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Business Management Consultants

Our Complete range of products are Php Development, Android App Development, E-commerce Development, Web Development and java development.

Php Development

We, at Infobeckons Technology, have the knack of exploring the real power, agility, and maturity of PHP while developing basic to an intricate level PHP web development company. Our PHP Development experts are well skilled in all latest bells & whistles of web development in PHP. The credit of our expertize goes to our pool of PHP web programmers, developers, and web designers. As one of the leading PHP Development Companies, we are known for offering a complete range of PHP web development and app development solutions that will empower your business. Our personalized web development services will accelerate the growth and productivity of your business. Our PHP developers are evolving with new technological PHP concepts and hence, we deliver improved PHP web development services to our clients for ensuring optimized brand image, a competitive edge and boosted ROI. We should be your best choice to hire as PHP Web Development Company in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali locations.

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Android App Development

Choosing infobeckons technology for android development will let you find a genuine partner that can give you the competency to target your potential customers on mobile devices. In today’s time, the majority of customers make their purchase decisions on their smartphones. We empower you to target those audiences in a conversion driven manner. We deliver the android innovation mastery that is fundamental for your mobile marketing strategies. Our developers additionally assist you with improving your operational efficiencies by offering custom android app development. We incorporate the top-rated android developers who are adept in designing and delivering all kinds of android applications based upon your niche, market and consumers. We perform profound research and investigation to live up to your necessities and desires. Creating personalized applications that are groundbreaking and versatile for any android gadgets establishes us as #1 android developers. We are celebrating our expertize by offering most affordable web & app development all around the world as well.

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E-commerce Development

We, at infobeckons technology, provide highly reliable, adaptable and customized e-commerce development for small to large businesses. You can opt for our services to launch your profitable online business via our mobile and web e-commerce developments. We pay heed upon the e-commerce design across all the platforms, be it wordpress, joomla/virtuemart, or drupal or magento. Our expert e-commerce developers are also skilled in developing cross-platform apps and websites. Hence, we should be your best choice to hire as ecommerce development company in chandigarh, panchkula, mohali locations. We understand that the successful e-commerce store is not limited to develop an online portal for selling your products but it actually is related to the experience that an e-commerce portal offers to its users. We make sure that your online portal is straightforward, hassle-free, easy to use, attractive and result-driven. Our developers will let your store look and perform smoothly on full-size pcs, smartphones, and tablets. We incorporate shopping cart and checkout processes in your site in the most interactive manner, so it can maximize your conversions.

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Web Development

We, at Infobeckons Technology, understand that the success of a site cannot be measured with it looks only. Developers have to pay heed upon delivering something secure, reliable and easy to navigate to the users. Ease of functioning decides the user experience. That is why; we empower you with a speedy, well coded, responsive and easy to access website that ensures an enjoyable online experience for you & your site visitors. We also develop a site that improves your search engine rankings. Hence, we should be your best choice to hire as Web Development Company in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali locations. Our highly skilled developers are expert in ‘hand coding’ and they do not rely on applications for writing the development codes. Hence, they incorporate top-notch practices for keeping your sites responsive, fast and intuitive that not only attracts your site visitors but also satisfies Google. As one of the best Web Development Services provider, we incorporate full in-house web developers who have 10+ years of experience of developing sites related to all the sectors & businesses. From a brochure site to a high function e-commerce store to web applications, we offer the most comprehensive and equally personalized Web Development services to our clients.

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java development

We offer the most customized java development that meets perfectly with the regularly expanding complexities of today’s business activities. Nowadays, to let a business flourish in a highly competitive world, you need to put resources into strong and adaptable business applications. The decision of the correct innovation is of most extreme significance, regardless of whether it is tied in with having a new site, new applications, or migrating existing one to new ones. Java development does this efficiently. Powerful, secure, simple and dynamic java empowers you to have high performance sites and apps that satiate all your specific needs. We, at infobeckons technology, have best java developers who bring client driven services for new companies and big ventures. We have a team of the most adept java developers with broad expertise and involvement in the space. Our customer base comprises different industry verticals, running from internet business to car, banking, social insurance, finance, game, b2b/b2c businesses and that is just the beginning. We are a customer driven java development company in chandigarh, panchkula, mohali that has faith in personalized applications that get the job done for you and expand your roi.

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Yii Development

A truly outstanding and superior php framework, yes it is (yii) development is secure, quick, and amazingly proficient for creating web 2.0 applications. Our yii developers are well adept in using its rich highlights including mvc, dao/active record and so on. A portion of its different highlights incorporates i18n/l10n, role bases access control, testing, authentication, scaffolding, etc. We offer development services based upon your specific business needs and your target audiences, so you can appreciate great returns on investments. We, at infobeckons technology, have best developers who are capable of developing apps using yii that can handle a great number of requests every second. The caching capacity of yii is much better than other similar frameworks in the market. It comprises first-rate security features to protect your web apps from all types of cyberattack. It is extensible, customizable and compatible with third-party code as well.

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Bigcommerce Development

Infobeckons technology is known for offering first-rate bigcommerce development that empowers businesses of any size to generate leads and increase profits. With our bigcommerce solutions, you can easily build, host, manage and grow your e-commerce store and get the expected outcomes. We have one of the most experienced bigcommerce developers who develop your site by fulfilling your all the specific requirements. Hence, we should be your best choice to hire as bigcommerce development company in chandigarh, panchkula, mohali locations. With us, you will get a complete and dependable online store that also has the needed back-end support. This makes our services be the best fit to design easy to use shopping cart for any kinds of e-businesses. Bigcommerce shopping cart incorporates amazing simplicity. It offers some of the most astounding features at the most affordable prices that you cannot expect from other e-commerce platforms.

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React JS Development

To ensure the most astonishing client side experience, choosing react.js development is considered one of the best javascript models that ensure steady page execution with the help of intelligent visual impacts utilizing reusable elements. We, at infobeckons technology, incorporate some of the best developers who have exceeded expectations in conveying world-class react development as per clients’ specific demands. Our developers are dedicated for offering best-fit innovation for our customers and spotlight on raising dynamic web and smartphone applications that meet particular business needs. Our services include solution architecture design and ui design along with ui integration with a current application or new application. We also ensure top-notch api integration with intelligent data flow along with integration of same ui components with web and hybrid mobile app both. Personalized maintenance and support are also provided with utmost precision and accountability.

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Magento Development Services

with our magento development, you will get the most noteworthy ecommerce solution that fulfills all your specific requirements. you will get the presence, ease of access and functionality of your preference. in addition, our magento development will let you have absolute command over the operations of your e-store. incorporating latest technologies along with personalized php javascript programming makes us one of the best magento developers. hence, we should be your best choice to hire as magento development company in chandigarh, panchkula, mohali locations. we, at infobeckons technology, have first-rate developers who offer custom theme designing, xhtml/css enhancements, widgets and special effects, psd to template development, sorts of features with unmatched expertize and excellent creativity. choosing infobeckons for magento development will empower you to have an attractive, seo friendly, intuitive and easily navigable online store.

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shopify development

We, at infobeckons technology, offer the most stunning, personalized and conversion driven e-commerce portal using shopify development. Rated as #1 e-commerce solutions, shopify incorporates a variety of templates and themes that will enable you to get your online store that is customized as per your needs and your consumers’ inclinations. Shopify development provided by infobeckons team comprises in-built website optimizer that will put your site on the first page of google search results. Hence, we should be your best choice to hire as shopify development company in chandigarh, panchkula, mohali locations. As one of the best shopify developers, we let your online store be user-friendly, search engine compatible and mobile friendly. You will also be able to manage all the key idiosyncrasies of your store, for example, products, sales, orders, checkouts, sales statistics, customer data and so on. Notable features of infobeckons shopify development include theme customization, custom module, psd to shopify, app development, third party integration, app integration, shopify maintenance and seo services.

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hybrid mobile app development

We are an award winning company with a brilliant team of hybrid technology experts. A hybrid app is the need of the hour and infobeckons technology is one of the best in the business. We have a great deal of experience in this field and have delivered efficient hybrid apps to companies all around the world. We employ hybrid mobile app development and deliver mobile app solution that is the most efficient and cost-effective both. Moreover, we possess a team of professional developers who keep up with the latest developments and have the ability to take it to advanced levels by combining native app development, web app development and hybrid app development. In the journey to deliver excellence in hybrid mobile app development, a great deal of knowledge, as well as practical experience of css, html, javascript plus additional knowledge, is required. This is what enables us to deliver a superior experience to the clients. Infobeckons technology is one of the best development companies. Further, we are committed to offering nothing but the best it solutions to our clients.

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Mobile App Development

Infobeckons technology has all the experience that is required to develop e-commerce mobile apps, custom mobile applications, ios, windows and android mobile app in various platforms like swift for i-phones and android studio as well as devices with the help of latest techniques. We create best mobile marketing strategies with personalized app development that will offer the best enterprise-to-enterprise solution. Further, we also create something that involves an easy inclusion that will allow the access to multiple os platforms. A high standard and quality are ensured when it comes to our quality, design, ease of functionality, and support. Infobeckons technology has constituted a team of highly efficient developers who have got the training on a variety of device platforms, which includes android studio and swift as well as amp and java me. When it comes to increasing productivity, using android mobile app has the biggest advantages. Moreover, user-friendliness is an important aspect when it comes to apps because they have the ability to cut down the time required to spend on performing a particular task, making it possible to perform many tasks to be completed at a given period. Mobile app development is quite beneficial in increasing the productivity and this, in turn, can also have an impact on increasing the profit as well.

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Iphone App Development

Infobeckons is #1 iphone app development company. We understand that ios is one of a kind, on the grounds that, the innovation fueling the product is the top-notch in industry. Apple's dedication towards setting new benchmarks ensures it one of the easiest and most preferred mobile platforms of world’s best flagship phones and high-end models. Enticing design, ease of use, usefulness and vision of the product need a first-rate team to develop iphone apps to match the standards. Our developers do that with utmost accuracy and style. They ensure flawless development of the ios apps that can be easily installed in iphones and boost online presence of your business. We, at infobeckons technology, have the developers who understand that iphone clients are not the same as other clients. Iphone users are ready to spend more money on the premium services and panache that apple offers. Therefore, we develop apps that not only satisfy your needs but also improve the level of extravagance and luxury in their life. We let you target your clients who are using iphone with the most interactive and powerful app that compel them to take the needed action. Your investment in infobeckons iphone app development team will drive more customers and ensure boosted returns.

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Search Engine Optimization

If you want to boost e-commerce sales of your e-business, but your site is not appearing on page #1 of google then you must know that in the world of digital marketing – “ the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of google. ” no one goes to the second page of google- and for sure not the one who immediately wants to buy your product or service. You have to be on page #1. Infobeckons team will do this for you in the most efficacious and sustainable manner possible. For your optimized online presence, we, at infobeckons technologies, incorporate google certified in-house expert seo team who not only helps you grow your site-traffics by 150+% but also converts your target audiences.

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laravel development

Being extraordinary compared to other open-source PHP based web application framework, our Laravel Development service is speedier and favored with MVC architecture. Our Laravel Development has been perceived as a standout amongst other systems that is being favored for designing and developing fantastic sites and trendy web apps. It is most reasonable for growing high performing and imaginative web applications to meet your specific business needs.Hence, we should be your best choice to hire as Laravel Development Company in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali locations. We, at Infobeckons Technology, end your quest to find best Laravel designers. Our best web developers offer the most befitting development for your necessities. Our Laravel developers are all around familiar with every one of the parts of the Laravel system, along these lines, making Infobeckons just ideal for you. We are well adept in making custom web applications that are solid and viable.

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Design for your Brand

Get best designs for your brand that is trendy, relevant and powerful in reflecting the personality of the business at Infobeckons Technology. We have been creating logos, business cards, letterhead, etc. for several years that have contributed to attracting customers of all kinds of businesses. First, our team will help you in deciding what type of brand-design would be best to express your business. Then, we will let you opt for our various services such as Logo Design, Business Card Design, Website Design, Infographic, Banner Ad designs, Poster Design, and so forth. Creating a brand out of a business is an important point that can either make or break the company's image. We know how to develop your brand that will resonate with people. This has led clients to place their trust in us time and again. We understand that creating appealing and professions design for your brand reflects the identity of the business and plays a major role when it is present with your products, marketing material, packaging and other business communications.

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Web Development Training

Getting an exciting career in the it industry doesn't need to be such a hassle anymore. Infobeckons technology which is one of the finest institutes in india is here to empower individuals through training that is in-sync with the market trends. Whether you are a young graduate seeking a great job, a working professional looking forward to changing your field or an it professional with the desire to keep yourself up-to-date, we have the web development training programs that can be tailored to suit your prerequisites.

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