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Our product range comtains a wide range of Polariscope Meter and Valve Position Indicator

Polariscope Meter

  • Material Aluminium
  • Certification CE Certified
  • Application Industrial
  • Display Type Analog
  • Feature Durable, High Accuracy, Stable Performance
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Power 220V AC

We make available Polariscope Meter that is specifically and especially useful for Pet Preform Manufacturers. Our offered Polariscope Meter is an optical inspection device used to detect internal stresses in plastics. Polariscope Meter, offered by us, is composed chiefly of a light source and two crossed polarized sheets. The light source of Polariscope Meter is mounted beneath one sheet and is powered by external power source of 220V AC with earthen pin. Material to be examined is placed between the two sheets and viewed through the sheet mounted opposite the light source sheet. A defect in preform can be easily detected by using this equipment. When preform is held parallel to viewing field, color pattern is seen known, which is known as isochromatic fringe. This indicates magnitude of the stresses introduced during moulding process. Working Of Polariscope Meter When a Preform is held at 45 o to viewing field, a colored pattern known as isoclinic is seen, and this indicates direction of stresses. The advantage of the Polariscope Meter is that crystallinity is readily identified, not only can the Molecular birefrigetent flow lines (fringes) be seen in color but the black isoclinic lines are visible when the preform axis is parallel to the molecular orientation strains. A special and removable stage is provided to rapidly obtain the correct alignments of the preforms when viewing for observations of the fringes. Preforms are aligned at 45 o to the polarizing axis and at 0 o to view the black isoclinic. The stage allows for the rotation of the Preform whilst viewing. With higher end model a preform of 20 liters jar can also be checked with the length of preform up to 24 inches (600 mm).

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Valve Position Indicator

  • Size 1.1/4inch, 4/5inch, 5/6inch
  • Certification ISI certified
  • Application Tap Position
  • Pressure High Pressure
  • Feature Casting Approved, Durable
  • Output 4 to 20 Ma

We are engaged in offering Valve Position Indicator . Valve Position Indicator, that we offer, is used to monitor the position of the valve opening located in the water pipe lines especially in municipal corporations. The Valve Position Indicator can be used for any kind of valves like sluice valve, butterfly Valve, plunger valves etc. The display can be either in mm, cm, inches, feet, number of turns, degrees from 0 to 90, or any engineering unit. The input to the unit will be either potential free contacts or pulse or proximity. In case of power failure, a reading goes into memory mode automatically. Valve Position Indicator, that we provide, has got an output 4 to 20 MA, which is optional.

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