced JavaScript) would serve as an added benefit for individuals who wish to join our React Premium course.

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React Standard Course

Mode: Classroom and Online Duration: 1½ Months React Basic Course React has become the most popular framework to build mobile applications. When used along with JavaScript, it allows developers to create applications. Standard React course offered by our training institute has been designed with the aim of giving you the benefit of maximum learning. The React JS classes will be conducted by the trained faculty who have years of experience in this domain. Along with the technical knowledge you will be given ample amount of time for practice and after completion of the classes, you will be awarded with the certificate that you can use to show your acquired skills. Objective of this Course The objective of our training institute to introduce this course to the potential students is to make them familiar with the essential ReactJS concepts in the simplest & creative way so that by the end of the React JS classes, they will be able to create a rich user interface. Also, our institute is having professional React instructor who will be focusing on the areas that involve ReactJs installation, usage as frontend framework and how to bind it with backend API'S. Eligibility to Join React Standard Course Any individual who possesses the knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript fundamentals is eligible for joining our React Standard course.

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