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We offer a complete product range of and Epoxy Resin Self Leveling Floor

Epoxy Resin Self Leveling Floor

For a variety of flooring applications, we bring forth compact, high-quality Epoxy Resin Self Leveling Floor . We are one of the trusted Epoxy Resin Self Leveling Floor Manufacturers and Suppliers in Gujarat, India. The Epoxy Resin Self Leveling Floor that we design can be used in varied commercial segments. And for varied applications, we can provide Epoxy Resin Self Leveling Floor in different specifications. Applications Civil Engineering & Construction Heavy duty industrial flooring Self level flooring Industrial paints Attributes Excellent glossy outlook Stain resistant Non shrink- 100% solid system Solvent free and hygienic for hospitals & commercial kitchens Fast execution Heavy duty and high mechanical resistance Good chemical resistance Easy to clean and repair Anti-dust and waterproof Non slippery and good abrasion resistance No cracks, good collision resistance Strong surface adhesion long life Protective & Marine coatings Chemical resistant grouts Crack injection & sealing compounds Adhesives & Sealants Corrosion & Chemical Resistant Fine powder coating Excellent mechanical strength Better Weather & Hydrolytic Stability Low shrinkage Pigmentable Low Hydrolysable chlorides Free ECH Fire Retardant 1080 is 100% reactive, solvent free, modified low viscosity liquid epoxy resin recommended for self leveling flooring application with hardness system 1518. The screeds made with above recommended system tack free, pinhole free and glossy surface. It is resistance to variety of chemicals such as acids, akalis, water and hydrocarbon solvents, etc. Typical Properties of System Gel time @ 25 o C with 1080 (100 parts) - 40-60 min 1080 (60 parts) - 40-60 min Glass Transition temp - 46 o C Tensile Strength - 45 Mpa Tensile Modules - 1500 Mpa Compression strength - 60 Mpa Compression modulus - 2000 Mpa Flexural strenght - 75 Mpa Flexural modulus - 2300 Mpa Hardness (shore D) - 81 Heat Deflection temp - 40 o C Chemical Resistance of System The recommended system is resistant to variety of chemicals as given below : 10% Acetic Acid 10% Cifric Acid 10% Hydrochloric acid 10% Lactic Acid 10% Nitric Acid 25% Phosphoric Acid 10% Sulphuric Acid 25% Ammonium Hydroxide 50% Caustic Soda Other Details Storage : 1080 & -1518 should be stored in a cool and dry place away from sunlight and other sources of heat, preferably below 25 o C. At higher storae temperatures, the shelf life decreases sharply. 100 is guaranteed for 24 months, while -1518 is guaraneed for 12 month from the date of manufacture provide temperature is not exceeding 25 o C Packaging : 1080 in 225 kg HMHDPE drum, 1518 in 200 kg HMHDPE drum Method of Testing : the method of testing and the tolerances are as prescribed in ASTM, ISO and BS. Note : Although the facts and suggestions in this data sheet are based on our own research and believed to be reliable, we cannot assume any responsibility for performance or results obtained through the use of our product described herein in view of the many factors that may affect processing, application and on job site conditions.

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