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Natural and Synthetic Resin

Our product range contains a wide range of Gum Rosin and Styrene Monomer

Gum Rosin

80 /Kilogram
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 200 Kilogram
  • Color Yellow
  • Purity 99%
  • Form Solid
  • Packaging Size 0-25Kg
  • Softening Point ( R & B ) 70 to 82° C
  • Volatile Oil Content 2% Max

Gum Rosin also known as colophony or rosin and is a natural organic resin that is obtained from plants, mostly pines and other conifers, when the fresh liquid resin obtained from these plants, is heated and the volatile liquid terpene components are vaporised. Gum rosin mostly contains different resin acids, especially abietic acid. Gum Rosin is naturally found in Indonesia, South China and North Vietnam. It is generally semi-transparent or translucent. The Indonesian Gum rosin is yellowish, while generally gum rosins vary in colour, from pale yellow to black. It is a solid and vitreous, is brittle at room temperature and melts at higher temperatures and is insoluble in water and soluble in organic solvents. It also has a faint piny odourManufacturing ProcessGum Rosin is produced from the crude pine resin collected from pine trees. The resin is subjected to distillation and the distillation process is carried out in large copper stills. The volatile liquid terpene components separate from the mixture, as it vaporizes at a temperature between 100 to 160C, leaving behind fluid rosin as the distillate. This fluid rosin is collected from below and purified by passing it through straining wadding. The condensate left behind is called turpentine oil.Rubber IndustryGum rosin is used in rubber industry as a softening agent. It increases the elasticity of rubber, enabling easy kneading and extrusion. It is also used as an emulsifier in production of various kinds of synthetic rubber like SBR, ABR and chloroperene rubber.Paper IndustryIt is used in the manufacturing of paper for paper sizing, improving the strength of the paper and its smoothness.Adhesive IndustryGum rosin is added to adhesives as a binder. They are generally used in rubber-based adhesive processing, hot-melt adhesive processing and pressure-sensitive adhesive processing.Paint IndustryIt is used in oil paints as Gum Rosin can easily be softened and oxidised. It is also present in varnishes. It is present in varnishes.Pharmaceutical IndustryGum Rosin is used for tablet film and enteric coating as it has excellent film forming and coating properties. It is used for formulating microcapsules and nanoparticles. Its esters are used in chewing gums for medicinal applications.Entertainment IndustryMusicians who use string instruments rub gum rosin on their bow strings for the strings to vibrate clearly. In archery, gum rosin is present in the wax that is applied to the bowstring for maintenance purposes. Ballet dancers, boxers, gymnasts and rock climbers apply gum rosin to the tips and heels of their shoes to reduce slippage.Other applicationsGum rosin is added to printing inks and as a ingredient in laser printing paper. It is also used in thermoplastic coatings and for sealing wax.

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Styrene Monomer

  • Purity 92%
  • Density 0.90 g/ml
  • Grade Analytical Grade, Bio-Tech Grade
  • Molecular Formula C8H8
  • Molar mass 104.15 g/mol
  • Boiling point 145 Degree Celsius
  • Packaging Type Drum

With the great support of our in-house storage facility, we are capable to undertake bulk and urgent requirements of the customers. This facility helps us in keeping the stock away from dust, moisture, rain and others damaging factors. Rely on us to buy the best in class Styrene Monomer; we are a notable Supplier in this domain.

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