Indian Dairy

Delhi, India

  • Butter Milk Powder

    The buttermilk is first pasteurized, then concentrated with an evaporator and finally dried to produce Buttermilk powder is low in fat and provides an excellent source of protein. Butter milk powder can be used in food bakery. Butter milk product s is prepared in completely safe and hygienic ...

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  • Butter Oil

    We manufacture and offer a wide range of Butter oil. Butter oil as model substrate to evaluate milk fat degrading microorganisms used in bio augmentation strategies. A medium based on butter oil was developed to evaluate the performance of an inoculums used in biological treatment systems of dairy ...

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  • Cheese

    Indian Dairy is distinguished manufacturer, exporter and supplier of wide range of cheese and dairy products. also, indian dairy is largest house of importer and distributor of a wide range of cheese from different countries in the world. Cheese is the most famous product in dairy food processing ...

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  • Cheese Powder

    Indian Dairy Cheese Powdered is made by spray drying Cheese slurry, using much the same process as when making Powdered Milk. Powdered Cheese is popular in the Dairy Industry for making sauce bases. All of our Indian Dairy Cheese Powders are natural cheese which has been dehydrated and made from ...

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  • Choco Paste

    Indian Dairy is a widely recognized manufacturer, supplier and exporter of superior choco paste.Indian Dairy Dark choco paste preparation specially formulated for chocolate ice creams. Color & Appearance of choco paste is rich dark brown semi solid mass. Odor & Taste is Rich chocolate taste and ...

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  • Chocolates Powder

    Indian Dairy chocolate is real chocolate but with the same final presentation as cocoa powder. The applied and patented method used, does not change the taste in any sense, because it is an entirely physical process, which doesn't imply the addition of any other substances.

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  • Dairy Creamer Milk

    We are offering dairy creamer milk. Our company, indian dairy also provides complete dairy creamer milk to our customers. Dairy creamers are liquid milk or cream .dairy creamer milk can made with low fat, medium fat and high fat according to different client’s requirements.

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  • dairy mix

    Dairy Mix is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, particularly Calcium. A Dairy Product, Dairy Mix prepared by Spray Drying of farm fresh milk modified by partial removal of milk solids-non-fat and dextrose under stringent quality standards ensuring easy solubility of Dairy Whitener in ...

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  • Dairy Whitener

    Dairy whitener is nice taste and nutritional values. Indian Dairy, Dairy Whiteners are prepared from fresh full fated Milk and come with & without sugar and packed under an atmosphere of Nitrogen.

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  • Ice Cream Powder

    India Dairy Ice Cream powder is used to make reconstituted Ice Cream mixes for use in the preparation of soft serve Ice Cream. Ice Cream powder is Manufactured from concentrated skimmed powder to which fat, emulsifier and stabilizer are added.

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  • Pasteurized Butter

    We are renowned as one of the most dependable Pasteurized Butter Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. The Pure Fresh Butter offered by us is processed from fresh milk under hygienic conditions to ensure tempting taste, even color and easy softening at room temperature. Pasteurized Butter is widely ...

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  • Pasteurized Milk

    Indian Dairy is Manufacturer and Supplier of Pasteurized Milk among the prominent Suppliers in India of Dairy Business. Indian Dairy offer Fresh Pasteurized Milk. Indian Dairy Pasteurized Milk is a complete health drink and contains almost all nutrients except for iron and vitamin C.

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  • Pure Desi Ghee

    We are one of the major desi ghee manufacturer exportersdistributor in India for Domestic and International Market. Indian Dairy Ghee is white, bland in taste and odorless.

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  • Spray Dried Coated Powder Flavor

    Indian Dairy Supplies good quality Dairy flavor that are formulated from natural ingredients. It is added to food industry items to enhance the flavor of the food. Fruit powders are used in Confectionery, Bakery Products, BabyWeaning Foods, Nutritional Foods, Ready-to-Drink Mixes, Instant Foods, ...

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  • Spray Milk Powder

    Indian dairy engaged in the manufacture and exporter of advanced spray milk powder in india. Indian dairy spray dried milk powder contains fat, which in the case of milk fat can easily be brought, and when other fats are used can be increased higher value.

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  • Unsalted Butter

    We have carved a niche as one of the topmost unsalted Butter Manufacturers and Exporters from Delhi, India. Indian Dairy Supplied an Unsalted Butter in India for Domestic and International Market. Unsalted Butter is the number one choice around the world among many professional chefs and home cooks ...

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