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Medicines Tonics and Drugs

We offer a complete product range of Skino Ointment, Liver Plus Syrup, Uterine Tonic, Anti Diabetic Medicine and Joint Care Products

Skino Ointment

We have made our mark as Manufacturer and Supplier of Skino Ointment in Haryana, India. It is an antibacterial and antifungal cream, which treats ringworms, itchiness and dermatosclerosis (hardening of the skin). Prepared making use of qualitative Kameela, Karpur, Tutth, Suhaga, Gandhak, Neem, Karanj and Vaseline, our Ointment is very effective in healing wounds as well. Feel free to place bulk orders and we ensure that they are timely delivered. Skino Ointment is an antibacterial and antifungal cream. It is an effective treatment of ring worms, itchiness and dermatosclerosis (hardening of the skin). It also has good wound healing properties. Ingredients: Kameela, Karpur, Tutth, Suhaga, Gandhak, Neem, Karanj, Vaseline. Application: For external use only. Apply locally on area of problem twice a day.

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Liver Plus Syrup

Sometimes a disease can be difficult to get rid of. In tizzy we often resort to quick cures offered by Traditional Allopathic Medicines; but little do we know that these medicines come with myriad side effects. Thus, Herbal Syrup must be trusted ΓΆ€“ quick cures guaranteed with no side effects. We are a reliable name that offers a wide array of Herbal Syrup, including Liver Plus Syrup, Herb N Zyme Syrup and Fevercure Syrup. These Herbal Syrups are processed hygienically, using fresh herbs and herbal extracts.

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Uterine Tonic

For Urinary Tract Infection Urocitron has a proven value in a variety of urinary disorders. It normalizes the urinary pH and soothes burning micturition. It relieves in recurrent UTI, dysuria and hematuria. Key Ingredients: Kesar, Gokshru, Punarnava, Kulthi, Shataver, Kalmi Shora, Yavkshar. Dosage: 10-20 ml. twice a day with water.

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Anti Diabetic Medicine

INR 120 / 100 Gram ( Approx )
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  • Type Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Brand Name Dharmani Herbs India

Diab-Chk Granules is a well tested and trialed formulation for the patients of diabetes. Regular use of these granules keeps check on blood sugar level and helps in general debility. Key Ingedients: Gudmar, Methi, Bilv patra, Karela, Jamun, Sadabahar, Neem, Safed musli. Dosage: 3-5 gm. Granules twicw a day with water.

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Joint Care Products

INR 465 / Box ( Approx )
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  • Shelf Life 2 Yrs
  • Feature High Effective, Natural
  • Speciality Good Quality, Long Shelf Life
  • Capsule Type Herbal
  • Dosage Form Liquid
  • Dosage 1-2 capsule twice or thrice A day with milk or water.

Arthotone capsules : For arthritis & joint pains Indications: Excellent remedy for joint pains, Neuralgia and muscular pains. It relaxes involuntary muscle tissue, arthritis & stiffness . It s trikes at the root of rheumatic disorders . Ingredients : Swarn bhasm, Kesar, Ras sindur, Ringni, Bang bhasm, Abhrak bhasm, Chobchini, Lauhban, Sonth, Rasna, Punarnava, Ashwagandha, Piplamool, Nirgundi, Nagarmotha, Giloy, Nisonth, Amla, Harad, Suranjan, Naagbhasm .   Joint Care Products offered by us are specially formulated to combat joint pain and the associated discomfort. All the Joint Care Products provide symptomatic relief and also assist in curing certain disorders of the joint. Besides this, the Joint Care Products are available at market leading rates for the clients. Why Our Joint Care Products? Made from natural herbs Duly tested Highly effective Provide fast-action relief Range Arthotone Capsules Shukti-Cal Tablet Arthotone Oil

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Anti Cold Medicine

With a vast industrial experience, we have emerged as a distinguished Manufacturer and Supplier of the best quality Anti Cold Medicine . Our Anti Cold Medicine is inclusive of Dr. Coldx Syrup, Dr. Coldx Capsules and Immuno-6 Capsules. Clients are free to place the bulk orders of Anti Cold Medicine as per their requirement.

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Skino Syrup

Prepared using top-drawer quality Chobchini, Manjishtha, Kasaundi, Anantmool, Pitpapda, Giloy, Chiraita and Neem, our Skino Syrup is very effective and safe for human consumption. Our herbal Ayurvedic Skino Syrup prevents skin problems like pimples, acne, pimple marks, etc. In addition, it also helps in cleaning harmful toxins from the blood providing clean & clear skin. The efficient formulation of our Syrup protects the skin from harmful effects of the contaminated environment. Get an ever-glowing skin from us at cost-effective prices!   Skino Syrup is a safe herbal ayurvedic medicine, which helps in cleansing harmful toxins from the blood and helps to cure skin problems such as dermatitis, acne, pimple and pimple marks and provides clean and clear skin. Its effective formulation protects the skin from harmful effects of today’s contaminated environment and keeps the skin healthy and glowing. Ingredients: Chobchini, Manjishtha, Kasaundi, Anantmool, Pitpapda, Giloy, Chiraita, Neem. Dosage: 10-20 Ml. twice or thrice a day with milk or water.

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