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Pumps, Pumping Machines & Parts

We offer a complete product range of Venturi Fertilizer Injector, Irrigation Treadle Pump and Hand pump & Treadle Pump Irrigation Kit

Venturi Fertilizer Injector

  • Size ¾, 2 and 2 Inches
  • Material Made from high quality plastics with special design.
  • Application Could be used for injection of large volume of fertilizer.
  • Capacity. 80~1200 Lit/hr

Features : Work on hydraulic pressure of irrigation system. No new of extra motor or power. Injection rate of fertilizer can be preciously controlled. Less head loss. Saving in fertilizer quantity. Made from chemical resistance plastic & metal for injection of fertilizer and chemical through drip / sprinkler system.

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Irrigation Treadle Pump

  • Weight 12kg
  • Available in 1.5 and 2 inches nipples for connecting the inlet and out let pipes.
  • Easily Transfer Water 2000- 5000 Liters
  • Accessories- for Effective Use of the Ecoflo Pump 2 inch Delivery pipe and nipple, 1.5 inch Suction pipe and outer nipple, Foot valve with nipple
  • Mini Sprinkler kit This treadle pump is capable of irrigating max.500sq.mtrs plot with 12sprinklers.

Features : The only pump of its kind ever made. The best solution for marginal farmers for irrigation of small plots. The alternate solution to electric pumps. No operating cost. Simple effortless pedalling motion. Very efficient design to give best results with minimum muscle power. Total piston, cylinder and manifold assembly made in durable and tough engineering plastic material – very easy to replace if necessary. Very much portable – weighs only 12kgs can be carried anywhere very easily. A man weighing 60 kg can get suction upto 15ft and delivery upto 45ft. Can easily transfer water 2000- 5000 liters per hr depending upon the suction and delivery height. Improvised version of this pump made in fabricated GI Steel sheets already in use all over the world- popular mainly for irrigation application.A must for every progressive farmer for emergency use.Very reasonable price – keeping the marginal farmer in mind. Can be used for any other application including construction sites. Inline Drip kit : This treadle pump is capable of irrigating max.500sq.mtrs plot with 25mtrs of 20inlines rolls at an equal distance of 1mtr. It can also irrigate a land of more than 500sq.mtrs by inter-changing the outlet pipes of the plot.

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Hand pump & Treadle Pump Irrigation Kit

  • Thin walled 16mm 40cm
  • Spacing 2/4LPH discharge
  • Thickness 0.2mm, 0.3mm & 0.5mm

These kits can work with the help of Foot Pump or hand pump. Foot Pump is a foot operated water lifting device that can pump water to fill tanks to irrigate small plots of small land holders. A low cost system, simple in design and easily manageable. For the poor farmers constrained by the small size of the landholdings, Foot pump technology acts as a land augmenting intervention. Capable of pumping water from 3000-5000 litres of water per hour. Hand Pump can pump water upto 2000 liter per hour. Key Features : Operated by foot in a comfortable walking motion. Can be operated by one person. Easy to Install. System can be shifted from one location to another. Does not consume petrol, diesel or electricity. Maintenance free. Suitable for plots of any shape and size, Available from 300-2, 000 sq.m Available in 3 types of lnline tubing options Minisprinkler kit is also available in 300-500sq.mtrs which effectively works on this foot pump & hand pump.

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