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Industrial Heaters

Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Ceramic Band Heater, Cartridge Heaters, Tubular Heaters, Casting Heaters and Mica Band Heater.

Ceramic Band Heater

We manufacture technically advanced Ceramic Band Heater that is specifically designed to meet the demand of energy conservation. The Ceramic Band Heater, available with us, reaches high power levels and also maintains lowest winding temperatures possible. Our Ceramic Band Heater is able to heat the barrels of all types of processing and plastic machinery. Technical Attributes : Our Ceramic Band Heater consists of flexible heating mat, which is formed with precisely designed ceramic insulating wire. This mat contains helically wound proof coil made from 80/20 nichrome wire. The ceramic heating mat is placed along with ceramic fiber insulation on a stainless steel having serrated edges. Specifications :Casted by Stainless Steel or M.S. SheetInsulation by Fiber Glass-TeflonExternal metallic braidingSeveral constructions and termination Salient Features :Rugged constructionHigh mechanical resistantExcellent dielectric strengthEndure high temperatureEnsure maximum flexibilityEasy to installLong functional lifeRapid heat transmissionPerfect uniform heatingEasy to assemble Apt for Applications like :Injection MoldingMelting plastic granules prior to moldingExtrusion Barrels & DiesMaking Blown Film

  • Standard Specifications And Tolerances Of Ceramic Band Heaters
    Resistance+ 10% -5% Minimum Dia38 mm
    Wattage+ 5% -10% Minimum Width25 mm
    Voltage 220V AC to 480V ACOverall Thickness12-15 mm
    Maximum Watt 50 watts / sq. inch.Width - Normal Multiple of 15 + 6mm
    Maximum Temp.800° CStd. gap between edges5 to 10 mm
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Cartridge Heaters

We are engaged in the manufacturing of Cartridge Heaters that are aptly designed to meet the requirements of heating applications. We offer low, medium, and high density cartridge heaters in accordance with the specifications with the clients. Our cartridge heaters are available with various connection leads having distinct specifications. These heaters are served with metallurgical-bonded conductor pins and crimp joint to the resistance wires. Also, it has lead with silicone rubber seal that safeguards the leads against moisture and various other contaminants. Performance capabilities :part temperatures to 6000 c (1100 f)maximum voltage to 480v(ac)maximum watt density to 15 w/cm2)maximum surface loading up to 5 w/cm2 technical specifications :ni-cr resistance (80 / 20z)outer sheath (ss 304 or 321)lead flexibility up to 8 mm (5/16 inch)wires to temperatures up to 2500 c (480 f) technical characteristics :mdc heatersldc heatersflexible nickel leadmoisture proof high temperature seal.ceramic insulating capmagnesium oxide with granular structuresceramic insulated core with power filled magnesium oxidewelded end disk features :flexible standard wiressilicone-fiberglass sleevescompacted insulationuniform heat dissipationhigh watt densityhigh dielectric strengthfast heat-upefficient distribution of heat to the sheathensure trouble-free electrical continuitynickel-chromium resistance wiremgo insulationscost-effective used in :packaging machines injection molding machine extrusion machines typical applications :heating of manifolds packaging machine sheating of dies injection molding machine heating of platens extrusion machine sheating of hot stamping.

  • Specfications :
    FeatureLow DensityMedium Density
    Max. Surface Load5 W/cm215 w/cm2
    Wattage Tolerance+/- 10%+/- 10%
    Std. Dia Range8 mm to 50 mm8 mm to 25 mm
    Diameter Tolerance+/- 0.1 mm+/- .05 mm
    Std. LengthMin 40 mmMin. 50 mm
    Length Tolerance+/- 2 mm+/- 2 mm
    Max. Sheath Temperature4000 C6000 C
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Tubular Heaters

We manufacture and export optimum quality Tubular Heaters having distinct specifications in terms of terminations, electrical rating, length, diameter, and sheath materials. These heaters can be molded in any shape, be it brazed or welded to any metal surface, or can be casted into different metals. Our tubular heaters fit perfectly into the milled slot. These heaters are available in various flat and square profiles as per the requirements of the clients. Our tubular heaters meet the parameters of european standards ensuring all the safety features. technical attributes : our tubular heater has helical coil of 20% chromium and 80% nickel alloy wire that are welded to the nickel coated steel terminated cold pin. Herein, the coil assemble is accurately stretched and centered metal sheath is further filled with high grade magnesium oxide powder. This filled tube is compressed through a roll reduction mill turning into solid mass. This act permanently stabilizes the centered coil and enables it to render perfect heat transfer and dialectic strength to the coil and sheath. The tubular heater is used to create hot spots on different elements when kept milled slots having air gaps in between. These gaps are filled with heat transfer cement allowing the heaters to run cooler thereby enhancing the life of the heater. The cement here is water soluble that can be used up to the temperature12050 f (6500 c) part number htc – 1205. Types of tubular heaters :straight & formed tubular heatersu-shape & m-shape tubular heatersfinned type tubular heatersflanged tubular heaterstubular heaters with bulk head fittings availability :various shapes & sizesdifferent terminated optionsseveral sheath materials such as inconel 800, inconel 600, s.s. 304 & s.s. 321, s.s. 316, s.s. 310, copper, and titanium. Specifications :size of tube diameter : 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8".diameter tolerance : +_0.1 mmsheath length : over 10" +_2%length tolerance : upto10" long +_2 mmminimum length : 250 mm electrical specifications :maximum voltage :440 volts (depends on diameters & lengths)high voltage stability :1500 volt ac (cold)leakage current :0.2 ma at 253 volt acinsulation resistance :5 m wtemperature of connection lead wire and connection head :500 degree fresistance tolerance : +_10%; -5% wattage tolerance : +_5%; -10% applications:plastic industry packaging industry engineering industry domestic sector.

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Casting Heaters

We are engaged in the manufacturing of high quality Casting Heaters that efficiently distribute heat with uniformity. Having high thermal conductivity of aluminum, which allows uniform temperature management that eliminates cold and hot spots, makes our Casting Heater perfect for industrial uses. Our Casting Heater has tubular sheathed wire through which heat is provided with perfect consistency. Herein, the heating element is casted with aluminum and sealed terminal boxes due to which it resists all kinds of contaminants. The Casting Heaters, available with us, confirm to IEC standard that highlights their safety features. Salient Features :Rugged constructionDimensional accuracyHaving X-ray technique to ensure proper heat selectionPerfect treatment to heated partAccurate temperature controlHigh thermal conductivityLong functional lifeEfficiency Availability :Variety of shapes and sizesVarious terminated optionsBased on aluminum, brass, and bronze alloys Apt for :Laminating equipmentExtrudesVacuum formingInjections moldingExtrusion die headsBlow moldingCompression moldingFood processingHeat sealersLaboratory equipment

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Mica Band Heater

We provide Mica Band Heater that is precisely engineered to perform in high operating temperatures. Using high grade raw materials, we have developed mica band heater in distinct specifications as per the requirements of the clients. It assures to maintain low winding temperature while keeping the low mass heating element assembly. technical specifications :pure mica for insulationhave band of nickel chrome 80/20 having low specific load which is attained by n.c. Winding machine.external screw strap casing of stainless steelensure high thermal conductivity due to internal castings of stainless steelconsists of metallic protection shieldspecial terminal box made up of ceramics to fill the junction between power cables and resistive platespower cable for high temperature having leads of pure nickel or blend of nickel and copper availability :square, rectangular and hexagonal shapes availableasbestos salient features :perfect heat transfer with uniformityhigh dielectric strengthquick thermal responsefast heat-uphighly efficientlong functional lifeaccurate thermocouple & cutout holes ideal for :plastic injection moldingdrum heatingholding tanksautoclaves & sterilizersplastic extruders typical applications :plastic injection moldingfood and candy extrudersholding tanksbarrels & headsmachinesdrum heatingblow molding machinesautoclaves & sterilizersplastic extrudersextrusion diesvending machinesmetallurgical analyzers standard specifications and tolerances of mica band heaters electrical dimensional resistance+ 10% -5%minimum dia25 mm wattage + 5% -10% minimum width 20 mmvoltage 220v ac to 480v acoverall thickness3-8 mm maximum watt25 watts / sq. Inchwidth - normal multiple of 20 + 1mm maximum temp.350° c

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Coil Nozzle Heater

We provide high grade Coil Nozzle Heater having distinct measurements and wattage data. It offers potential solution for properly managing the heating wattage. Having additional covering with clamping band and refection tube, our coil nozzle heater is in huge demand in the national and international markets. range :adjustable voltage and wattstraight delivery with coiled and bendable specificationsflat and square cross sectionthermocouple (optional)casted in brass features :low profile constructionanti-corrosive even temperature profile maximum heat transferhigh loading capacity higher watt density exceptional flexibility robust cast bodyss castingavoids de-coiling withstands pressure during leakage applications :tube extrusiondie casting nozzles pipe forminghot runner nozzles & bushings packing machines.

  • Sheath MaterialSS 316, SS 304 OR INCONNEL 600
    Insulation MaterialMg0
    Heating Elements NiCr 80:20
    ThermocoupleJ Type and K Type
    Connection WirePtfe coated Nickel wire 1000mm length
    Voltage Range24V - 250
    Power RatingDepending upon application
    Power Tolerance+/- 10%
    H.V. Testing800 V (Bent Heater), 500 V between element & thermo couple
    Insulation Resistance (Cold)> 5 M ohms
    Current Leakage< 1 mA
    Sheath Temperature750 Max
    Unheated Length30-150 mm on connection side & 5 - 10 mm bottom side
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