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Graavity Agro

Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Round Inline

Round Inline

Details :

  • Cylindrical dripper in built emitting pipe.
  • High clogging resistance.
  • Multi outlet emitter for a more uniform water distribution.
  • Uniform emission rate along the length
  • Super bonding with fine extruded pipe.
  • Easy roll-up, storage and re-use season after season.

  • Emitter spacing is available starting from : 20cm up to 100cm at any interval
  • Recommended filtration is : 120 mesh, using a screen or disc filter.
  • Applications : Irrigation of row crops, permanent crops, orchards, vineyards and greenhouse applications.
  • Diameter : 16mm
  • Discharge rates : 2 LPH and 4 LPH
  • Crops : Sugarcane, cotton, corn, banana, vegetables, grapes, etc.

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Ms. Archana Kesawalekar

402, Audumbar Niwas, Van Vihar Colony, Mahatma Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra, India

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