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  • Zircon Sand

    Zircon Sand

    We stock Zircon Sand and export it to several Middle East Asian countries. The main applications for Zircon Sand are in ceramics, refractories, TV glass and the production of zirconium oxides and zirconium chemicals. Zircon is mainly consumed as an opacifier in the decorative ceramics industry. ...

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  • Raw Bauxite Lumps

    Raw Bauxite Lumps

    Bauxite is a soft, whitish to reddish-brown rock consisting mainly of alumina-bearing hydroxides, oxides of iron, silicon and titanium with impurities of Ca, Mg, Cr, V, P, Ga and other elements. Raw Bauxite Lumps is a major source of aluminium. Basic alumina containing minerals of Bauxites are ...

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  • Quartz Lumps

    Quartz Lumps

    Quartz is one of the most well-known minerals on the earth with numerous uses. Sand, which is composed of tiny Quartz pebbles, is the primary ingredient for the manufacture of glass. Quartz Lumps are processed and used as an abrasive for sandblasting, grinding glass and cutting of soft stones. ...

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  • Potash Feldspar Lumps

    Potash Feldspar Lumps

    We have come up as a dependable firm bringing forth Potash Feldspar Lumps all over the world. Based in India, we are exporting Potash Feldspar Lumps in varied quantity packs. Potash Feldspar Lumps are processed and are used for varied industrial applications. Further, we keeping in mind the budget ...

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  • Natural Red Iron Oxide Powder

    Natural Red Iron Oxide Powder

    Natural Red Iron Oxide Powder is the most widely occurring Minerals in Earth. Natural Red Iron Oxide Powder is used in many applications due to the fact that it is economical as compared to Synthetic Oxides. We export Natural Red Iron Oxide Powder is anti-corrosive and has inertness to alkali and ...

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  • Micro Silica Powder

    Micro Silica Powder

    Micro Silica Powder is known to be a very effective pozzolanic because of its extreme fineness. Silica is added to Portland cement concrete to improve its properties, in particular its compressive strength, bond strength, and abrasion resistance. These improvements stem from both the mechanical ...

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  • Micro Silica

    Micro Silica

    Made up of the finest grade material and cutting-edge technology, our products have seamless quality. Over the years, we have become a primary choice of the buyers sine our product is qualitative and deliveries are time bound.

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  • Liquid Ethyl Acetate

    Liquid Ethyl Acetate

    Ethyl Acetate is an ester of Ethanol and Acetic Acid, (systematically Ethyl Ethanoate, commonly abbreviated EtoAc or EA) an organic compound having formula CH 3 COOCH 2 CH 3 . Liquid Ethyl Acetate is a colorless solvent has a characteristic sweet / fruity smell. We are a distinguished Liquid Ethyl ...

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  • Kaolin Lumps

    Kaolin Lumps

    Kaolin uses are multiple and diverse. Kaolin Lumps are used as functional filler, extender, ceramic raw material and pigment because of its whiteness and fine particle size. Kaolin Lumps also hold importance as raw material in refractory applications, concrete, rubber and fiber glass manufacturing. ...

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  • Fly Ash Powder

    Fly Ash Powder

    Fly Ash is by product generated during combustion of coal, and comprises the fine particles that rise with the flue gases. Ash which is collected from the bottom is termed bottom ash. Fly ash is collected by electrostatic precipitators or other particle filtration equipment before the flue gases ...

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  • Fly Ash

    Fly Ash

    We are offering fly ash. 1) silica :- 56.99 % 2) alumina :- 23.69 % 3) fe2o3 :- 6.63 % 4) mgo :- 1.97% 5) cao :- 5.30 % 6) sulphur :- 0.26% 7) loi :- 0.14% 8) total moisture :- 0.06% 9) 45 micron sieve :- 13.50%

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  • Dolomite Lumps

    Dolomite Lumps

    We offer Dolomite Lumps chosen for many construction and building product applications due to their increased hardness and density. Asphalt and concrete applications prefer Dolomite as filler for its higher strength and hardness. Dolomite Lumps after processing are also used as a source of ...

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  • China Clay

    China Clay

    China Clay is a clay mineral with the chemical composition AlSiO 3 O 5 (OH) 3 . It is layered silicate mineral. It is soft earthy, usually white in color, produced by the chemical weathering of Aluminium Silicate mineral like Feldspar. Commercial grades of China Clay are supplied and transported as ...

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  • Calcined Bauxite Granules

    Calcined Bauxite Granules

    Calcined Bauxite Granules is obtained by calcining (heating) superior grade Bauxite at high temperature (from 850 o C to 1600 o C). This removes moisture thereby increasing the alumina content. Compared to an alumina content of about 57 % to 58 % in raw Bauxite, Calcined Bauxite Granules has an ...

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  • Bleaching Earth Powder

    Bleaching Earth Powder

    We are a reliable industrial source for availing Bleaching Earth Powder . Bleaching Earths have been used in the refinement of edible oils and fats since the end of the 19th century. Naturally-active Bleaching Earth Powder has been used under the name of Fuller’s Earth since about 1880. Bentonite ...

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  • Bleaching Earth

    Bleaching Earth

    Ours is a well-established organization based in Mumbai(India) and in proximity to valuable resources. Buyers can rely on us for on-time and safe delivery as we are aided by modern transit facilities.

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  • Ball Clay Lumps

    Ball Clay Lumps

    We offer Ball Clay Lumps known for their high dry strength and viscosity & whiteness. Ball Clay Lumps are sedimentary in origin and are widely used in ceramic, sanitary ware, wall and floor tiles applications. Being a well-established Exporter for Ball Clay Lumps, we have gained trust of the ...

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  • Bentonite Granules

    Buyers can contact us for availing Bentonite Granules , used for the carrier application of liquid Pesticides and Micro-nutrients. Bentonite Blank Granules are coated with biologically derived ingredients, which are resistant to harmful effects of Ultra-violet radiations of sunlight, become active ...

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  • Iranian Gypsum

    Gypsum (CaSO 4 . 2 H 2 O) is a naturally occurring mineral mined from deposits formed by ancient sea beds as a raw material, white when pure, but commonly grey, yellow, red or brown, owing to impurities. The anhydrous form (CaSO 4 ), anhydrite, is common. We are enlisted amongst the topmost Iranian ...

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  • Calcined Bauxite

    We have refractory grade, abrasive grade as well as other grade of calcined bauxite used in proppants, road surfacing etc.

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