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Industrial Machinery

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant, thermocol plate making machine, Aluminum Foil Container Making Machine, disposable glass making machine and disposable plate making machine

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant

We are a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant , a product that is used for the filtering of the water, either for normal drinking purpose or might be for their specific needs. The machine has the capacity of 1000Litre/hour and the production capacity is known to be at8000-12000litre/day. The electrical requirements of the plant are in 3 phases and it has a working hour of 8 to 12hours. The power consumption is 1KW and machine weight as 2000kg.

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thermocol plate making machine

Thermocol Plate Making Machine uses double-screw foam sheet extrusion technology. The new technology paper used over here is PSP foam sheet. We are a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Thermocol Plate Making Machine, New Delhi, India. It is used because of its features of good plasticity, safety and heat preservation. It is well known for the stable performance, high automation and big capacity. The automatic feeding unit is already installed and the feeding capacity stands good as 350-450kg/hr. The standard form stands at standard form of conical CE standard.   Detailed technical information : Automatic feeding unit and feeder table CE standard - Auto feeding unit 1set Feeding capacity : 350-450 kg/hr Feeding method : Auto feeding Hopper : standard form conical CE standard Driving motor : 1 set Power: 0.75kw   Talcum powder injection unit Italy technology) : Feeding capacity : 0-3 kg/h Feeding method : Sprial and constantly Driving motor : 0.25KW×2 Talcum powder injection unit adopts Italy technology. Double screw substitute single screw, Solve the poor mobility features of talcum powder. The motor is controlled by inverter to make talcum powder injection accurate and stable   PSP90 ½ O X ½ O ½ O : PSP90 Extruder 1¼ ½The screw and barrel Screw diameter: 90mm Screw and the barrel material - 38CrMoAlA with nitrogen and alloy spraying treatment L/D: 36:1 Motor power : AC 45kw (motor controlled by inverter) Heating zones: 5 pcs Heating voltage : 380V The barrel is heated by casting aluminum heating rings with protective cover. 2) Gear box Model : hard tooth-surface 280 Material - FCD25 malleable cast iron Gear wheel : SCM4 special gear wheel burnishing and heat dealing.   PSP120 Extruder : The screw and barrel Screw diameter : 120mm Screw and barrel material : 38CRMOALA with nitrogen and alloy spraying treatment L/D: 32:1 Motor power : AC45kw (motor controlled by inverter) Heating zones : 7 pcs Heating voltage : 380V Main motor drives gear box. Cooled by inner recycled water, good cooling effect, temperature will be lowed down very fast. Sealing device between 1st and 2nd screw is our patent, its very good for the sealing, material will not leak. Gear box Model : hard tooth-surface 280 Material: FCD25 malleable cast iron Gear wheel : SCM4 special gear wheel burnishing and heat dealing   Screen changer : Bypass converting screen changer, material pressure is filtered equally when screen is changed, no stop, no sheet broken, no wasted material. Heating zones : 4 pcs   Die head : The mould is nitrogen treatment to ensure wear resistant. The die mouth material is carbon steel. There are 10 adjustable screws on the outer mould to adjust the gap of die lip. The flange material is steel 45#. The temperature is tested in the 2 zones by thermocouple. Install temperature indicator on die head to show die head temperature to be convenient for checking. Besides, there is fuse pressure gauge to show die head pressure to adjust high quality sheet. 3¼½ Air ring in front of die head blow compressed air to foam sheet, make the foam surface smooth and glossy.. 4 Die head heater adopt water cooling style, quick low temperature, convenient for operation, safety and sanitation.   High pressure metering pump : The high pressure pump is manufactured in China with good quality, famous brand, German technology Flow volume - 40L/H, and the highest vented pressure: 20Mpa. Injecting valve core material is stainless steel. Pump base is weld by profile stee   Shaping, cutting and cooling unit : Consist of bracket and barrel Barrel : cast aluminum, smooth surface and good concentricity, inner cycle water cooling, good cooling and little distortion Barrel core with wind cooling device cooled product inner surface. Meanwhile blow up foamed product and shape good product. There is one slitting cutter under the barrel.   Haul-off unit : Pressing roller goes up and down quickly, controlled by inverter, speed adjustment accurately, haul off smoothly. Haul off roller material : rubber, wearable Up pressing roller specification : ®100mmX1250mm 1 pc Main driving roller specification - ®350mmX1250mm 2pcs Chain transmission driven by motor, motor power 2.2Kw, cycloidal gear box Equip with meter counter. Length can be freely set as needed. After reaching the set length, meter counter will give signal. The red signal of haul off machine sparkles. Meter counter start to work again Equipped with an ion fan, installed at the exit of haul off foam sheet, ion wind blow on the surface of foam Sheet, eliminating the statics caused during foam sheet production, to avoid static spark. Expanding roller materia : stainless steel size -75x1250mm 1pc   Double position winder : Driving power of winder is torque motor. Use torque controller to regulate motor speed. The specification is 16N.M. The transmission of torque motor and winding roller is driven by chains. Winding axis is stainless steel. Pneumatic control, equipped with automatic removing device for labor saving. Winder has two sets of switches, one set is press button, the other is pedal switch, easy operation and guarantee safety Maximum winding diameter is 1200mm, and the maximum valid width of reel is1200mm.   Electrical control system : The first and second screws speed is both controlled by 45kw inverter, which is stable and accurate. Solid state relay, air switch and electrical equipments all adopt domestic famous brand. The temperature controller shows each zone temperature accurately and controls heating system. The electric control system has total 18 pcs control zones. The first barrel has 5 pcs. The screen changer has 4 pcs. The second barrel has 7 pcs and the machine head has 2 pcs.

  • List Of Spare Parts



    Tools for take-down screw

    1 set

    Hex wrench1 set add 12, 14, 17,19

    each 1pc


    1 pc

    Die mouth adjust rod


    Tool box

    1 set

    Forked wrench

    1 set

    Flexible wrench



    1 pc

    “Screwdriver¼big and small each one

    2 pcs

    Screwdriver¼big and small each oneï

    2 pcs


    1 pc

    Box spanner

    1 pc

    10mm & 8mm gas line

    each 5m

    Solid state relay

    4 pcs

    Temperature controller

    3 pcs

    Ampere meter,

    3 pcs

    Screw nut for copper pipe

    4 pcs


    1 pc


    3 pcs

    Pressure gauge¼big and small each one¼

    2 pcs

    Heater¼1 pc for each specification¼

    each 1 pc

    Special tool for meter pump

    1 set

    Special tool for meter pump

    2 pcs

    Stainless steel mesh

    1 m2

    One-way valve for main machine

    1 set

    Waterway Electromagnetic valve

    1 pc


    2 boxes

    High pressure rubber pipe

    2 pcs

    Heating rod for die head

    5 pcs

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Aluminum Foil Container Making Machine

Aluminum Foil Container Making Machine is a product with the auto-lubricated feeder and length controller and has 145 pneumatic punches. The operational safety is ensured. The features like high rigidity and reasonable strength is due to the use of holistic steel in the product. For satisfactory customer performance, an option can be availed by changing the electrical steeping by PLC controller by us. Based in Delhi, India, we are the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of the product.   It adopts the electrical stepping system (can be replaced by PLC controller as customer’s requirement) to realize the function of positive and negative rotary of motor. With the adoption of double electromagnetism valves and pressure relay, the operational safety is guaranteed. The frames of equipments are made of the holistic steel which has the advantages of high rigidity and reasonable structure. With the adoption of dry friction clutch, the slide area can stop instantly at any height. And the punch can realize the function of single-stroke, inching motion and continuous action, which is beneficial to regulate the mould position and improve the processing precision. As customers’ requirement, the electrical stepping system can be replaced by a PLC controller, which work better. It also can adopt the light screen protective device, so it is a safe press.   Thanks to inside installation of driving system, the layout of the equipment is compact. This production line adopts the independent removable panel which is colorful, convenient and has nice layout   Specification of DYSL-520 Auto Lubricated Feeder : Max. Material Roll Dia. : 650m Max. Material Roll Width : 500mm Feeding Speed : 10-30M/min Feeding Length : 30-900mm Feeding Tolerance : +/-0.3mm Capacity : 1Kw Voltage : 380V/220V Weight : 0.6Tons   DY-45T Pneumatic Punch : Pressure : 450KN Hole Size of Worktable : 300*300mm Production Output : 40-70times/min Board Thickness of Worktable : 50mm Adjusted Height of Die Setting : 60 mm Size of Screw Hole of Mould : φ50*60mm Size of Worktable : 660*1000 mm*50 mm Dimension : 1500*1125*2315mm (L*W*H) Motor Capacity : 5.5KW Weight : 4Tons Voltage : 3-380v 50Hz

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disposable glass making machine

We are the manufacturer, exporter and supplier of the finest Disposable Glass Making Machine with product code of GBR-3560. The maximum forming mold mm area used is 720mmX350mm and maximum draw (in mm) as 100mm, generally.  The raw material used is HIPS / PVC /PP and the sheet width is given 350mm as minimum and 650mm as maximum over the thickness ranging from 0.20mm to 1.1mm.   Details : Extrusion sheet line (CS-90MM / O/P : 110 kg /HRS( hips ) –(new)- Rs.26, 50, 000.00 ScrewCompressor 15HP. With 500 lit tank(new)Rs.4, 35, 000.00. Chillers for thermoforming machine 2TR.(new)Rs.100, 000.00 Cooling tower 30 T for extrusion sheet line.(new)Rs.100, 000.00 Grinder 18”/ 10HP and Mixer (10 HP) -NEW –Rs.3, 70, 000.00 Dia.72 mm / 14 Cavity Forming Mould With 2 Insert Set - Rs. 4, 85, 000.00 Dia.52 mm / 21 Cavity Forming Mould With 2 Insert Set – Rs 5, 95, 000.00 Total AMT Of Investment ( With new Machines n’ Molds) - Rs 5600000

  • Technical Specifications



    Max. forming mould Mtg.area

    720 mm x 350 mm

    Raw material

    HIPS / PVC /PP *

    Max. draw in mm

    100 mm*.(135*mm in special case)

    Sheet width (max-min)

    650-350 mm

    Sheet thickness(max.-min.)

    1.1 – 0.20 mm*

    Max. dry cycles / min

    30 cycles / min

    Approx. weight.

    2700 kgs

    Connected Load

    4.25 kw (41.75KW* When bottom is

    ‘Switch On’ for ‘PP’ Material)

    Compressed air

    7 kg / Continuously.(15 HP Air

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disposable plate making machine

INR 69 Lac /Piece
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  • Voltage 440
  • Phase three
  • Frequency 20
  • Number Of Dies 10
  • Weight of Machine 550 kg
  • Die Size 14 Inch

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carton box making machine

Carton Box Making Machine is a machine that is made heavy in construction to bear and withstand the strain and still it is easy to operate. We are the manufacturer, exporter and supplier of this machine from New Delhi, India with Electric Impression Counter, Dwell Timing Device and Electromagnetic Clutch & Break system. The machine has the best quality helical gears that work rhythmically at any speed. The resolving part is lubricated and all the operations are done using the push button.   Special : This robust machine is easy to operate, heavy in construction and can withstand heavy strain in continuous operation All shafts are from EN-8/9 steel pins are grounded All bearings are of SKF / NBC / NACHI only All bushes are from Phosphorous Bronze Metal Machine is equipped with Electro-Magnetic Clutch & Break system, Dwell Timing Device, Electric Impression Counter The machine is fitted with best quality helical gears on both sides of machine rhythmically even at high speed Main electric panel (operation and control) are equipped with international standard components i.e. Siemens / L&T / etc Lubrication is provided to every revolving part All moving parts are protected by safety guards for operator’s safety, Circuit Locking & Circuit Breaker for safety of panel All operations with Push Button Quick and simple adjustment of impression can be made through two worm gear and eccentric bushes Main flywheel is locked with check-nut system The machine is having quite smooth running and outlook is excellent with best quality paint and powder coated fitting The machine is equipped with 3 breaks, U break on leg, Backlite on hand, ON & OFF switch on control panel We provide Double set of helical gears inside the body   Optional Features : Automatic centralized lubrication system Hardened cutting platen plate Auto rewinding-Hot foil printing attachment with hot plate worm gear-Movable foot break

  • Technical Data
    (Inside) Size (Platen) Size Motor (H.P) Imp. Per Hour Gross Weight Approx (k.g) Gross Weight Approx (k.g)

    22" X 26"

    22" X 28"




    74" x 59" x 62"

    20" X 30"

    22" X 32"




    74" x 61" x 62"

    22" X 32"

    24" X 34"




    74" x 66" x 58"

    25" X 37"

    28" X 40"




    74" x 71" x 60"

    28" X 40"

    31" X 43"




    74" x 71" x 63"

    32" X 42"

    35" X 45"




    88" x 78" x 66"

    37" X 51"

    40" X 54"




    90" x 82" x 71"

    42" X 62"

    45" X 65"




    90" x 82" x 71"

    52" X 72"

    56" X 76"




    105" x 105" x 86"

    52" X 90"

    56" X 94"




    105" x 123" x 86"

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Automatic Candle Making Machine

Automatic Candle Making Machine is a machine that is used to prepare all kinds of candles, i.e., Plain - Birthday type, Tapered, Spiral and Grooved / Fluted Candles. We are a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of this candle making machine, from New Delhi, India. The simple operations like Pour melted wax, after cooling operate handle, cut threads are carried out. The candle length is adjustable and smooth seamless candles are made using Brass pipes.   Details : Approximate Time Taken per Operation : 10 to 12 minute s Approximate Dimensions : 1.7 x 0.8 x 1.5 m Net / Gross Weight  : 350 / 450 kgs Simple operation (Pour melted wax, after cooling operate handle, cut threads and the candles are ready) Brass Pipe moulds provided for smooth seamless candles System provided for quick cooling with water circulation Candle Length adjustable Available for making Plain, Plain -: Birthday type, Tapered, Spiral and Grooved / Fluted Candles

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Aluminum Foil Container Making Machine

We are offering aluminum foil container making machine�is a product with the auto-lubricated feeder and length controller and has 145 pneumatic punches. The operational safety is ensured. The features like high rigidity and reasonable strength is due to the use of holistic steel in the product. For satisfactory customer performance, an option can be availed by changing the electrical steeping by plc controller by us. Based in delhi, india, we are the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of the product.

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : WOODEN PACK

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