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Wires #180880

Titanium Wires

Titanium wire is the softest titanium with the highest ductility, good cold formability which gives titanium wire an excellent resistance from mild to high oxidization.Available forms are seamless pipe, welded pipe, seamless tube, welded tube, bar, wire, sheet, plate, forgings, pipe fittings and flanges.Specifications international specifications asme sb-265 round barwire asme sb-348astm f-67 pipe asme sb-337, asme sb-338 tube asme sb-337, asme sb-338 fittings asme sb-363 forgings asme sb-381.
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We offer a precision range of brass rods, which finds huge applications in various industries such aviation, defense and construction. These are renowned for their tolerance to heat, corrosion resistance and high strength. Our range is high leaded alloys are excellent for auto machining and also for fabricating wide-range components. We offer brass rods in various dimensions and sizes as per the clients requirements.
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17-4 PH Stainless Steel

We are offeirng stainless steel ( 17-4 ph ) round bar, wire, flats & plates.Stainless steel ( 17-4 ph )before discussing 17-4 ph it would be worthwhile to give a brief description of precipitation hardening stainless steels. Precipitation hardening stainless steels are primarily chromium and nickel containing steels which gives an optimum combination of the properties of martensitic as well as austenitic grades. Similar to martensitic grades, they are well known for their exceptional ability to gain high strength through heat treatment. Further they also display corrosion resistance of austenitic stainless steel. The high tensile strengths of precipitation hardening stainless steels develops after it passes through a heat treatment process leading to precipitation hardening of a martensitic or austenitic matrix. Among the types of precipitation hardening steel the most well known is the is the 17-4 ph. The name 17-4 ph is due to the additions of 17% chromium and 4% nickel. 17-4 ph also contains in it 4% copper and 0.3% niobium. 17-4 ph is also known by another name and that is stainless steel grade 630.Application of 17-4 ph owning to the high strength of 17-4 ph(precipitation hardening stainless steels) most applications are found in aerospace and other high-technology industries. Typical applications include:gearsvalves and other engine componentshigh strength shaftsturbine bladesmolding diesnuclear waste gasket.
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Inconel Wires

We are offering inconel wires.(hot rolling, cold drawning, annealing, redrawing, hammering, pressing, rolling)diameter: minimum 0.03 mm-10 mm, 4 gauge- 44gauge, 0.002inch-0.2inchstandards: astm b550 inconel wireinconel 718inconel x-750inconel 725inconel 722inconel 706inconel 617inconel 625inconel 601inconel 600
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Nimonic Wire

We are offering nimonic 90 wire, strips, round, profile.Imonic 90* specification trade name of special metals group of 2.4969uns n07090aws 030applicable standards: bs hr 501 (spring temper)bs hr 502 (solution annealed)bs hr 503bs 3075 na19ams 5829nck20tanace mr0175 iso 15156-3 contact us.product rangea nickel-chromium-cobalt alloy being precipitation hardenable, having high stress-rupture strength and creep resistance at high temperatures up to about 950oc (1740of). It is widely used and a well proven alloy in high temperature conditions.Good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures yescorrosion resistant at ambient temperatures nocorrosion resistant & good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures nooxidation resistant yesprecipitation hardenable yes
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