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Our offered Product range includes High Grog Bricks, Fire Clay Bricks, High Alumina Bricks, Acid Resistant Bricks and Acid Proof Bricks.

High Grog Bricks

Our company manufactures highly durable High Grog Bricks , which are used extensively for numerous construction projects and other purposes. Fabricated from optimum quality raw material these Dense High Grog Bricks symbolizes strength and outstanding capability to withstand high temperature. Their escalating demand in various industrial segments has given us the distinction of one of the renowned Grog Clay Bricks Suppliers in Andhra Pradesh. Application Areas Blast furnace 1350 degree Celsius BF heart and bottom Hot metal ladle BF stove @ wall brick Coke oven battery BF heart bottom, belly and ladle BF Bosch & tuyer zone

  • Technical Specifications
    Brand Name AL203% (MAX) Fe203 (Min) B.D. (Min) A.P% (Max) CCS Kg / PCEoC (Min) Cm2(Min) RUL TaoC PLC @ oC (Min) Application Area % (Max)
    DC-30 35 2.20 2.0 22 250 31 1450 ±0.8 For Blast Furnace 1350oC
    DC-35D 39 2.00 2.15 18 400 1750 1450 ±0.5, 1450oC BF (up to @ 700M3) Heart & Bottom. Hot metal Ladle.
    DC-40HG 40 2.00 2.15 18 400 1750 1410 ±0.75, 1450oC BF stove @ wall brick (up to 700M3) Coke Oven Battery
    DC-42HG 42 1.80 2.20 16 400 1750 1500 ±0.2, 1450oC BF(Up to @ 700M3) Heart Bottom & belly & Ladle, Coke Oven Battery
    DC-45HG 45 1.80 2.35 16 450 1750 1525 ±2.5, 1450oC BF(Up to @ 700M3) Bosch & Tuyer Zone, Coke Oven Battery
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Fire Clay Bricks

Fire Clay Bricks are the most common forms of bricks used for construction purposes. Our company offers various types of Fire Clay Refractory Bricks with different capacities to withstand high temperature. These general purpose fire clay bricks are manufactured from optimum quality raw material and duly heated under fire for ensuing durability and strength. We have been supplying these bricks to every corner of the country and we have marked our presence as one of the paramount High Alumina Fire Clay Bricks Suppliers from Andhra Pradesh India. Application Areas General Purpose Safety lining of steel ladles Heat treatment unit Forging unit

  • Technical Specifications
    Brand Name AL203% (MAX) Fe203 (Min) B.D. (Min) A.P% (Max) CCS Kg / PCEoC (Min) Cm2(Min) RUL TaoC PLC @ oC (Min) Application Area % (Max)
    DC -30 30 2.5 1.9 25 200 30 1350 General purpose uses
    DC -35 35 2.00 2.00 25 200 1670 1380 ±0.5 For general purpose upto 10000C
    DC -40 40 3.50 2.05 25 300 1700 1400 ±1.5 General purpose up to 14000C & safety lining of steel ladles
    DC -45 45 3.50 2.37 24 350 1717 1400 ±1.0 General purpose upto 1400oC & Heat treatment unit % Forging unit
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High Alumina Bricks

The High Alumina Bricks manufactured by Durga Ceramics are the end result of blending excellent quality raw material with cutting edge technology. We make sure that the High Alumina Fire Bricks offered by us have gone through all the quality control parameters for maintaining their high quality standard. Their durability and strength adds life to the structure and they possess the capacity of bearing high temperature. Our company is well reckoned as one of the accounted Fired High Alumina Bricks Manufacturers in the market. Application Areas Calcining zone of vertical shaft kilns of lime & cement (50 to 100) capacity Walls, bottom & roof of reheat furnaces, soaking pit walls and annaling furnaces Working lining of steel ladle up to 60T capacity, cement rotary kilns Working lining for RF/VAD/VOD, cooler of cement rotary kilns

  • Technical Specifications
    Brand Name AL203% (MAX) Fe203 (Min) B.D. (Min) A.P% (Max) CCS Kg / PCEoC (Min) Cm2(Min) RUL TaoC PLC @ oC (Min) Application Area % (Max)
    DC -50 50 3.50 2.30 24 350 1743 1400 ±1.0 @ 1400oC Calcining Zone of vertical shaft kilns of lime & Cement (50 to 100) capacity
    DC -60 60 3.50 2.40 23 500 1700 1450 ±1.0 @ 1450oC walls, Bottom & Roof of Reheat Furnaces Soaking pit walls and annaling furnaces
    DC -70 70 3.50 2.65 23 500 1800 1450 ±1.0 @ 1450oC Working lining of steel Ladle upto 60 T capacity, Cement Rotary Kilns.
    DC -80 80 2.00 2.80 23 500 1800 1600 ±1.5 @ 1500oC Working lining for RF/VAD/VOD, cooler of Cement Rottery Kilns.
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Acid Resistant Bricks

Acid Resistant Bricks manufactured by our company are available in various classes for meeting the specific requirements of the clients. The outstanding acid and water resistant capacity of these Chemical Resistant Bricks has increased their demand in the market. We offer acid resistant bricks at market friendly price and ensure to deliver well on time. Our company has touched the apex of success as one of the trustworthy Acid Resistant Fire Bricks Suppliers from AP India. Application Areas Chemical Factories Fertilizer Factories Sulphuric Acid Factories Iron & Steel plants Flooring and lining in chemical reactors Acid tanks Technical Specifications Characteristics Requirement For Our Values Class-I Bricks Class-II Bricks Class-I Bricks Class-II Bricks Water absorption Percent Max. 2 4 0.5 to 1 2.5 to 3.5 Flexural Strength kg/cm 2 Min. 100 70 >100 >100 Compressive Strength kg/cm 2 Min. 700 500 >700 >500 Resistance to acid Lossin weight shall not exceed 1.5 percent Lossin weight shall not exceed 4.0 percent 0.5 to 1 Resistance to wear Average wear shall not exceed 2mm Not Specified

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Acid Proof Bricks

By making use of premium packaging material, we can guarantee zero damage during transit. Moreover, our packaging experts stringently check the entire lot prior to final dispatch. Our fast and modern transit facilities enable us to deliver the orders within the stipulated time frame.

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boiler bricks

Backed by a well-established warehouse, we are able to store the products in a secured manner. Thus, we ensure complete security of the products from any kind of damage. Our products are packed under controlled conditions to ensure their quality is not compromised and buyers are presented with brand new products. We have an ultramodern facility to pack our products.

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