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Agricultural Pesticides

Our Complete range of products are Grow Nutrica Disodium Octaborate 20%, Grow Nutrica FE-EDTA-12%, Amita Flower Stimulator and Helyo Organic Crop Protectant.

Grow Nutrica Disodium Octaborate 20%

  • Application Agriculture
  • Purity 99%
  • Content Boron (as B), percent by weight, minimum- 20.0 %
  • Foliar Application 2-3gm per litre of water
  • Soil Application 1-2kg per acre
  • Pack Type Bag

Boron is a beneficial element. It is required in small measures and increases the number of flowers per plant and enhances the yield of crop plant very significantly. It not only improves photosynthesis activity but also the plant growth parameters. Moreover, it is essential for the germination  of seeds and cell wall formation. Also, it promotes maturity of the crop plants.

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Grow Nutrica FE-EDTA-12%

  • Brand Name Growtech
  • Application Agriculture
  • Purity 99%
  • Content Chelated Iron as Fe EDTA-12.0 %
  • Foliar application 2-3 gm per litre of water

Iron promotes formation of chlorophyll, acts as an oxygen carrier and contributes towards cell division and growth.

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Amita Flower Stimulator

  • Brand Name Growtech
  • Foliar Spray 1 ml per lit. of water
  • Amino Acids 60.0%
  • Protiens 10.0%
  • Vitamins 100 PPM
  • Hormone 200 PPM
  • Adjuvent q.s.

Amita is a unique formulation of highly effective Amino acids, Proteins, Vitamins and Hormones, which are responsible for flowering and flower drop, improve fruit quality and improve crop yield.

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Helyo Organic Crop Protectant

  • Brand Name Growtech
  • Doses 1.5-2.0ml per litre of water.
  • Recommended Crops Any field crops / Horticultural Crops / Fruit Crops
  • Compatibility Compatible with most of all chemical fertilizers
  • Packing Available 100ml/250ml/500ml/1L

The formulation is primarily based on botanical extracts and modified natural oils. It is used to control  Heliothis, cutworm’s, diamond back moth, borers and other cutting pests. This product can be applied till the harvesting period. It does not show any knock down effect. Insects lay weak and do not feed on further due to its antifeedant properties. Helyo blocks insect's breathing spores by interfering with its respiration process. As a result, the insect dies slowly due to suffocation and starvation.

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