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We offer the best product range of HERBEX Herbal Solution for Ecto Parasites, PARACURE-I.V Special for External Parasites, QUALIMIN-B - Broiler Pre Mix, Milkmore - Fat Enhancer and E-MYCIN-50, Water Soluble Powder.

HERBEX – Herbal Solution for Ecto Parasites

HERBEX – Herbal Solution for Ecto Parasites, we offer, is an herbal solution to combating ecto parasites. It is composed of premium extracts of selective herbs that have antiparasitic properties. Its efficacy extends to prevent many other bacterial and viral diseases. However, the best part is that the supplement is completely safe and has no side effects. We are emerging as the promising Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Herbex from Andhra Pradesh, India.


Composition : Extracts of special selective herbs with antiparasitic properties


Benefits :

  • Kills effectively external parasites like Argulus, Ergasilus, Lernaea etc.
  • Allows the fish for uninterrupted growth
  • Prevents bacterial and viral diseases
  • Very safe, No side effects & Economical
  • Controls of gill flukes and other external parasites
  • Fish feels active & stress free.

Dosage : 50g / Ton of fish for 5 days

Packing : 500g pouch & 1kg Pouch

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PARACURE-I.V– Special for External Parasites

PARACURE-I.V– Special for External Parasites, we make available, is strictly advised for external use only. This supplement is formulated in compliance with the standards and is endowed with much efficacy to deal with argulus, lernia, argosilas, etc. It does not lead to any irritation, stress, or any other side effect. It improves the health of fish. It works on killing all kinds of cooties and other external parasites. We are counted among the reliable Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Paracure-IV from Andhra Pradesh, India.


Composition :

  • Ivermectin - 2% w/w
  • Suitable carriers with stabilizers & potentiators – Q.S.

Advantages :

  • Very effective against Argulus, Ergasilus, Lernaea etc.
  • Effectively kills all kinds of mature and immature lice and other external parasites including their eggs.
  • No re-occurrence of lice for a minimum period of 60-90 days.
  • No irritation, no stress hence no negative effect on growth.
  • Fish feels healthier with improved growth.

Dosage : 250g/ ton of feed for 4 days

Packing : 500g & 1Kg Pouch

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QUALIMIN-B - Broiler Pre Mix

QUALIMIN-B - Broiler Pre Mix, we offer, is a whole pack of benefits that it imparts on the poultry in a safe and reliable way. It is reckoned upon for improving the nutrient value of feed ingredients. And its 100% compliant formulation ensures that no side-effects come into play in any way whatsoever. We are amongst the premier Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Qualimin-B from Andhra Pradesh, India.


Each 1000 gm Contains :

Vitamin – A (as dry vitamin A Acetate 500) 4.8 Million IU
Vitamin – D3 (as dry vitamin D3 500) 0.96 Million IU
Vitamin – E (as dry vitamin E Acetate 50%) 9.2 g
Vitamin – K3 (as Menadione sodium Bisulphate) 0.8 g
Vitamin - B1 (as Thiamine Hydrochloride) 1 g
Vitamin – B2 (as Riboflavin 80%) 2 g
Vitamin – B6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 1.6 g
Vitamin – B12 (as Cyanocobalamin 1%) 0.0048 g
Vitamin - B5 (as D-Calcium Pantothenate) 5 g
Folic Acid 0.32 g
Biotin (as D-Biotin 2%) 0.04 g
Selenium (as Sodium Selenite, se 45%) 0.06 g
Iron (as Dried Ferrous Sulphate, Fe 32%) 24 g
Manganese (as MnSO4 H2O, Mn 32%) 24 g
Zinc (as Zinc oxide, Zn 80%) 20 g
Copper (as copper sulphate Pentahydrate, Cu 25%) 4 g
Iodine (as potassium iodide, I 76%) 0.16 g
Cobalt (as cobalt sulphate heptahydrate, Co 20%) 0.16 g
DL – Methionine 40 g
L-Lysine 24 g
Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) 5 g
Colloidal Anhydrous Silica (Aerosil 200) 4 g
Base Q.S.

Benifits :

  • Ensures homegeneity of micro-ingredients in final feed
  • Improves nutrient value of feed ingredients
  • Enhanced average daily gain and better FCRs.
  • Considerable savings in feed cost without affecting bird performance
  • Increases uniformity within flock, and hence the consistency in performance
  • Avoid all kind of stress
  • Prevents Uneven size, Coccidiosis.
  • Proven results in research and field trials
  • Provides desired skin color and improves shelf life.
  • Birds become very healthy and active.

Dosage :

  • Broilers:
    • 2.5 kg per Ton of feed regularly,
    • Breeders : 5 kg/Ton of feed regularly,
    • Live stock : 5kg/ Ton of feed regurarly.
    • Cattle & Cow : 10kg/ Ton of feed regurarly.


Presentation : 1 Kg Pouch, 10 Kg & 25 Kg Hdpe Bag Pack 

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Milkmore - Fat Enhancer

Composition (Each 100 gm contains):

Beneficial Bacteria : Bacillus Subtillis, Bacillus Polymyxa, Lactobacillus Lactis, Bifido Bacterium, Lactobacillus Casei, Streptococcus Faecium

Enzymes: Alpha Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Xylanase, Phytase, Cellulase, Pectinase

Amino Acids: L-Lysine, Dl-Methionine

Minerals: Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Manganese, Magnesium, Iron, Cobalt 

Vitamins: Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin C



Keeps The Animal In Optimum Health, Immunity And Activeness.

Increases Milk Yield

Improves Fat Content In The Milk

Enhances Growth And Extra Body Weight



Poor Growth, Malnutrition, Low Milk Yield, Drop In Milk Yield, Calf Death Conditions, During Antibiotic Therapy Etc.



Dairy Animals (Cows & Buffalo: 10–15g/Animal/Day

Growing Animals: Calves, Hiefers: 5–10g/Animal/Day

In Cattle Feed: 5–10Kg/Metric Ton Of Cattle Feed (OR) As Advised By A Veterinarian.


Packing : 1Kg, 25Kg

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E-MYCIN-50, Water Soluble Powder

Composition (Each 1 Kg Contains ):

Erythromycin Thiocyanate 50.00%
Dextrose Q.S.


Routine Use: 1-2G/ L of Drinking Water.

Treatment Use: 2.5-5G/ L of Drinking Water for 7-10 Days 

Withdrawal Time: Poultry: Meat & Eggs 7 Days, Sheep: 7 Days 



Poultry: For Oral Treatment And Prevention Of CRD and Synovitis, Coryza Blue Comb., Mycoplasma Infections, Infectious Bronchitis And After Vaccination.

Calves, Horses & Sheep: For The Treatment Of Respiratory Tract Infections (E.g. Pneumonia, Pharyngitis And Bronchitis).

DOSAGE Poultry : 40g/200L of drinking water for 3-5 days


  • Not Used For Equine.
  • Not To Be Used With Chloramphenicol.
  • Eggs Produced During Medication Should Not Be Used For Human Consumption.
  • The Medicated Water Should Be Used Within 24 Hours.


 Packing : 1 Kg, 500g Pouch

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We are offering biostim.
Composition: each kg contains:
lacto bacillus sporogenes : 2, 00, 000 million cfu
l acidophyllus : 2, 00, 000 million cfu
bacillus subtilis : 2, 00, 000 million cfu
b lechiniformis : 2, 00, 000 million cfu
amylase : 250 mg
cellulose : 250 mg
hemicellulose : 150 mg
lipase : 100 mg
protease : 600 mg
yeast cellwalls : 10 gms
gluconase : 250 mg
glucans : 1000 mg
carotenoids : 30 mg
proteins : 50 gm
mineral mix : 20 gm
lysine : 2 gm
glysine : 200 mg
methionine : 4.5 gms
vitamin a : 500 mg
vitamin e : 500 mg
vitamin c : 30 gms
choline chloride : 1.5 gms
anti oxidants : 0.2 gms
• enhances host defence mechanism by increasing production of hemocytes and phagocytes
• enhances shrimp immunity.
• increase disease resistance and growth rate of shrimp.
• improves feed digestion capacity.
• faster growth rate and weight gain.

Dosage : 500gms-1kgton of feed
packing : 500 gm pouch
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Naturlyte - Oxidizer & Toxic Gas Absorbent

NATURLYTE: Removes toxic gases like Ammonia, H2S & Nitrites due to that effectively reducing the formation of Black soil.

NATURLYTE: Improves water quality and D.O. levels in pond water. It increases feed intake and glaze of fish. It stabilizes physico chemical parameters of pond water. It provides favourable conditions for fish growth.

NATURLYTE: Oxidising agents help in increasing D.O. levels in pond water and maintaining it for long periods.

NATURLYTE: The presence of trace elements in this product helps to ensure good phyto and zoo plankton blooms.


Dosage : 250g/ton of feed for 4 days

Packing : 500g pouch & 1Kg pouch and 10-25 Kg Bag

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Protivet-growth Promoter for Poultry

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1-2 Long Ton
We offer protivet-growth promoter for poultry.
1. Improves egg size & egg production.growth & body weights.
2. Increases growth & disease resistance.
3. Avoids cannabolism and falling of feathers.
4. Improves muscle strength & disease resistance.
Dosage : liquid - poultry : 7 days in each month.
Layers : chicks 10 ml. Growers 20 ml. Per 100 birds
broilers & breeders : 20-30 ml.100 birds
powder : poultry - routine use : 500 gm.ton of feed.
Treatment use : 1kgton of feed 7-10 days. Milch
animals :10-15 gm animal day. Dog : 5gm. Animalday.
Or as advised by a veterinarian.
Fisheries : 1kg.ton of feed regularly or as advised by a fish consultant.

Additional Information:

Payment Terms : L/C, T/T

Packaging Details : 1kg,5kg

Delivery Time : 15-20 days from conform order.

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qualimin s

 Prevents all vitamin & mineral deficiency syndromes
 Help in the feed utilized perfectly and completely.
 Avoid all kind of stress
 Prevents Uneven size, Coccidiosis.
 Highly bioavailability for broilers and pullets
 Provides healthy growth for chicks and pullets. They can reach high live weights in a short period
 Provides low FCR with high live weights
 Provides desired skin color and improves shelf life.
 Birds become very healthy and active.
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Acquire from us Special Minerals For Aqua Culture! We are an eminent Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Germidin from Andhra Pradesh, India. Having Bio Degredant Nature, ours is an imported microbe. The Germidin that we deal in is performance oriented and is a wise choice to create healthy pond bottom environment. We pack it in qualitative material so as to preserve its shelf life for a long period of time.


Composition : Nonly Alkyl Phonoxyl poly ethylene complex available iodine 20%. Iodine activants Q.S.

Indications :

  • It contains active iodine 20 % with their activants.
  • It effectively controls bacterial, fungal and protozoan diseases in shrimp and fish
  • It controls Black gill and Brown gill in shrimp.

Dosage : 250-500 ml./acre

Presentation : 1 Lt. & 5 Lt.

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VITALVIT-L, Vit A,D3,E,C& B Water Soluble Liquid

Composition :

Vitamin A Palmitate

15000000 IU

Vitamin D3 Calciferol

500000 IU

Vitamin E Acetate

5000 mg

Vitamin C

10000 mg

Vitamin K3

2000 mg

Vitamin B1

2500 mg

Vitamin B2

2500 mg

Vitamin B6

1500 mg

Vitamin B12

50 mg

Nicotinamide P.P

10000 mg

Calcium Panthothenate

500 mg

Folic Acid

500 mg




Benefits : 

Prevention and control of vitamins (A, D3, E. C, B) group deficiency, in cases of stress. 

DOSAGE: Oral With Drinking Water. 

Poultry: 1ml/L Drinking Water For 4 Days.

Calves & Sheep: 3ml/L Drinking Water For 4 Days.

Rabbits: 3ml/L Drinking Water For 4 Days.


Packing : 500ml & 1L

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AQUA SAFE, Controls Ammonia & improves productivity

We are an eminent Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Aqua Safe from Andhra Pradesh, India. The Aqua Safe Granules that we deal in are well-formulated and processed under the strict hygienic environment by our team of adroit personnel. It controls Ammonia & Improves productivity. We are well-equipped with in-house labs for quality assurance. Buyers can purchase it from us in bulk quantities as well and that too at competitive prices.


Advantages :

  • Completes absorption of ammonia, Nitrite and other toxic gases in pond bottom
  • Improves and maintains stable phyto and zoo plankton growth
  • For conditioning of soil (Loose soil, Block soil)
  • Decomposition of dead plankton, waste feed in pond bottom
  • Maintains stable plankton bloom
  • 100% Natural and organic
  • Improves the DO levels at pond bottom
  • Contains both Macro and Micro nutrients
  • Very cheap and reduce cost of production

Packing :10 Kg Bag

During Pond preparation : 50 Kg/Ha

During Culture Period : 10-20Kg/Ha once in 7-10 days (or) as advised by an aquaculture consultant

For Fish Culture : 50Kg/Ha once in 30 days

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Nocid - Acidifier & Conditioner For Poultry

Bracketed with the most reputed Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers, we are committed in making available well-formulated Nocid - Acidifier & Conditioner For Poultry from Andhra Pradesh, India. Having accurate composition of ingredients like lactic acid, formic acid, citric acid and many others, our Nocid is the preferred of the buyers. The Acidifier & Conditioner, offered by us, is helpful in promoting gut vitality. It is obtainable from us at the modest prices. Order retail or bulk, timely delivery is guaranteed!


Composition : Specialised formulation with buffered organic acids like lactic acid, formic acid, citric acid, fumaric acid, citrate, elemental copper and essential oils etc in suitable proportions.

Benefits :

  • Restores normal gut flora and condition.
  • Promotes gut vitality and integrity.
  • Increases digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients.
  • Improves egg production in layers and breeders.
  • Helps for fast growths and extra body weights in broilers.
  • Reduces production costs.

Dosage : 1ml/L of water 2 days a week or as advised by a poultry consultant.


Packing : 500ml & 1L Bottles, 20L Tin

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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 2000 Kilogram
We are offering highly energetic feed probiotic. Biotism enhances shrimp defence mechanism a number of different biological probiotic strains and synthetic compounds ( glucans, enzymes, vitamins) have been found to enhance the non-specific defense system in shrimps and shown to increase the barrier of infection against a series of pathogens simultaneously, both specific and opportunistic ones. composition : each kg contains saccharomyces cerevisiae: 1, 50, 000 million cfu lactobasillius sporogenes: 2, 00, 000 million cfu l.acidophilus: 2, 00, 000 million cfu bacillus subtilis: 2, 00, 000 million cfu b.lechiniformis: 2, 00, 000 million cfu amylase : 250 mg cellulase : 250 mg hemicellulase : 150 mg lipase : 100 mg protease : 600 mg phytase : 25, 00, 000 lu yeast cellwalls : 10 gms gluconase : 250 mg glucans : 1000 mg carotenoids : 30 mg proteins : 50 gms mineral mix : 20 gms lysine : 2 gms glysine : 200 mg methionine : 4.5 gms vitamin a : 500 mg vitamin e : 500 mg vitamic c : 30 gms choline chloride : 1.5gms anti oxidants : 1.2% benefits of biotism : enhances host defence mechanism by increasing production of hemocytes and phagocytes enhances shrimp immunity increases disease resistance and growth rate of shrimp. improves feed digestion capacity. faster growth rate and weight gain. dosage : 4-5 gms kg. Feed packing : 500 gms.

Additional Information:

Payment Terms : L/C, T/T

Packaging Details : as per international standes.

Delivery Time : 10 to 15 days after payment

  • Composition (Each KG Contains)
    • Saccharomyces cerevisiae : 1, 50,000 Million CFU
    • Lactobasillius Sporogenes : 2,00,000 Million CFU
    • L.acidophilus : 2, 00,000 Million CFU
    • Bacillus Subtilis : 2, 00,000 Million CFU
    • B.lechiniformis : 2, 00,000 Million CFU
    Amylase250 mg
    Hemicellulase150 mg
    Protease600 mg
    Yeast Cellwalls10 gms
    Glucans1000 mg
    Proteins50 gms
    Lysine2 gms
    Methionine4.5 gms
    Vitamin E500 mg
    Choline Chloride1.5gms
    Cellulase250 mg
    Lipase100 mg
    Phytase25,00,000 lu
    Gluconase250 mg
    Carotenoids30 mg
    Mineral mix20 gms
    Glysine200 mg
    Vitamin A500 mg
    Vitamin C30 gms
    Anti oxidants1.2%
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nature food

We are a prominent manufacturer and exporter of a superior range of nature food. Our quality tested nature food is the best whole food source of protein, beta-carotene, gla, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. It is one of the most nutritious wholesome foods for animals. The nature food that we offer is natural and safe with no side effects. This range of nature food is available at reasonable prices.
dosage :
  • 1 kgton of feed

    • packing :
      • 500 gm pouch
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    LIVER CARE, Activate liver for Active Shrimp

    Let just take good care of the liver of prawns and shrimp fish! We are a reliable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of LIVER CARE, Activate liver for Active Shrimp from Andhra Pradesh, India. The Liver Care that we deal in activates liver for active shrimp. In addition, it is also helpful in controlling white gut and white muscle diseases. We pack it in qualitative and hygienic materials so that the Feed Supplement is always safe for the consumption.


    Advantages :

    • LIVER CARE improves the hepatopancreas functioning capacity
    • LIVER CARE improves digestion and assimilation capacity
    • Feed intake will improve within 48 hours
    • LIVER CARE controls white gut and white muscle diseases
    • LIVER CARE improves the resistance power  and work against bacterial,
    • Fungal and gill disease.
    • LIVER CARE protects from feed toxins (Aflatoxins)
    • LIVER CARE is a combination of Vitamins and Herbal Immunostimulants
    • Fast growth without any side effects
    • 100% utilization of feed nutrients

    Dosage : 3-5g/ Kg of feed continuously (OR) as advised by a Aqua consultant

    Packing: 500g

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    GEOMAX-SP, Special Minerals for soil

    The Germidin Iodine 20% With Activants that we make available is 100% pure and free from all sorts of impurities. We are a prestigious Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of GEOMAX-SP, Special Minerals for soil from Andhra Pradesh, India. We are backed by a team of skilled and experienced professionals who formulate the Feed Supplement accurately. As a result, it shows instant results in controlling diseases like bacteria and others. Order retail or bulk, timely delivery is guaranteed!

    Composition : An Imported Special Microaerophyllic Microbes having Bio Degredant Nature, which are powerful and energetic, living ‘ Engines’ that love to consume the pond bottom pollution.


    Benefits :

    • Clears bottom sludge and avoid decomposition thus provides more space for prawn to eat and swim.
    • Clear off the excessive organic load and black soil
    • Reduces noxious gases and toxic metabolites in the pond. Prevents/ reduces the production of noxious gases like H2S, SO2, NH3 etc.
    • Reduces bacterial load and prevents the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria i.e VIBRIO etc.
    • Works in aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
    • Creates Healthy pond bottom environment


    Dosage : 10 kg/Acre at the time of pond preparation. 5 Kg/Acre once in 15 days during culture or as advised by Aqua Culture consultant.

    Presentation : 5Kg.

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    Composition : Each gm. contains

    Vitamin A: 1, 00, 000 I.U

    Benefits :
    Increases health and immunity .
    Helps for more body weights.
    Helps for better egg productions.
    Provides relief from stress.
    Prevents production slumps.
    Improves fertility and Hatchability.
    liveStock :
    Increases health & immunity,
    Increases milk quality and quantity,
    . Helps for better fertility.
    Dosage :

    Poultry: Per 100 birds

    Chicks & Broiler Starters: 5 ml
    Growers, layers, Broiler finishers: 10 ml
    Breeders: 10-20 ml

    Large animals: 10ml animal day

    Small animals: 3-5ml animal day ( or ) As advised by a veterinarian.
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