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Haz Cargo Services

  • Certification Type “UN Certificate as per IATA & IMDG Code Standards

Shipping of Dangerous or Hazardous Goods is a definite complex process which is mandatory to be handled by professionals with a high level of expertise for transportation of such risky goods. Here at AL FALAAH DG PACKING & FORWARDING LLP, we are having a competent team of committed professionals with years of experience in handling and shipping of dangerous goods freight industry. We provide Haz Cargo Services in India to customers looking for the safe shipment of dangerous and hazardous goods.

At the time of making the shipment of chemicals and dangerous goods, we need to be very strict about compliance. We need to ensure that all Haz Cargo Services are performed as per the set compliance and safety standards. We strictly follow ICAO, IATA, as well as IMDG regulations for making safe transport and handling of any dangerous goods. We are specialized in hazardous items shipment of different types.

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Dangerous Goods Packing Services

  • Certification Type “UN Certificate as per IATA & IMDG Code Standards

While shipping dangerous goods, it is necessary to make sure the safe and secure movement of cargo by documenting and packing to the necessary regulations. Goods must be packed according to the regulations for the chosen mode of transport, like IMDG for sea freight, ICAO/IATA for airfreight and ADR for road freight. The information that is required to pack is the UN number, packing group, proper shipping name and consignee/shipper address. We have a professional team that is committed to providing you the highest standard and level of services possible, including all aspects of dangerous goods handling, like specialized packaging as well as transportation in adherence to ICAO & IMDG Code regulation. Our comprehensive range of services includes Dangerous Goods Packing, onsite repackaging services, dangerous goods inspection onsite, dangerous goods local delivery, etc.

Dangerous Goods Packing Certificate, being a mandatory part of dangerous goods declaration, certifies that materials or goods received on board are safer and stored in a clean container that is in compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code. After the goods are packed in accordance to the required standards and once the specification has been approved by our packers, the necessary dangerous goods documents like dangerous goods packing certificate are completed and we produce the hard copies required to the Airline/Shipping line for their further DG on board approvals. Our professionals will check for a country, state requirements/variants and operator with compatibility of various UN numbers as well as classes to make sure a smooth movement of goods.

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Custom Clearance Services

  • Certification Type “UN Certificate as per IATA & IMDG Code Standards

With an objective to stand tall on all the demands of our patrons, we are engaged in presenting Custom Clearance Services. Rendered underneath the command of dexterous personnel, these presented services are broadly recommended and acclaimed. More to this, these are well tested prior getting delivered at the premises of our customers.

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UN IIP Certified Wooden Boxes

50,000 /Certificate Get Latest Price
  • Material Wood
  • Application Packaging
  • Color Brown
  • Pattern Plain
  • Appearance Modular
  • Shaping Mode Rectangular
  • Certification Type “UN Certificate as per IATA & IMDG Code Standards

UN Approved 4G Boxes

  • Type 4G
  • Material Paper
  • Application Packaging
  • Color Brown
  • Pattern Plain, Printed
  • Appearance Modular
  • Shaping Mode Rectangular, Square
  • Certification Type “UN Certificate as per IATA & IMDG Code Standards

UN Certification Service

24,500 /Certificate Get Latest Price
  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Certificate
  • Certification Type “UN Certificate as per IATA & IMDG Code Standards

The Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) is an apex body set up by the packaging and allied industries and the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, in 1966. Its objective is of improving the country's packaging standards. The Institute is an autonomous body working under the Ministry of Commerce's administrative control. There is an immediate need to educate exporters, shippers and dangerous goods carriers, suppliers of hazardous goods packages, and relevant logistics organizations about their duties, regulations, laws, UN certification procedures, as well as monitoring and quality management procedures.

What is an IIP certificate or UN Certificate?
IIP Certificate commonly known as UN Certificate which is issued by the Indian Institute of Packaging for packages containing hazardous or dangerous goods for transportation by Air, Sea and Road. IIP issues UN / IIP Certificate only after performing tests of the package samples, according to UN Standards for transportation of Dangerous/ DGR /Haz/ Hazardous Goods, by Air (IATA/ICAO) & Sea (IMDG Code), thus shipments should be reasonably capable of resisting under all forms of climatic environments, wear and tear during transport, leak-proof, etc., while at the same time recording flawlessly the existence of the hazardous goods packed or filled in the package and the key constraints on package capability should be. Such an effective and competent process requires a person to be well versed in all relevant international transport standards. An UN packaging code displays type of the package being shipped. It also reveals that the packaging has passed tests set as per UN Standards for packages containing Haz or DGR Goods. The physical features of the components of the packages are defined by the different test stages.

How do I get an IIP certificate?
The Director-General of Shipping & Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Govt., has launched UN certification, which is mandatory for transportation of all types of Hazardous and Dangerous Goods from Class 1 to Class 9, by Air (as per IATA/ ICAO) & Sea (IMDG Code). For transport by air, a related compulsion has been imposed. The shippers shall review the packaging approved for use in the shipment of hazardous goods by Air & Sea, before it is finally used for the purpose. Certified packaging shall bear the UN marking as specified in the Certificates so that only certified packages are loaded onto the aircraft or into container and finally onto Vessel. UN Certificate are issued by the Indian Institute of Packaging to the manufacturer of packages for the manufacture of any number of packages, after satisfactory testing performance of the sample packages. The period of validity referred to in the certificate means the period during which the production of packages (with the same specifications, product annexure, net & gross weight, mode of shipment & exporter) is allowed. Here’s how to get an IIP Certification or UN Certification.

  • Step 1 : Apply through IIP’s online platform using Login ID & Password issued to the Manufacturer of the packages.
  • Step 2 : Audit Process and Sample Package Preparation and delivery at the nearest IIP Testing Facility.
  • Step 3 : Audit of the specifications at IIP & Testing Process (Drop Test, Stack Load Test, Hydraulic Pressure Test, Cobb Test, Vibration test, etc. as applicable.
  • Step 4 : Issuance of UN Marking Number specified.
  • Step 5 : Issuance of Final Digital UN Certificate and Test Report.

Benefits of UN Certification
More countries are now insisting that hazardous imported products be properly packed and secure during shipment and distribution to survive harsh conditions. Countries of the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Far East, Australia and even Africa, expect such imports to follow the quality requirements set out in the Dangerous Goods Transport Guidelines of the UN Standards with fulfilled by IIP.

  • It facilitates transportation and handling of dangerous and hazardous goods by International mode.
  • Customization of Packaging for Dangerous Goods as per Customer/Industry Standards.
  • IIP Certification enhances the quality and standardization of industrial packaging.
  • Promotes and facilitates the international acceptance of industrial packaging.

Types of Packages which can be tested at IIP for UN Certification

  • 1A1 – Metal Drums & Barrels (Non-Removable Head Type).
  • 1A2 – Metal Drums & Barrels (Removable Head Type).
  • 1H1 – Plastic Drums & Barrels (Non-Removable Head Type).
  • 1H2 – Plastic Drums & Barrels (Removable Head Type).
  • 1G – Fibre Board Drums (Removable Head Type).
  • 3H1 – Plastic Jerrican.
  • 4C1 – Wooden Box.
  • 4D – Plywood Box.
  • 4G – Corrugated Fibre-board Box.
  • 5H3 – Woven Sack Bags.
  • 5M2 – Paper Bags.
  • 6HA1 – Plastic & Steel Composite Drums & Barrels (Non-Removable Head Type).
  • 13H3 – FIBC – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (Woven Jumbo Bags).
  • 31HA1 – IBC Tanks – Intermediate Bulk Container (1000 Litre Capacity Plastic Tank with Steel Cage and Wooden or Steel Plastic Pallet).

We are one of the leading suppliers of all the above type of IIP/UN Approved Packages in India. Please feel free to reach us with your valuable queries and allow us to serve you with optimum and prompt service from our staff, who is having 13+ years of experience in the field Dangerous and Hazardous Goods packaging and logistics by Air & Sea.

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DGR Cargo Services

  • Certification Type “UN Certificate as per IATA & IMDG Code Standards

AL FALAAH DG PACKING & FORWARDING LLP is one of the highly recognized and reputed DGR Cargo Service provider in India. DGR Cargo Services which is offered by us are widely availed by the top-notch companies of this domain. We ensure to offer this service in swift, efficient and timely. We make that we can handle and operate the client's oversized consignments in a smooth, secured and safe manner.

We are backed by a team of highly skilled professionals having years of experience in the industry. Our experts know how to make effective operation all types of material handling equipment, and that what made us one of the reputed names of the industry. We are having an excellent track record for efficiently handling the client's consignments with our DGR Cargo Service in India at the industry best and economical prices.

In the time of making such transport of dangerous goods, we must ensure that the transport is taking place safely and that too in full compliance with the relevant regulations. While offering DGR Cargo Service in India by air and sea, we need to take into account the possible adverse condition which may arise due to the temperature, moisture, pressure as well as for humidity variations. We also need to consider the risk of damage which happens due to any vibrations as well as improper handling.

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Door To Door Delivery Services

  • Certification Type “UN Certificate as per IATA & IMDG Code Standards

Shipment of Hazardous goods requires UN Certified Packaging along with proper Shipping marks and Haz Labels attached over each package in order to identify the nature of the goods packed inside it. This helps Airline’s & Shipping Line’s personel identifiy the said material as DG/Haz goods and could handle and store it at the place designated for Dangerous Goods. This ensures safety of passengers onboard, other valuable goods stored and environment. Haz labels attached are exclusively pressure sensitive, weighty peel-off coated paper that are resistant to UV rays. Moreover, it is also extremely easy to tear off.

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Air Freight Forwarding Services

  • Certification Type “UN Certificate as per IATA & IMDG Code Standards

Being in freight industry for many years, AL Falaah DG Packing & Forwarding LLP is known for offering excellent and efficient Air Freight service within India and throughout world. We are available 24 hours a day and all 7 days a week, to offer dedicated services to the clients looking for trusted and qualified Air Freight Forwarders.

To meet up global transportation requirements of the clients, we are offering Air Freight Forwarders services which can carefully handle and manage air freight shipment needs. Our competent team is capable to manage consignments both small and large in absolute professional and reliable manner with no compromise in quality.

We ensure to offer the required benefit to our client and follow a well defined procedure which supports us in making the delivery of the cargo on time and that too at budget friendly cost.

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DGR Logistics Services

  • Certification Type “UN Certificate as per IATA & IMDG Code Standards

We are highly specialized in offering professional DGR Logistics through Air & Sea exports. Our company is having close relations with international Airlines & Shipping Lines along with the interest for our customer’s excellence to offer a fine mix for delivering distinct solutions at reasonable rates. Whether your cargo is from airport to airport, port to port or else door to door, we offer dedicated services for on-time delivery of the product. We have an active team of network for providing round the clock services according to the priority. We have an experienced team of IATA DGR trained professionals to manage Hazardous Goods shipment, comprising of UN Certification and UN packaging. We have several years of experience in handling logistic works without undergo any issues. We make use of latest technology and approved packaging boxes to cover the Hazardous products before delivering via cargo through surface, sea or air.

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UN Approved HDPE Barrels

  • Material Hdpe
  • Certification ISI Certified
  • Length 1-1000mm, 1000-2000mm
  • Application Construction, Manufacturing Unit, Marine Applications, Water Treatment Plant
  • Finishing Polished
  • Dimension 10-100mm, 100-200mm
  • Country of Origin India
  • Certification Type “UN Certificate as per IATA & IMDG Code Standards

UN Approved HDPE Jerricans

  • Material HDPE
  • Color Blue
  • Pattern Plain
  • Size Standard
  • Use Liquid Storage
  • Surface Polished
  • Certification Type “UN Certificate as per IATA & IMDG Code Standards

UN Approved CFB Boxes

250 - 1,000 /piece Get Latest Price
  • Country of Origin India
  • Feature High Strength
  • Pattern Printed
  • Style Regular Slotted Container
  • Brand Name AL Falaah
  • Industrial Use DG Packaging
  • Application Packaging
  • Material Corrugated FIberboard Boxes
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Finishing Polished
  • Size 38 x 38 x 44 cm
  • Capacity 27 Kg Gross
  • I Deal In New Only
  • Place of Origin India
  • Appearance Modern
  • Supply Ability 5000 Set/Sets per Month
  • Folded No
  • Inflatable No
  • MOQ 50 Pcs
  • Usage Hotel, Home
  • Packing Carton Boxes
  • Certification Type “UN Certificate as per IATA & IMDG Code Standards

We are leading Supplier of UN Approved CFB Boxes for Hazardous Cargo packaging and Freight Forwarding.

UN Certified Box supplied by us are made with optimum quality Imported Virgin Kraft paper.

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UN Approved HDPE Drums

  • Material HDPE
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Thickness 5-10mm
  • Application Industrial
  • Color Blue
  • Pattern Plain
  • Capacity 50-100L
  • Finishing Polished
  • Certification Type “UN Certificate as per IATA & IMDG Code Standards

IIP Certification Services

  • Certification Type “UN Certificate as per IATA & IMDG Code Standards

IIP issues UN Certificate only after testing of package samples as per UN Standards hence packages should be capable enough to resist in all types of climatic conditions, wear and tear during transit, shock proof, leak proof, etc., at the same time we need to flawlessly document the nature of the Hazardous goods packed or filled in the package and package capacity restrictions should be maintained, at the time of application for issuance of IIP Certificate. Such an accurately and professional procedure of IIP demands for an individual to be be well versed with all applicable international transportation norms. All our professionals are updated with latest editions of IATA DGR manuals and IMDG Code manuals. We provide IIP Certified packages to pack the Dangerous Goods which are tested in accordance with UN Standards which is in compliance with IATA/ICAO & IMDG Code for shipment of Dangerous Goods Worldwide by Air & Sea, respectively.

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Door To Door Logistic Services

  • Certification Type “UN Certificate as per IATA & IMDG Code Standards

We are known to provide proven Door To Door Logistic Services based in Maharashtra. The backbone of our company is the team of experienced professionals, who are the best in this domain. We are the preferred choice among clients, who want to their simplify logistics management, reduce costs and minimize the risk of product damage. In addition, we also take care of different aspects like custom clearance, warehousing, etc. Clients can obtain the Door To Door Logistic Services at market-leading rates from us.

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