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We offer the best product range of Payroll Software, Human Resource Management Software, Visitor Management Software, Canteen Management System and School Management Software.

Payroll Software

We are offering payroll software. one of the integral parts of hr is payroll. Timely and accurate salary and wages calculation coupled with statutory compliance is automatically expected. The task of payroll becomes complicated in today’s industries due to multiple statutory requirements, mis requirements, calculations based on slabs and formulas and other hr policies. Our payroll software makes this complicated function look much easier. The payroll software is user-friendly, with user-definable preferences like salary heads and salary structures, huge library of periodical statutory reports required under pf & esi, tds law, advance register, leave register, flexible reporting and many more. payroll software for small and mid-sized businesses and accounting professionals. Employee self service (ess) under the brand payroll – it is an intranet/internet application that provides employees personalized and secure access to most frequently requested payroll related information such as pay slip, income tax report, previous income details, digital signature form 16, leave management module, pf nomination, reimbursement management, attendance management, and time sheet management etc. Payroll software solutions offered by us is web-based and can be easily integrate and link with our smartsuite time attendance software and feature user friendly operations. Some of the other facilities it provides include multi user, multi-company, password protection at different levels, data backup/restore function, facility to import attendance details from attendance software and others. Salient features of our payroll software : user friendly multi user multi company password protection at various levels data backup/restore function facility to import attendance details from attendance software or enter it manually definitions of salary earning/deductions heads (% on basic or amount) parameterized for pf/esi percentage, profession tax slabs locking / unlocking of salary after processing flexible salary definition with formula/ slab etc., integration with attendance monitoring systems data importing & interface with excel for import & export of various data customization facility of reports & salary heads to suit the needs capable of handling of esi, pf & pt processing/reporting flexible definition of working days/holidays depending on leave groups complete leave management hr details management tds computation, etds generation & printing of tds certificates and returns exporting salary details to accounting software network compatible client server architecture with optional backend, available with oracle/ms sql/my sql/ ms access etc. reports: pay slip salary master salary register salary summary (one page) statements like bank, pf, p. Tax, esi summary of all earnings & deductions heads salary certificate yearly salary register statutory forms like pf 3a, 6a, 12 a, esi form no.6 (half yearly/ yearly) profession tax reconciliation statement challans for pf, esi, p. Tax form no-5 & 10 income tax calculation with assumption statement printing of form no.16.

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Human Resource Management Software

We are offering human resource management software. Saas: software as a service has become widely accepted and is a popular choice among businesses. Businesses consuming saas applications favour the low upfront cost and zero infrastructure headaches. Also, saas applications being deployed online have the advantage of being available anywhere, anytime and even on any platform. Businesses developing software have embraced the saas model with open hands. The emergence of cloud computing, subscription ready payment gateways and success stories of the likes of sales force and google apps makes it an easy model to follow. Bioenable technology saas: reliable, secure web-based office tools for your enterprise we offers simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools for businesses that increase productivity while reducing your costs – all hosted by bioenable on secure, reliable infrastructure. Quick points to remember: can access anywhere across world no restriction of network no headache of data and server management all your data will be on cloud and take care by bioenable technology a more powerful and secure it infrastructure will provide you with upgrades 24/7 email and phone support 98.9% uptime no maintenance cost can use the application without any tension with data upgrade and recovery option all your issues will be ours in saas will provide one dedicated team for this project save the cost of static ip, domain name, server maintenance team, server restore and back up architecture, server monitoring tool. all you need is an internet connection and a web browser to access your bioenable account. The following web browsers will work: ie 6 or 7 (pc), mozilla/ firefox 2 or higher (mac, pc, or linux), safari 2 or higher (mac) & google chrome. saas based solution costing : one time set up cost will be there. monthly user wise charges are applicable. service taxes extra – currently 10.3%. payable quarterly in advance for the period. please note that we do not offer refunds on any months already paid for and we do not pro-rate for partial months. If money is due back to you (in case of a downgrade), your account will be extended for the amount of money due. if you choose the half yearly payment option, you get one month’s free! if you choose the yearly payment option, you get two months free! this is a great saving, and that’s why we recommend it.

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Visitor Management Software

We are offering visitor management software. Visitor management software keeps a track record of every visitor and his/her duration of stay. We can also provide modified visitor management system for meeting the specific requirement of the clients. The features can also be added or removed, if needed by our valuable clients. Our visitor management systems is cost effective and dependable visitor management application that helps an organization to manage and track visitors at the entry/exit gate and at the premises. This system cannot just improve the entry process, but also enhance the site security and manage the details for effectively. using this system, the visitor entry process and site security can be improved and also the visitor details can be managed more effectively. The application is suited for screening & tracking of visitor. It ensures that the visitors are duly pre-authorized and have been issued a photo-id badge. The system integrates with other sub systems in the access control system, attendance management system and web browser. Features: pre-approve visitors 3 waysâ manual entry, web browser, web chat. on-line approval or disapproval of visitor entry screen and record visitor id along with photo of visitor automatic check against visitor history file visitor id badge in paper evacuation report shows all visitors on-premise along with their details full set of reports (evacuation, historical records, meeting place) client server architecture with web based facility connected to web cam and digital camera for capturing visitor photograph visitor arrival advanced notification for security contractor master database is maintained for contract employee long period gate pass visitor detailed database including photograph is maintained storing of visitor photograph to print on the gate pass for future reference notification of visitora's arrival on visitor's pc printing of different color gate pass to different type of visitors, locations allowed

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Canteen Management System

We are offering canteen management system. The canteen management system information systems in computer technology, network technology, object-oriented formed under the support of the new database technology and other related science and technology. Therefore, the hardware requirements in a way is relatively high. The implementation phase of the minimum requirements for hardware system through programming and debugging in the school and office intranet management information system is running, debugging, and even the system conversion can work properly, do not go wrong, and effectively protect the interests of the students and employee. Canteen management system provides a user-friendly interface to manage the facilities and areas covering different groups of employees for an organization. The software also supports paperless and cashless transactions and has features to operate multiple counters over a network in a closed environment. Canteen management system is developed and designed for the specific business of the school canteen or office canteen with the aim of promoting school and office canteens efficient, convenient, fast management. Development of canteen management information systems, and expect to achieve the following objectives. Like to enhance economic efficiency, the efficiency of resources and to improve the quality of cafeteria services, to establish a good image. Canteen management information systems project profiles and needs analysis project background; with the constant expansion of higher education, university logistics management is also becoming more complicated. Many large universities have multiple campuses, a dozen or even dozens of students and staff canteen. Canteen management has become an important part of the various aspects of school and office management canteen management system design process, it has enormous advantages in the canteen management system, its various model can help us better away from home business processes, the establishment of more reliable, more comprehensive system model, so that users and developers to achieve the same understanding, to reduce the semantic differences.canteen management in the enterprises and the management of a very important role. Due to the particularity of the logistics management, canteen involved the management of branch and complex business information, which makes the system development with long development cycle, and more participants

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Time Attendance Software

  • Password protection at various levels Data backup/restore function
  • Automatic shift rotation as per relay Automatic detection of shift as per shift timings
  • Provision for manual entry in case of forgot to punch Leave posting (CL/SL/PL)
  • Staggered Week OFF for various employees Leave management
  • Short leave User friendly

We are offering time attendance software.smartsuite time attendance is a powerful web-based solution for automated time & attendance to suit most businesses, regardless of their size. Smart suite is designed to help organizations reduce their administrative overhead by eliminating the time spent on manual timecard calculations, decreasing overall labor costs, and shrinking the gap between payroll policy and actual practice. the system is delivered with a complete set of scheduling and time and attendance reports, which enables validation and reconciliation of electronic time sheets with payroll. time attendance procedure at a large distributed enterprise is no simple matter. There are geographical separation of sites, multiple states and union territories, complex pay roll calculations, and various regional pay practices. Your employees are your business lifeline. Tracking employee movement unlike materials is a very sensitive issue. Maintaining a comprehensive tracking mechanism is nevertheless vital and what better way to do it, than automate the entire process. Apart from that, reliance on employees and supervisors to report time and attendance has resulted in many abuses such as buddy punching, clock padding and general inaccuracy of time capture. Manual time capture systems are error prone and consolidation of data from various sources is difficult and time consuming. Existing erp systems are too costly and cumbersome to extend and most purpose-built solutions are not designed with large, distributed enterprises in mind. smartsuite time attendance system is the most trusted, reliable, and stable time attendance software brand in its field and is famous for its excellence after sales service at various geographical locations. the module allows the flexibility to choose the number of categories that the user would like to classify, movement of employees under and also has the unique feature of a mail escalation facility to highlight anomalies if any. at bioenable we are committed total to the customer satisfaction by meeting their requirement with consistent quality web based time attendance software products and best time attendance software service, on time and at competitive prices by using latest technology in design and manufacturing. For more details and free demo please log on to smart suite attendance software has a complete attendance management solution that automates all your attendance processes. Just configure your attendance, payroll rules, and leave the rest to smart suite hrm. Close integration among payroll, attendance, and leave management allows you to define your payroll formulae with ease. You can pay your employee for every minute of overtime he does. Also, you can cut pay for every minute he is late. Attendance software is the best solution for managing attendance efficiently

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Institute Management Software

We are offering institute management software. Institute management system is a comprehensive web-based institute and school management software. It is designed for better interaction between students, teachers and management. This management software very gracefully handles all the requirements for easy school and college management. College it is a complete solution for managing a college online, in other words an enhanced tool that assists in organizing the day-to-day activities of a college. Its features can be narrated as: comprehensive student information management system. Provides a single source of data repository for streamlining your business processes and reporting purposes. Simple user interfaces and is intuitive. Efficient security features provide data privacy and maintains data integrity. we offer smart school/college management system software that is fast, affordable, low-risk solution with easy implementation and lower maintenance and operational costs. Our software helps to optimize the use of available resources in a cost effective manner through their proper scheduling and resource allocation. This software can be integrated into the existing it infrastructure and hence there is minimal cost overhead. We offer software that is an excellent tool to promote and manage enrollment growth and provide accurate enrollment data. This software acts as a decision support tool for the top management and decision makers by generating real time reports. This increases faculty time spent on research and interacting with students and reduces information time lag, thereby reducing the pipeline delay for any activity. Our software increases the accountability of the individuals towards their work commitment and fosters good working culture in the organization.

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Time Tracking Software

We are offering time tracking software. time tracking software is an essential part of any personal productivity system and getting things done. Learn to estimate the time it takes to get things done. Don’t use a separate system for time tracking or any complex time tracking software but instead use smartsuite built-in time tracking feature with complete suite which easily can manage employee related all the activities like leaves, shifts, all kind of reports, etc. Time tracking with smartsuite is quick, easy and painless. the time tracking software will automatically collect the data you how to use computers, including the use of time and idle time, use long when the use of which procedures and these procedures. Best time tracking software collected data is stored on your local computer. Once the data has been collected, you can simple click, drag to accurately marked with the type of label for use out of time. The time stamp can be seen in the end spent much time, how efficient. employee time tracking is help your personal productivity and your state of mind. Just set a time needed to complete your task and estimate the amount of work you have for the day and just start getting things done. Don’t be too optimistic, not everything can be done in 5 minutes! personal productivity starts with great time-planning skills and good time-tracking software – try smartsuite to find out how much time you are using for your daily work easy to understand how you can use the time management software. If you go by stacking the results every day, there is a waste of time or work surprisingly, can be more efficient should become visible. If you go to measure the function of development time even in the case of system development, then developing a more accurate prediction time becomes patience.

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School Management Software

We are offering school management software. school management software is designed to facilitate the processing of reports are like student report cards, student presence data, presence data employees and student savings. In addition the software also has many advantages that include multi user, connected in a network connection, manuals and guidebooks available video tutorials, which are accessed using a web-based mozilla firefox and google chrome. Besides the it master also supports operating systems like windows and management software is perfect all-in-one solution for managing your school. With school management software you can do grades, test scores, report cards, transcripts, attendance and management application software, which is unparalleled and comprehensive school software that covers each and every entity of school. It is an interactive platform for all the entities of school like teachers, management, financial department, students, parents and librarian etc. the new concept of software design, integration into the wealth of expertise and management experience.a lot of demand taken each school can select the appropriate software according to their school management software relevant information can be automatically associated with, such as viewing a student files, attendance information, payment records can be pooled can be invoked by privileged users of the various departments, to avoid the isolation of the information, and promote the collaboration of the department.facilitate the management of attendance and attendance management system is a domestic education and training industry�s most advanced management software. The system uses advanced software technology architecture and collaborative management of the design ideas, contains a wealth of training institutions, management ideas and management experience. System design to the student administration and enrolment management, arranging management, charge management focus, can promote the academic department, marketing department, finance department information exchange flow of collaboration and communication.the school management system has been successfully used in children�s english language / arts, tutoring, language training and adult vocational training. features the main function of the system as follows: classroom management student management financial management logistics management enrolment management teaching tube

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