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Catalysts and Absorbents

We offer the best product range of Rubber Grade Stearic Acid, Acetic Acid, Benzoic Acid, Stearic Acid and Coconut Fatty Acid.

Rubber Grade Stearic Acid

  • CAS No. 57-11-4
  • Use Used as an activator, dispersing agent, plasticizer and lubricant in rubber compound processing
  • Acid Value 192-210
  • Iodine Value 10 max
  • Titer, Degrees C 52-60
  • Saponification Value 194-212

Our product is obtainable in risk-free and industrial grade packing material that make sure the goods are protected from damage and are delivered to buyers in unharmed conditions. We can make timely delivery of bulk as well as retail orders courtesy a wide vendor, distributor and logistic service provider base.

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Acetic Acid

  • Color Colourless
  • Form Liquid
  • Formula CH3COOH
  • Molar mass 60.05 g/mol
  • Density 1.05 g/cm³
  • Odor Pungent/Vinegar-like

Our organization has all the essential logistic resources and links to ensure on schedule delivery of order(s). Ours is a quality driven company and strive hard to provide top-notch products to our worthy patrons. For this, we procure basic material from the trusted places only.

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Benzoic Acid

  • Type Simple aromatic carboxylic acid
  • Formula C7H6O2
  • Molar mass 122.12 g/mol
  • Boiling point 249.2 °C
  • Density 1.27 g/cm³
  • Appearance Colorless crystalline solid

As, our organizations is a suppliers of Benzoic Acid; purchasers can place wholesale orders for it, and get them at the lowest prices. In order to attain complete client credibility, we let the clients' to choose either online mode or offline mode for making payment. And, we guarantee for authenticity and confidentiality.

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Stearic Acid

  • Type Saturated fatty acid
  • IUPAC name Octadecanoic acid
  • Formula CH3(CH2)16COOH
  • Melting point: 69.3 °C (156.7 °F; 342.4 K)
  • Solubility in acetone 4.96 g/100 g
  • Solubility in chloroform 18.4 g/100 g
  • Solubility in toluene 15.75 g/100 g

We have well-maintained and capacious storage unit that includes all required facilities vital for a safe stacking of the products. We are working with experts and professionals and they supervise the range sternly ensuring zero damage to the stored items. With the assistance of sophisticated packaging system and adroit professionals, we are able to provide flawless lot of products as we ensure complete safety during packaging.

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Coconut Fatty Acid

  • Application Industrial
  • Acid Value 245 - 275
  • Iodine Value 16 Max
  • Titer (Deg. C) 23 - 35
  • Applications Food, household detergents, metalworking fluids, paints and coatings, soaps, textile chemicals
  • Main ingredient Coconut

Based in Thane(India), we have garnered wide acclaim for making available quality and cost effective products to the lengths and breadths of the country. Buyers can trust us to make delivery of consignments since; we have collaborated with reckoned transportation service providers.

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Triple Pressed Stearic Acid

  • Acid Value 207 – 212
  • Saponification Value 208 – 213
  • Iodine Value 0.5 maximum
  • Titer, ºC 54 – 56.5
  • Color, Lovibond 5.25 3.0Y/0.3R
  • Applications Food and Beverage, Lubricants and Greases, Metal Working Fluids, Oil and Gas, Personal Care, etc

Our team makes it possible to carry out online transactions, keeping the details confidential. Our payment procedures and the transactions we make are completely transparent and thus, clients can trust on us. Founded in Thane(India), the company has garnered wide appreciation for its seamless quality products and client centric approach.

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coconut diethanolamide

  • Molecular Weight 530.85 g/mol
  • Hydrogen Bond Donor Count 2
  • Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count 5
  • Molecular Formula C13H13Cl8NO4
  • Heavy Atom Count 26
  • Covalently-Bonded Unit Count 3

We always remain concerned about delivering a flawless range of products and thus we store the entire lot under secured environment till the final dispatch of the orders. We have uncompromised quality rules when it comes to packaging. We make sure the products are properly packed for shipping/ handling, as well as they have smudge-proof labels.

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Sorbic Acid

  • Formula C6H8O2
  • Molar mass 112.13 g/mol
  • Density 1.204 g/cm³
  • Boiling point 228 °C
  • Solubility in water 1.6 g/L at 20 °C
  • Melting point 135 °C (275 °F; 408 K)

Being a Supplier of Sorbic Acid, we continue in the same vein and keep enchanting our customers with our spotless quality. We have a team of efficient personnel who sternly check the raw materials before final procurement. Thus, we ensure a qualitative array of products at customer's end.

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Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonic Acid

  • Appearance Yellowish Brown liquid
  • Purity 96% min
  • Boiling Point 315 °C
  • Density 1.06 g/ml
  • Melting Point 10°C
  • Molar Mass 326.49 g/mol
  • Molecular Formula C18H30O3S

Stationed in Thane(India), our organization is one of the prime most providers in the industry today. With complete help and support of our team members, we deliver high grade and excellent range that commensurate to globally accepted standards.

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : 210kg drums

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  • Abbreviated as DEA or DEOA
  • Molar mass 105.14 g/mol
  • Formula C4H11NO2
  • Boiling point 280 °C
  • Density 1.09 g/cm³
  • Form Liquid

In order to produce quality products, we make use of superior grade raw materials. Our quality auditors strictly check the raw materials against varied quality parameters before procurement. With our strong distribution network, we efficiently distribute goods to the desired place.

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Magnesium Sulphate

  • Type Inorganic salt
  • Melting Point 1,124 °C
  • Formula MgSO4
  • Molar mass 120.366 g/mol
  • Solubility Soluble in Water
  • Usage Cosmetic and Personal Care

Our team members assist us in settling down the payment procedures and they help us in making transactions that are completely secured and are executed as per the client's convenience. We follow strict quality procedures that are as per the guidelines, help us in presenting dependable and cost-effective product range.

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