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CAD To BIM Conversion Services

We assist our clients to shift from using CAD Drafting Services to BIM Architectural Services by converting 2D AutoCAD drawings to 3D BIM Model. Architectural 3D BIM Model also helps in validating the design for clashes and coordination.
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3D Floor Plans

We excel in developing Architectural Revit 3D floor plans from 2D cad drawings for presentation purposes. We add all type of furniture families, BIM components with dimensions and other important data that help clients and contractors to virtually understand the space planning and furniture design prior to construction.
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4D Simulation

We offer 4D simulation or animation of a completed Architectural BIM Models. 4D simulation helps in getting a close and detailed over view of how the BIM components are placed, the design, project completion schedule. 4D BIM offers phase wise construction process in animation format with a completion time line of any particular project.
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Structural BIM Services

BIM Services India provides high precision and accurate Structural BIM Services to clients in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe. We have a skilled and experienced team of Steel Detailers, Structural BIM Modelers and Engineers to work on complex Structural BIM Modeling projects. Our Structural BIM Services signify high level of detailing required for fabrication of components and on-site installation. We ensure that the designs are validated while we create 3D models to ensure less redundancy during construction. Our quality centric approach with planned and time bound execution makes us one of the most consistent Structural BIM Companies in India. Structural BIM Model plays a vital role in building life cycle process from design to demolition. Accurate design and detailing of structural elements are important while collaborating with other disciplines. Within a span of 12 years +, we have emerged as strong players in the field of Structural BIM Modelling Services. We work on residential, commercial and industrial structures for Construction companies, Steel Fabricators, Architectural and Engineering firms, General contractors etc.
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Quantities Take Off

We can develop data rich Structural BIM Models for our clients based on their requirement. We are capable of extracting details such as quantities, schedules etc. from the model which can be used for ordering, planning, budgeting the construction costs, etc.
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MEP BIM Services

BIM Services India provides detailed and precision MEP BIM Services to clients based in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia and Canada. We have successfully executed projects for Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Retail and Industrial Structures. We have an expert team of BIM Architects and Engineers who can convert CAD to BIM Services with on-site exposures. Since 2007, we have executed more than 1000 projects which have made us a strong market player with providing efficient and cost-effective solutions in MEP BIM Modeling. Our experienced team can execute complex and large scale projects with in-depth industry knowledge and compliant to standards. They help you get reliable MEP Model by cross-checking the aspects of MEP Model in your project that strive consistency and compatibility. We can identify issues and resolve them during the design stage which delivers coordinated BIM MEP Services model.
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CAD Drafting To MEP BIM Modeling Services

BIM Services India has experienced team which can convert 2D Drawings into 3D MEP Models keeping in mind coordination among all the disciplines and cost-effective solutions. We excel in modeling the basic 3D model which depicts routing, placement, etc. of various MEP Services such as HVAC BIM Services, Electrical Fittings, Plumbing and Fire Protection Services.
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Quantities Take Off From MEP BIM Model

We provide Quantities Take off Services to clients globally which have made us one of the prominent MEP BIM Service Providers in India. Our expert team of BIM Engineers and Modelers delivers building data which helps in costing and other construction processes.
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Clash Detection Services

BIM Services India excels in conducting interference checks, extract clash reports and suggest a resolution to the design. We adhere to a holistic approach that ensures all the models are well-coordinated with different teams.
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Coordination Services

BIM Services India offers high precision BIM Coordination Services to clients in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe. Our competence to deliver accurate Clash Free BIM Models and Co-ordinated MEP Installation Drawings has made us one of the preferred BIM Co-ordination Companies in India. Our goal is to facilitate collaborative project execution approach and help our clients save cost and time both in the overall construction process. MEP BIM Co-ordination Services reduces on-site redundancy by eliminating majority of interferences, design errors and issues during the pre-construction stage. We combine Architectural, Structural and MEPF models to finally deliver a complete clash free 3D BIM Model. We have a team of BIM Engineers and BIM Co-ordination specialists who ensure that all the trades are efficiently coordinated and checked for application of proper design codes, building standards etc. BIM Services India possesses excellent experience in working on diversified buildings types such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Health care Educational, Historical, Airports etc. Our ability to match the industry requirements and current trends make us one of the most viable BIM companies in India offering MEP Co-ordination Services.
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Accurate Results Through Clash Detection

Our core competence is to deliver accurate and coordinated MEP BIM Models to client that can be later used for construction. Our penchant to deliver results with precision has made us what we are today.
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Scan To BIM For Historical Monuments

BIM Services India, has executed large scale and complex Scan to BIM Modeling of historical monuments and old buildings that needs renovation and refurbishment. Developing accurate and precise detailing with all the curves, details, carvings within the 3D model from laser scans is our core expertise. Some of building types include Churches, Palaces, Mosques, Temples, Museums, and Libraries.
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Scan To BIM For Train Stations And Airports

We have worked on Scan to BIM Modeling projects for Train Stations and Airports for USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australian clients. Laser scans are converted into BIM Model for renovation and refurbishment of such projects along with Architectural, Structural and MEPF disciplines.
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Point Cloud To BIM For Oil And Gas Plants

We work on Reverse Engineering projects for Oil and Gas industries. We provide Scan to BIM conversion services for machinery, Boiler rooms and heavy industrial structures. We can take point cloud images and convert them into detailed 3D BIM Models.
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Revit Family Creation Services

BIM Services India offers detailed and parametric Revit Family Creation Services globally. We are known for developing highly complex BIM content which can be used in Revit 3D Models for different building types and by manufacturing firms to manufacture products as per the product specifications mentioned in the Revit Families. We are experts in creating parametric loadable BIM families in Revit that can be used for BIM libraries for multiple projects. We help you create your digital assets. We offer extensive Revit Content Creation Services for Architectural, Structural and MEP services extensively across USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe. We have a team of BIM Content developers who have overall experience of latest BIM Family Creation in Revit. We ensure that the Revit Families are developed based on the model and project requirements. We have garnered a reputation of being one of the most prominent Revit Family Creation Services provider in India.
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Structural BIM Content Creation

We have experience of providing Revit Content Creation Services of structural components like structural beams and columns, connections, joints, purlins, wooden elements etc. We work in perfect coordination with structural steel detailers and BIM experts to ensure that our Revit family creation is in sync with the BIM Modeling requirements.
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HVAC, Electrical And Plumbing Family Creation

BIM Services India is skilled in developing BIM content creation services of electrical and lighting fixtures, cable trays, HVAC ducts, other miscellaneous MEP equipment, toilet fixtures, pipes, bathroom fixtures, etc. which can be downloaded as and when needed by BIM companies and Product Designers.
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Revit Family Creation For Machine Parts

We have developed mechanical families that can be used for oil and gas plants, tanks, machines used in industrial structures etc. We have created water plant room component families in the past which consisted of compressors, tanks, pumps, etc.
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Rebar Detailing Services

BIM Services India also has hands on experience in providing Rebar Detailing Services and estimation for different building types such as high rise residential buildings, industrial buildings, educational buildings, RCC buildings, parking garages etc. We provide the exact details on bends, shapes and lap splices to meet the requirement of the clients project.
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