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Our offered Product range includes CNC Boost Benders, Cnc 2x Tube Bending Machine, Cnc 5x Tube Bending Machine, CNC Wire Benders and Special Tube Benders.

CNC Boost Benders

Offers cnc boost benders. For bending of thick-walled, tight-radius tubes required in boiler, chemical and process industries. Features 1. Tubes from od 25 to 114 mm 2. Dt 9 3. Materials - ovality 8-10%, thinning 12-13% 4. Unlimited tube length 5. Capability of serpentine bends 6. Fully programmable closed loop (hydraulic servo) bend-boost speed and position control 7. Mandrel-less and tie rod-less operation in boost mode 8. Can be used for bending in both normal (with higher capacity) and boost modes 9.electropneumatics smartbend 310 with colour lcd touch screen and keyboard access.

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Cnc 2x Tube Bending Machine

We offer cnc 2x tube bending machine. For bending of simple tubes in the automotive, furniture, boiler, plumbing industries. model unit 30cnc2x 65cnc2x 80cnc2x 100cnc2x max. Tube capacity (d x t)* mm 32 x 2 65 x 4 80 x 2 114 x 6 max. Bend radius (clr) mm 120 300 300 500 min. Bend radius in terms of d 1.5d 1.5d 1.5d 1.5d length over mandrel m 3 3 3 3 bend angle range deg 5 - 180 5 - 180 5 - 180 5 - 180 bend speed (accuracy) degs (deg) 50 (â±0.2) 24 (â±0.2) 18 (â±0.2) 12 (â±0.2) dbb speed (accuracy) mms (mm) 400 (â±0.1) 200 (â±0.1) 200 (â±0.1) 200 (â±0.1) pob speed (accuracy) degs (deg) 150 (â±0.1) 100 (â±0.1) 100 (â±0.1) 80 (â±0.1)

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Cnc 5x Tube Bending Machine

We offer cnc 5x tube bending machine. For complex parts and high-volume bending, especially in the automotive industry features 1.tubes from od 3 to 80 mm 2. Push, turn, bend accuracy â±0.1 mms or degs 3. Fully programmable axes movement in close loop position and velocity feedback mode 4. Advanced on-line diagnostics, display of axes positionspeed, on-going sequence and error messages 5. Features such as automatic tube length compensation, spring back calculation and compensation, programmable tube loading position, multi-sequence bend capability, etc. Are available options are bending 2.variable radius, roll bending 3.multi-radius bending with multi-stack tools electropneumatics smartbend 310 with colour lcd touch screen and keyboard access

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CNC Wire Benders

Ideal for bending of automotive wire components like door locks, hood support, actuator levers and also consumer and interior decoration items. Features 1. Wires from OD 2 to 6 mm 2. Push, turn, bend accuracy ±0.1 mms or degsec 3. Bending in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions 4. AC servo motor all-electric push, turn bend axes 5. Fully programmable axes movement in close loop position and velocity feedback mode 6. Complex curved parts possible by interpolation of feed and bend axes 7. Capable of producing zigzag, multi-plane, curvature and helix bends 8. Electropneumatics’ SMARTBEND 310 with colour LCD touch screen and keyboard access

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Special Tube Benders

We offer special tube benders. Customised solutions for bending sectional profiles, different tube materials, thin-walled tubes, etc. Into complex shapes. 1. Chassis benders - for bending of square, rectangular or tubular section tubes of chassis long members of suv, trucks and commercial vehicles 2. Section coilers - for forming sectional profiles of hvac applications into coils and serpentines 3. Section benders - for bending of sectional profiles of luggage, furniture, automotive accessories into complicated configurations 4. Multi-plane hot bending modules- for hot bending of solid rods such as stabilizer and torsion bars in multiple planes with multiple bends 5. Portabend - for all pipe fitting applications such as sawing, idod deburring, bending, ferrule presetting, etc. It is a universal mobile tube-working station.

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Chassis Manufacturing Equipment

We offer chassis manufacturing equipment. Electropneumatics builds heavy-duty machines for production of chassis long members, cross members, tubular frames and other such heavy structural components for the automobiles. the different models available can blank, form, trim, bend and punch holes through programmable cnc controls. some models are completely automated from loading to unloading while others can be automated as per requirement. Some of the equipment available: heavy duty presses for blanking, punching and trimming turret punching and shearing machines flat and web punching machines web and flange punching machines plate and angle punching machines bending machines highly productive and most suitable for large volume production of long chassis members models available for processing of plates, sheets, sections machines are suitable for operations such as punching, blanking, trimming, shearing, bending, etc.

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