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World Chemical Co., Japan

We offer the best product range of Corrosion Resistant Submersible Pump, Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps, Sealless Magetic Drive Pumps for Pcb Industry, Pollution Free Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps and Sealless and Dry Free Vertical Pump.

Corrosion Resistant Submersible Pump

Features World’s first corrosion-resistant submersible pump resistant to acid and alkaline liquid Built-in thermal protector with automatic motor shutoff system to prevent breakdown Magnetic drive system with no liquid penetration into the motor A grip (handle) attached for easy transfer at a time of an emergency

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Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps

Advantages of world chemical sealless vertical pumps  no consumable as there is no gland/no seal & no bearing.  lower power consumption.  can handle dry running.  can handle fine particles.  abrasion resistant material.  no flushing of water.  no return line to suction & hence it will remain leak free. power consumption at glance duty condition power consumption power consumption for wcc pump ` for local pump 9m³/hr @ 10 mts 1 hp 3 hp 18m³/hr @ 10 mts 1 hp 3hp 9m³/hr @ 10 mts 1 hp 3hp 9m³/hr @ 10 mts 1 hp 3hp 9m³/hr @ 10 mts 1 hp 3hp 9 m3/hr@10 mts 1hp 3hp 18 m3/hr@ 10 mts 2hp 5hp 24 m3/hr@12 mts 3 hp 7.5 hp 30 m3/hr@18 mts 5hp 10 hp 42 m3/hr@ 18 mts 7.5 hp 15 hp ideally suited for gas scrubbers and circulating liquids with world chemical make seal less magnetic drive pumps 66% power saving is guaranteed.

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Sealless Magetic Drive Pumps for Pcb Industry

These Magnetic Drive Pumps are used for Etching Process and used for handling amonium chloride, cuprous Chloride, Concentrated HCL, etc Salient Features of Seal less Magnetic Drive Pumps Lower power consumption. Seal less. No leakage, No maintenance. Reverse run impeller will not come out. Easy maintenance. Less spares. No skill required to align pump with motor. Bush bearing & hence no preventive maintenance & no lubrication. No Mechseal / No water flushing. No pollution. Change of nozzle Orientation available to accommodate piping. Less space.

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Pollution Free Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps

We are leading pump manufacturer in japan, established in 1973 & have their products registered in japan, usa, korea, taiwan, u.k., germany, france, italy, denmark & canada. we are keeping good stock of following pumps at our vadodara godown: 1. type gs sealless horizontal magnetic drive pump moc � gfr pp & ectfe. 2. type gv sealless self priming pump suitable up to 5 meters suction lift in just 2 mins. Moc � gfr pp & ectfe. 3. type gw pp sealless submersible pump. Moc gfrpp. 4. dry free vk vertical sealless pump with no consumable of parts as there is no packing & no bearing. Moc gfr pp / crr pp. 5. nsf vertical self priming pump in gfrpp. applications of above pumps: 1) circulating pump for scrubber, electro-less nickel-plating, filters, heat exchangers etc. 2) transfer of waste water, acids, caustics & corrosives. 3) transfer of liquid from pit, metal drums & containers. 4) transferring of liquid for plating/etching. & many more. sealless pump offers many advantages as listed below over mechanical seal type pump: 1) sealless, zero leakage & no maintenance. 2) no lubrication 3) no mechanical seal. No water flushing. No pollution. 4) lower power consumption 5) easy maintenance as there is no tie rod to cut nor there is re-alignment of motor. 6) compact in size. 7) less spares We hope you will find application of our above referred pumps in your plant & request you to send your valued enquiry to participate in your drive for economic & cost effective solution for handling corrosive chemicals. kindly looking forward to your valuable inquiry. assuring you of our best services & acquired expertise.

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Sealless and Dry Free Vertical Pump

We are offering Sealless and Dry Free Vertical Pump. Examples of Use For etching Circulating pump for scrubber (washing tower) system Circulating/transferring pump for chemical reaction and mixing tanks Circulating/stirring pump for electroless nickel plating solution, general plating solution, filters, heat exchangers, etc. Transferring pump for emptying and replacing chemicals VKSeries Specific gravity 1.1. It can be used in/out of a tank. Perfect for circulating pump for scrubber system. VPSeries Specific gravity 1.4. High pressure pump. For printed circuit boards and etching machines. 2500VK series For gold plating systems Features Use of high corrosion resistance resin on Pump body Impeller with special wing mechanism Sealless mechanism prevents the pump from having any trouble caused by heat generation, abrasion, etc. Cut seal as standard equipment to prevent liquid leak Lightweight motor by adopting aluminum motor frame and resin motor base Dry seal as standard equipment to control gas

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Floating Oil Collecting System with Oil Seperator.

Features Perfect for collection sites of relatively high viscosity floating oil with approx. 2m x 2m square size pits. Inimitable, unique liquid level following and collecting performances of the floating oil collecting section by the patented double float mechanism. Non step, controllable pump rotation speed by adopting an inverter as standard equipment. Also, balancing float inflow flow rate and pump collection flow rate improves separation efficiency and reduces pump consumption by controlling unnecessary oil-water stirrings. Installed the patented mechanism of forced oil drainage (large-size scraper for high viscosity oil) on oil separator as standard equipment. This system powerfully scraps out undrainable food oil (such as animal or vegetable oil) and low fluidity collected substances (such as residue of bonderized products or paint residue) from oil separator. It is the floating oil collecting system with well-developed details, including the shape of the oil separator, to reduce the dead space of the scraper.

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Valve less Self Priming Magnetic Drive Pump

We are offering Valve less Self Priming Magnetic Drive Pump . Examples of Use Transferring/drawing pump for liquid out of upper portion of tanks or for environmental/earthquake countermeasures Suctioning/transferring pump for liquid from high grounds or deep tanks Can be used with horizontal or vertical pipe arrangement For easily gas lock liquid For transferring high specific gravity liquid Features Internationally patented valveless mechanism: World’s fastest instantaneous suction at 5m2 Retains a sufficient amount of priming water for a rerun even without a check valve Superior durability for dry running by bushing mechanism for heat radiation and insulation Maximum discharge rate: 415L/min. Maximum head: 30.0m Operating temperature limit: :70°C Motor output: 0.4 to 3.7kW.

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