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Salon & Beauty Equipment

Our Complete range of products are and Facial Beauty Roller.

Facial Beauty Roller

Biolife India is a leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Facial Beauty Roller. It is a new and innovative age-defying product from our stable using semi-conductor technology and germanium to eliminate wrinkles and dark spots. As a result of using this roller, the skin become more firm and the ageing process is reversed. Features : Chips composed of 99.99% germaniumOne roll is equivalent to 1000 taps during a massageMade up of oxidized titanium which acts as a good anti oxidant Benefits : Removes wrinkles and dark spotsFacial slimmingSkin tightening and maintainingEliminates tiredness and fatigueImprovement in immunity sickness resistance What is it? This new and innovative semi-conductor facial beauty roller uses semi-conductor technology and germanium to take away wrinkles and eliminate darks spots and make you look younger!  What is it formulated to do? The  Facial Beauty Roller is a special combination of germanium and semi-conductor technology. The result of using this roller is the tightening and beautifying of the skin and the definance of the aging process.  How To Use It? You only need to use it 3 times a day for 3 minutes The Face And Neck : Roll all over the face and neck in an upwards and downwards motionEyes : Start from under the eye and follow the bone structure. Beside the eye, focus on crows feet moving in an up and down motionForehead : Roll in an upwards and downwards motion. Move across the forehead using the same movementsSmile Line : Roll in an upwards motion. Start from the bottom and roll up towards the temple and under the eyeNeck : Start from the base of the neck and move upwards towards the jaw line. Repeat the same motion all over the neckEliminate Puffiness : Roll in an upwards and downwards motion all over the faceHealth : Use for a recommended three times a day for three minutes to see not only anti-aging benefits but also health benefits Why do we need it? Our current urban lifestyle exposes the human body and human skin to harmful positive ions generated from mobile phones, computers, electronic and electrical equipment, chemicals, acid rain and ultraviolet rays. This cause three main problems : First, this slows down the immune system and makes us increasing vulnerable to diseasesSecondly, it slows down the body's metabolism which causes waste to build up in the body and makes our body highly inefficient causing weight gain, disease, and celluliteThirdly, positive ions cause pre-mature agingFinally, due to these positive ions in the world and what we eat today, 70% of the water in our body is waste water which means our bodies are highly polluted and inefficientTo combat these problems, the Beauty Roller rebalances the positive and negative ions on the skin and in the body. Essentially, it ensures that the negative ions are on the skin and in the veins

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