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Dental Equipment

Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Swiss Tec Dental Burs, Dental Amalgam Polishing Kit, dental buccal tubes, C- 180 Dental Polycarbonate Crown kit and Dental Ball Burnishers.

Swiss Tec Dental Burs

  • Material Metal
  • Color Sliver, Golden, Blue
  • Dimension 7.5cm(L) x 2.7cm(W) x 2.9cm(H)
  • Key Features Cuts Faster Lasts Longer
  • Packaging pack of 5 pieces
  • Holes 30 holes
  • Hole Diamete Approx.1 mm
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Dental Amalgam Polishing Kit

  • Color White
  • Usage Dental Surgery
  • Age Group For all
  • Dental Mirror Probe
  • Mouth Mirror Probe
  • Range Volumetric flasks


  • These autoclavable silicone polishers have a long track record and are well known for their efficiency and durability
  • Recommended average speed for Brownie, Greenie & SuperGreenie Polishers: 5, 000 to 7, 000 rpm (maximum speed of 30, 000 rpm)
  • Provides fast, brilliant results without pumice or tin oxide
  • Cups are for proximals and mini-points are for occlusals
  • Brownies for pre-polishing
  • Greenies for polishing
  • Supergreenies for super-polishing
  • Contra-Angle and Friction-Grip kits
  • Your choice of a sterilizable bur block or plastic kit
  • Use Amalgam Polishing kit for: amalgams and precious alloys

Key Features

  • Autoclavable
  • Efficient
  • Durable
  • Provides fast and brilliant results

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : Shofu Amalgam Polishing Kit Airotor (Fg):

3 each Brownie Cups & Midi-Points - for pre-polishing
2 each Greenie Cups & Midi-Points - for polishing
1 each Supergreenie Cup & Midi-Point - for super polishing
Shofu Amalgam Polishing Kit Contrangle (CA):

3 each Brownie Cups & Midi-Points - for pre-polishing
2 each Greenie Cups & Midi-Points - for polishing
1 each Supergreenie Cup & Midi-Point - for super polishing

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Dental Buccal Tubes

  • Material Grade SS312
  • Packaging Type Carton Box
  • Condition New
  • Usage Clinical, Laboratory
  • Weight 1.8 Kg to 2 Kg


  • Low Profile Design
  • Superior Base Design for Stronger Bond
  • Lead- In Archwire Slot for easy insertion of wire
  • 0.022”and 0.018” slots
  • Compound contoured / Torque –in-base
  • Rounded hook for optimal patient comfort
  • One piece Metal Injection Moulded
  • Bio –Compatible Materials
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C- 180 Dental Polycarbonate Crown Kit

  • Condition New
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Features Dental decay Periodontal (gum) disease Trauma (injury or accident)


  • Polycarbonate material contours and crimps similar to metal crowns to yield easy adaptation to margins
  • Made from polycarbonate resin with microglass fibers for strength and durability
  • Universal shade No. 62 can be adjusted using cements and liners for better esthetics
  • Ideal for short- or longer-term use, providing the option of offering an esthetic, longer-term temporary for patients with economic considerations
  • Crown set is packaged in a unique, stackable tray that provides convenient, easy storage of 3M™ ESPE™ prefabricated crowns

Additional InformationPrefabricated crowns made from polycarbonate resin with microglass fibers for short- or longer-term adult anterior use.

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : Set with 180 Crowns. 2 Crowns of each size: mold guides for 60 crown sizes

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Dental Ball Burnishers

  • Material Metal
  • Length 10-20 mm
  • Thickness 2-5 mm
  • Weight 20-30 gm
  • Usage Dental Clinic etc.

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : High quality stainless steel double ended ball burnisher. 1mm and 1.5mm on either side.

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Dental Cavit G Paste

  • Packaging 28g Paste
  • Power 11 to 50 kW
  • Thickness 3 mm
  • Chiller OAD 30
  • Dimension OAD: 40
  • Features Quadruplicity safety design 2. Easy operation 3. Strong applicability 4. Stable and low noisy


  • Proven filling material for temporary fillings
  • Removable completely without burs
  • Simple to apply with filling instrument
  • Quick and void-free curing in a moist environment


  • Cavit G for occlusal temporary fillings
  • Cavit G with increased bonding for endodontic treatments
  • Cavit G for temporary inlays


  • Use an instrument to fill the required quantity into the wet cavity.The hardening process starts after a few minutes. Avoid any exposure to chewing pressure for about 2 hours after application
  • Deep cavities need not be filled completely. If the material is used to close up a drug, pressure-free application is recommended
  • Use rotary instruments to remove the temporary filling. Remove the Cavit G filling with a stiff probe.
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Dental Matrix Retainer

  • Type Parker, Hercules, Metaris
  • Application Permco, Commercial, HYVA, Metaris
  • Key Features Easy insertion, Fully autoclavable
  • Classification Hercules, Permco
  • Finish Hercules, Permco, Parker

API Matrix Retainer IvoryAPI Matrix Retainer ToefflemireAPI Matrix Retainer Ivory With Lateral Shields

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Cavlaq Cavity Varnish Dental Paste

  • Packaging 1 x 30 ml Bottle
  • Power 11 to 50 kW
  • Thickness 3 mm
  • Chiller OAD 30
  • Dimension OAD: 40
  • Features Quadruplicity safety design 2. Easy operation 3. Strong applicability 4. Stable and low noisy


  • For surface seal and protection against humidity or dehydration .
  • Cavlaq use for cavity lining.
  • It is Alcohol Based varnish
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25k Thru Flow Ultrasonic Insert

  • Packaging 1 x Single Insert 25K

Available Tips

Insert 25K TFI-3Insert 25K TFI-10Insert 25K TFI-1000Insert 25K FSI Slimline (Light Green)Insert 25K FSI Slimline Left (Light Green)Insert 25K FSI Slimline Right (Light Green)Insert 25K FSI-10Insert 25K FSI-1000Insert 25K FSI-3Insert 25K FSI-100

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Oro Straight Dental Handpiece

  • Weight 52 Gms.
  • RPM 0 - Max 40, 000 RPM
  • Ratio 1:1
  • Length x Diameter 92.95 x 19.6 mm
  • Max Temp 135C


  • Stainless steel body
  • Handle convenience
  • Max speed of 0 - 40, 000 rpm
  • Offers precision and reliability
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Dental Naber Probe

  • Material Metal
  • Length 10-20 mm
  • Weight 10-30 gm
  • Feature Rust Proof
  • Packaging Packaging
  • Usage Hospital, Dental Clinic etc.
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Biosonic Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler

  • Color Blue and White
  • Application Hospital, Clinical
  • Dimension 178mm x 145mm x 89mm
  • Output Power 3W ~ 20W
  • Water Pressure 0.1 bar to 5 bar(0.01 MPa to 0.5MPa)
  • Size Standard
  • Power source input 220 - 240V
  • Power input 220 – 240v ~ 50Hz/60Hz
  • Main unit input 24V ~ 1.3A
  • Main unit weight 0.65kg

FeaturesDigitally controlled, automatic frequency tracking ensures unit will consistently work at the best frequency Re-usable metal filter traps debris from entering unit, allowing efficient water flow Handpiece is made from titanium alloy, making it extremely durable and autoclavable Three Pre-Set Options: General Scaling, Periodontal and Endodontic procedures Ten unique power settingsBioSonic Piezo Inserts.

4 tip categories

  • General Scaling Tips
  • Peridontic Tips
  • Endodontic Tips
  • Cavity Preparation Tips
  • 24 different tip shapes available
  • Compatible with all BioSonic Piezo Scalers as well as competitive models
  • Two Thread-Styles
  • S-Series = Satelec Thread Style
  • E-Series = EMS Thread Style

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : Includes 6 tips(4 general scaling. 1 perio. 1 endo with wrench and 4 NiTi Files)

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Anterior Dental Scaler

  • Color White
  • Usage Clinical, Hospital
  • Size Standard
  • Dental Scaler Stainless Stell
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