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Storage Tanks

Our Complete range of products are Petroleum Storage Tank, gas storage tank, Oil Storage Tank, Steel Water Storage Tank and Fuel Storage Tank.

Petroleum Storage Tank

A high flammability of the petrol demands careful handling all through, if not handles safely has the ability to cause a major fire or explosion that is fatal for human and other livings surrounding. A small amount source of ignition can cost considerably high and therefore storing petrol safely is imperative. We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the FRP storage tanks understand the risk of the explosion and therefore have specifically designed a range of the petroleum storage tank for the storage of petroleum. These FRP storage tanks are devised paying the highest attention towards its quality, durability and reliability. The offered range of the FRP petroleum storage tank is extensively acclaimed in the petroleum industries for sharing optimum quality, dimensional accuracy and robustness. The provided  FRP petroleum storage tank  strongly conforms to the ISO 9001:2000 quality measures, whilst uses German’s butt fusion welding technology for sealing joints as per DVS standards ensure a leak free construction of tank for an entire lifetime. We as a manufacturer of the FRP petroleum storage tank have made it available in the broad assortment of the size, capacity and shapes as well as a customized product range of the same is also available as per the specification given by the end user. Both ranges of our FRP storage tanks are effective for the aboveground storage as well as underground storage of the petroleum. Enticing attributes of our FRP petroleum storage tanks: Leak free construction Longer shelf life Virtually no maintenance Sturdy construction Consistent performance High functional efficiency

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gas storage tank

Underground storage of the gas is becoming important as the rise in its demand in a comparison to its production; however, the storage needs to be reliable in order to prevent gas leakage and in directly fire or explosion caused by gas leakage due to its flammable characteristics. By understanding the requirements, we as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter introducing a qualitative range of the  FRP gas storage tank , manufactured meticulously for safe storage of highly explosive gases underground as well as aboveground. This range of the FRP gas storage tank we develop inputting optimum quality FRP material in the synchronization with ISO 9001:2000 standards to deliver a range that is accepted internationally for the quality and reliability it shares. This FRP gas storage tank has established a strong presence in the local as well as the global market for its outstanding performance all through the life span, thank to the butt fusion welding technology and its precision implementation enable us to procure a range of the FRP gas storage tank that is 100% leak proof. The provided FRP gas storage tank we make available in the variegated sizes and shapes as well as tailor made tanks also available to match ones specific requirements at the rates that would be surely lower than the others. Enticing attributes of our FRP gas storage tanks: Excellent durability Leak proof construction High impact strength Excellent against load Light in weight Easy installation Cost effective solution

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Oil Storage Tank

The crude oil is one of the naturally occurring liquid forms of petroleum, which thereafter undergoes a refining process to procure petrol, paraffin and diesel oil. This oil need to be stored temporarily for further moved to another place, over though significant care need to be taken during storage to ensure that there are no leaks that could cause environmental hazard. By owing the significance of the leak free storage tank requirements, we as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter presents  FRP oil storage tank  that serves all you need at the most competitive rates in the market. These FRP oil storage tanks are devised using state of the art technology in accordance with the set international quality regulations in order to ensure the highest level of quality of the end product that you pursue. Moreover, we have accomplished sealing of the joints using butt fusion welding technology that rest you assured about the leak proof construction for a lifetime and hence make you worry free to store oil. The process involved in the manufacturing of the FRP oil storage tank is executed under the stringent vigilance of quality experts and further it undergoes quality checks against quality measures former preparing for shipping that gives us considerable confidence in the product and its quality and reliability. This FRP oil storage tank can be availed in the diverse sizes and shapes as per the end user requirements. Further, we comprehend the concern of area in several industries for them we as a manufacturer of the FRP oil storage tanks introduce bespoke tanks that are also available in the same quality, same rate and same guarantee. Enticing attributes of our FRP oil storage tanks: Outstanding under any conditions Sturdy construction Leak proof butt welding No maintenance Excellent impact strength

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Steel Water Storage Tank

The quality of water we use for the drinking purpose is significant; overlook in the quality perhaps directly impact on the health as it is one of the highly consumed liquids all through. Therefore, water quality and sanitation have the direct relationship with the health of yours, which can be regulated by means approaching the highest quality of the water storage tanks that protects the water from the foreign particles and direct sunlight. We are a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the  FRP water storage tanks  that are designed and devised to deliver the utmost quality of the water for your daily requirements. The FRP material used in the construction of the water storage tank has commendable resistance to the UV rays, one of the causes for the development of the algae in the water and growth of bacteria and hence determination of the water. Further, unlikely to the cement tanks, the FRP water storage tanks we provide have an absolutely seamless internal surface that also prevents bacteria development. Our thriving success in the development of this FRP water storage tank is our experience, dedication and use of the modernized technology to accomplish the determined quality design and construction. Further, the significant focus on the ISO 9001:2000 quality standards span over the manufacturing and after manufacturing process is the reason for the exemplary quality of the FRP water storage tank. We make this FRP water storage tank available in the broad gamut of the specification and shapes in order to meet your requirements, whilst customized solutions are also available for the users having space a big concerned. Enticing attributes of our FRP water storage tanks: Excellent corrosion resistance Leak proof joints Smooth internal surface Excellent protection against UV Light in weight hence easy to install Virtually no maintenance Cost effective solution

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Fuel Storage Tank

The quality maintenance of the refined fuel is imperative for the environmental conservation as well as for the good life of the engines and therefore quality storage tanks is being the decisive to abate the contamination and maintain the quality of the fuel. Other than, as this fuel is explosive when subject to the ignition, tiny leakage of the fuel can be threatening. Owing to the fuel storage requirements, we as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter introduce a broad portfolio of the  FRP fuel storage tanks  conforming to the international quality standards. The use of the supreme quality of the FRP material sharing excellent resistance to corrosion, UV, temperature variation and leaks enable us to deliver a range of the tanks that is excellent in terms of quality and reliability. Further, the meticulousness that our professionals have paid to accomplish the seamless quality FRP fuel storage tanks are equally grateful for the popularity of FRP fuel storage tanks we have gained in the market. During the manufacturing of the FRP fuel storage tank, the major concern on which we have focused is the absolutely leak free construction and to achieve the same we have utilized German’s butt fusion welding technology that imparts leak free joint that lasts for a lifetime. This FRP fuel storage tank we make available in the assorted sizes and shapes for your convenience and also as per the bespoke specification to match with your specific requirements. Both ranges strongly conforms to the ISO 9001:2000 standards, apparently exhibits its reliability abreast quality. Enticing attributes of our FRP fuel storage tanks: Excellent corrosion resistance High strength to weight ratio Excellent against temperature variation Leak free joints due to butt fusion Light weight – easy to install Lifelong sturdiness Smooth internal surface

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Diesel Storage Tank

If the diesel is impure, increase in greenhouse gases as well as problems in the engines is apparent that signifies the essentiality of the clean fuel for the environmental conservation and longer life of the engines. Other than, lower quality storage has the increased possibilities of leakage that is dangerous as diesel is explosive. We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the FRP storage tanks engrossed in the manufacturing the diverse range of the tanks to addresses storage problem of the different industries and likewise to address the issues concerning the purity of the diesel we come up with the range of the FRP diesel storage tank  that is outstanding against the corrosion, temperature variation, water, leakage and load. These FRP diesel storage tanks are manufactured inputting top class FRP material in synchronization with an ISO 9001:2000 quality controlled processes to achieve best in class range of the tanks that is exemplary in terms of the quality and durability. Further, no other can ensure the leak free joints of the FRP diesel storage tanks that we provide you with the guarantee of the lifetime, thanks to the German butt fusion welding accomplished by a team of engineers in accordance to the DVS welding standards that ensure seamless welding. We offer this FRP diesel storage tank range in variegated size and shape options, whilst customized range of the same is available on the request. Whichever type of tank you select for your utility, what you will experience is leak free construction and maintained the purity of the diesel stored in. Enticing attributes of our FRP diesel storage tanks: Outstanding performance Excellent corrosion resistance Completely leak proof construction High strength to weight ratio Longer life span No requirement of maintenance Low cost solution

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Chemical Storage Tank

Chemicals need to be handled carefully in order to reduce or eliminate associated risks for personal injury and damage to property and equipment, and therefore the rightful selection of the material of construction in the tank is essential for chemical storage that rest assured safety and reliability all through a lifetime. However, it is being overlooked due to the high costing of the storage tanks. In order to deliver an economical alternative for the chemical storage, we tanks manufacturer, supplier and exporter have developed a range of the  PP FRP chemical storage tank , is a successful in the market for delivering the highest level of safety and reliability. This PP FRP chemical storage tank meets the ISO 9001:2008 quality standards and welded through butt fusion technology in order to deliver the leak proof construction of the tanks that lasts for a lifetime. The anti corrosive property of the PP FRP combination ensures corrosion free storage, whereas chemical and thermal resistance of the same prevents aging of the tanks even under the harshest conditions and therefore delivers longer service life without the requirement of maintenance. This PP FRP tanks are available in the widest specification gamut and also as per the specification detailed by the end user at the economical rates that you never think of. Enticing attributes of our PP FRP Chemical Storage Tank : Absolutely Corrosion Free Delivers Longer Life Cost efficient High impact to weight ratio Easy to Clean Temperature insulation

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Acid Storage Tank

We have gained considerable reputation as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the PP FRP acid storage tanks, attained by means of the state of the art technology in the synchronization of ISO 9001:2008 standards. This  PP FRP acid storage tank  is an outcome of the commitment of an entire team of the professionals to accomplish nothing but the fabulous quality range of the tanks that is convincing against the harshest chemicals and temperatures. The confidence that we have for its strength is due to our adherence to strict quality testing ahead of its dispatching. The use of our PP FRP acid storage tanks makes the storage of acid an easy task and gives you relief from the leakage caused by cracking of leakage, thanks to butt fusion welding technology that imparts a strong sealing and ensure lifelong leak free sealing of the joints. Our PP FRP acid storage tank is available in a wide variety of specifications and also in as per the dimensions specified by the respective clientele. Whichever type of tanks you select for the application, what we guarantee is the pleasant experience in terms of its durability and longer service life. Enticing attributes of our PP FRP Acid Storage Tank: Corrosion resistive Excellent against chemicals Excellent against temperature Outperform for a longer life Leak proof construction Economical solution Strong construction

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