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Karnataka, India
Handmade Adda
Handmade Adda is a marketplace, craft and maker community with a passion for bringing distinctive and artistic handmade products under one roof. It's a place where you can buy the most authentic and unique customizable products - products, we bet, you won’t find anywhere else!

We have a variety of Handmade Products ranging from Handcrafted Bath Products, Fashion Apparels, Home and Decor items, Delicious Chocolates, Terracotta Water Bottles, Arts and Crafts, and much more.

A mission to flourish creativity powered by people
We started with a purpose of connecting women entrepreneurs, artists, craft makers, painters, and small businesses with a zeal of making products that are pure, genuine, and endlessly creative. These are the women who own exceptional skills and talent, and we believe that now, this talent must be shown to the world.

A vision to unfold imagination in your lives with a human touch

In the world where everything is automated and dominated by machines, a touch of hand can never be replaced by anything. Handmade Adda aims to bring back the magic of handcrafted products to your life. Quality and purity is another foundation of our products. In the production, processing, and distribution of our products; we ensure to use natural products - products that won’t harm the environment.

The women behind and upfront : Shubha Ramesh

With an experience of over 12 years as a Manager in Finance and Payroll of a Major Retailer; it was Shubhas’s disposition towards creativity and uniqueness that led her enter into the realm of handmade products. The discovery of the talent of a lot of local women and men gave a goal to her passion.

She learned about the people and communities who are artists and have expertise into creating Home made and Handmade Products but are unable to find opportunities that could help them take their products to the market. She found that these entrepreneurs face a lot many challenges when it comes to earn from their skills and get their work recognized. They need a sufficient capital requirement to start their business successfully which however, is not an easy task. Also, the cost of website maintenance, rentals, and the multi-channel marketing makes the job more difficult.

...And thus, she built the Handmade Adda - the brand with an aim to encourage and enable the first time entrepreneurs. She believes that these women entrepreneurs, once freed from the obstacles, can bring changes in their own lives as well as in the lives of others. With Handmade Adda, she started with a new journey of promoting their products and services on web, social media, and flea Markets. This way, she has helped and is helping many local artists and creative people make a better living.

Also, not just creativity, Shubha has an equal obsession for quality of the products that are being processed, manufactured, or sold by Handmade Adda. From a homemade bathing soap to the handmade Terracotta earrings, she never lets a single item go to the shelf before testing it herself.

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Handmade Adda

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