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We offer a complete product range of Tita-PTFE Vario Piston, ptfe vario pistons, Super Elastic NiTiNOLpiston -PTFE piston, Fluoroplastic (PTFE) Stapes Piston and clip Stapes Piston

Tita-PTFE Vario Piston

Only one piston is required for a stapedioplasty surgery as the lenght can be cut as per requirement. malleable enough to facilitate bending at the neck for malleus stapedioplasty. stable design provides maximum sound output. offers best possible length selection. easy loop introduction. low risk of osteo-necrosis. tita-ptfe piston can be easily cut due to ptfe shaft. tita piston is mri compatible. both pistons can be trimmed by using osseous cutter (ref : ei01)

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ptfe vario pistons

More elastic titanium material for self crimping effect. elastic self crimping loop shortens the time of surgery. stable design provides maximum sound output. reduced risk of osteo-necrosis. super titanium piston is mri compatible. super tita-ptfe piston can be easily cut due to ptfe shaft. simplified loop introduction to incus by easy downward movement. both pistons can be trimmed by using osseous cutter (ref : ei01)

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : gamma sterile

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Super Elastic NiTiNOLpiston -PTFE piston

Alternative choice for nitinol shape memory users who are concerned about heating the incus. Self crimping to long process of incus surgoens who enjoy crimp free pistons finds solution with super elastic nitinol loop. The loop closes softly, uniformly around long process of incus which minimize the risk of incus necrosis. Superelasticity property reduces the step of surgery. Minimum force required to fit. it can be easily fitted to long process of incus by applying a simple vertical force. super elastic nitinol-ptfe piston can be easily cut because of ptfe shaft.

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Fluoroplastic (PTFE) Stapes Piston

“plastic memory” provides secure closure. easily trimmed with scissor or cutting tool from 6.00mm-3.50mm length. much biocompatible with biological tissues. conventional design for easy attachment with long process of incus.

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clip Stapes Piston

Clip shape like loop provides secure attachment on incus. improve the vascular supply of incus. no need to crimp piston. reduced risk of osteonecrosis. clip stapes piston is mri compatible. eliminated the process of stapes piston fixation. maximize hearing result because of clip loop not encircle the incus. reduce the surgical process time and crimping difficulties

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