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Our offered Product range includes Cryo Surgical System, Silicone Matt Tray, aspiration system, head loupe and Mini Cryo Gun.

Cryo Surgical System

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Piece(s)

Cryotype-i, super silencer gun, model-004b, hand operated, with any one probe attached, spare washers and carrying case.

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Silicone Matt Tray

Special Titanium Steel Foreceps cost even Rs. 65, 000. Hence these are to kept very carefully, handled with extreme care both before and after autoclaving, and be protected. These are normally provided with specially designed compact boxes. These are kept on a sponge-like silicone matt. As a result there is no chance of sharpness being blunted, and also no misplacing along with not-so-sensitive or bulk materials.   Special Features These ensure maximum hygeine and operating sterility. Meant for autoclaving micro-surgery instruments. After this, the instruments can be kept in same autoclaved trays, ready for use

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aspiration system

A Console Unit with vacuum control knob, vacuum indication guage, suction tube conecting outlet, gas cylinder tube connection and tube connected pedal for suction operation. Infusion/Aspiration probe with tube connections to the collection jar and IV infusion system. The probe tip has a fine pore for spray of infusion fluid. Yoke assembly with connecting tube for connecting the console and gas cylinder. Collection jar with connecting tubes to the probe and console unit.

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head loupe

A vision-aid for close up hands-free work and precise quality control. If you must see it in close-up you'll see it better with Magni-focusser. It is a binocular magnifier for work and a valuable tool for doctors, dentists, lab-technicians, jewellers, photographers, etc. Hightlights Absence of centre post enables unobstructed view/field of vision. Light weight, washable, adjustable, comfortable, hi-impact and non-corrosive ABS plastic material. Adjustable head band for perfect fit.

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Mini Cryo Gun

BASCO make Mini Cryo Gun for everyday simplified cryo surgery at affordable price. Common skin lesions usually required treatments that are lengthy, painful and demanded post-operative care. They may be time consuming and complicated for physicians. Todays primary care practioners, skin specialists, gynaecologists and general surgeons are using the Mini Cryo for everyday cryo surgery.It is an indispensible, simplified tool that you may never have realised was so affordable.  Liquid Nitrogen  for the treatment of skin tumours, skin tags and malignant basal cell carcinoma and the majority of dermatologists have adopted and can be treated by freezing using Liquid Nitrogen(LN2) cryo spray. Skin-tags usually shrivel up and fall off withen a few days of freezing. Special Features LNC treatment requires only about one-thirds the time by CO 2  snow or nitrous oxide system (Regular cryo gun) to achieve the appropriate degree of freezing because of the relative temperatures (-196 degrees C when compared with -79 degrees C). Liquid nitrogen can be applied directly by spraying the gun. It is convenient to arrange a freezing session on a specific day and can be treated on any number of patients on the same day. No form of anesthesia is required for freezing, it can be carried out single-handed and no scarring results. Liquid nitrogen treatment can be done most conveniently and economically and usually arrange to have the container (cryo-can) filled at a local hospital, laboratory or even a factory, milkdiary as liquid nitrogen now-a-days is widely used for many purposes and small quantities (350ml) woeks out at no cost!

  • Cryogen Temperature (C)
    Boiling point when used in closed probe system. Applied to skin in open atmosphere.

    Liquid Nitrogen

    Nitrous Oxide


    Halocarbon 22

    Halocarbon 12

    Halocarbon 114













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inspection device

An extremely versatile and vital  Inspection device  for medical, diagnostic, research and  general applicatios. Wherever good & clear magnification is needed with pin point accuracy. New design & construction have gone into the making of a new Floor stand model with moulded plastic base and other superior features which include . Seasy manouvrability just at a finger touch. Can be fixed with a new fixture to convert it into a Table clamp magnavision or wall mounted Magnavision. A new addition to our Magnavision line of products, and the Extension Arm attachment. All models, with minor adjustments, can serve virtually as workstations. In Medical Applications, it is ideal for use in Gynaec cases & Ophthalmic procedures, Skin & Plastic Surgery, Suture removal, Minor surgeries, O.P.D. Procedures, Colony counting(Micro Biology). Illumination provided by internally fitted, imported white bright tube. Very handy for highly placed / complicated surgical work(both pre and Post Op.). Also useful for OPD Procedures, clear reading of small size print on any medical related references/ footnotes / contraindication on drug labels, etc.

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