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Other Products / Services

Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Plain Mirror Strips, Instructors Molecular Model, Right Lungs, Typical Flower Model and DESSICATOR VACUUM.

Plain Mirror Strips

Plain Mirror Strips Made From Plate Glass About 2mm Thick, Highly Silvered Back*. 6 X 4, 14 Thick

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Instructors Molecular Model

Students Can Demonstrate Univalent And Multiple Bonds By Linking The Atoms In This Set, Represented By Colored Plastic Balls. In Addition, With The Included Springs As Links, They Can Recreate Flexible Bonds And Ring Compounds.

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Right Lungs

  • Size 33x23x31 Cm
  • Weight 1100 G

Life Size. This 2-Part Model Is A Realistic Representation Of Human Lungs With All External Features. Mounted On Base With Stand.

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Typical Flower Model

TYPICAL FLOWER MODEL Beautifully Designed Large Size Showing All Parts, Detachable, Mounted On Stand With Key-Card.

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Same As Per Cat. No. 4374 But Grease Not Required. Silicon ‘O’ Ring Is Provided. Holds Vacuum Of 740 Mm Of Hg (29”) For A Period Of 24 Hours. Fitted With Stopcock Made Of Polypropylene.

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These Models Are Highly Detailed Using Bright Vivid Colours, So That They Can Be Clearly Seen From A Distance By The Entire Class. A Set Of Ten Models Showing All The Stages Of Karyokinesis And Cytokinesis From Metabolic Cells Of The Formation From One Cell To Two Cells, Mounted On A Board.

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DICOT STEM T.S., Showing Vascular Bundles And Various Tissues In Transfer Section Of A Dicot Stem (Sunflower), Mounted On Board.

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5th Cervical Vertebrae

  • Size 40x26x10 Cm
  • Weight Approx. 1300 G

7X Life Size. This Model Shows In Great Detail The Structure Of The 5th Cervical Vertebra; A Transverse Section Of The Spinal Cord With Grey And White Matter, The Nerve Branches, The Spinal Ganglion And The Blood Vessels. Mounted On Board.

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  • Weight 2000 G
  • Length 115cm

Skeleton of Lower Limb with Half Pelvis An Articulated Life Size Plastic Skeleton Of The Lower Limb With Half Pelvis, Including The Entire Hip Joint.

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This software can be used in Steel plants, Metal forging industry, Oil & gas industry , Material Science, Mineralogy - metal and metal strength analysis Cement (Klincker) quality control and where ever Metallurgical microscope are used in .This Package is very useful Educational Institutions and ALL MATERIAL SCIENCE TECHNOCRATS AND METALLURGISTS.

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4 Parts Female Genital Organs Model

  • Size 14x14x12 Cm
  • Weight 500 G

This Life Size Model, Composed Of 4 Parts, Is A Detailed Representation Of The Female Reproductive System As Viewed Through A Median Sagittal Dissection. Removable Parts Include A 2-Part Uterus And 2 Halves Of The Female Reproductive Apparatus With Details Of The Internal Structure.

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Male Urinary Bladder Model

  • Size 27x20x15 Cm
  • Weight 1200 G

Male Urinary Bladder with Prostate 2 Parts This Model, Enlarged 3 Times, Shows The Male Urinary Bladder With The Prostate Gland Surrounding The Urethra. The Model Is Dissected Medially To Expose Both Internal And External Structures Of The Bladder And Prostate, Including The Ureteric And Urethral Orifices, Ductus Deferens, Seminal Gland, Ejaculatory Duct. Mounted On Base With Stand.

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Material Wiz

This software can be used in Steel plants, Metal forging industry, Oil & gas industry, Material Science, Mineralogy - metal and metal strength analysis Cement (Klincker) quality control , and where ever Metallurgical microscope are used in laboratories. For any Metallurgist it is very useful software.

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Ophthalmic Equipment

We are a principal Ophthalmic Equipment manufacturer and supplier from India. International Biological Laboratories bring all types of ophthalmic products and ophthalmic surgical products which are internationally well-known for their durability. Reliability and long-lasting are some of the outstanding features of our ophthalmic products and ophthalmic surgical products. Our ophthalmic products and ophthalmic surgical products are widely used in renowned hospital and clinics.

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  • Size 74x20x12 Cm
  • Weight 1900G

Muscles of the Human Arm This 7-Part Life Size Model Shows, In Great Detail, The Anatomical Structure Of The Arm, Complete With Superficial And Deeper Muscles, Vascular Structures, Nerves And Ligaments. The Hand And The Shoulder Are Also Well Represented. The Following Parts Are Removable: • Deltoid Muscle • Biceps Muscle • Triceps Muscle • Long Palmar Muscle With Radial Flexor Muscle Of Wrist • Brachioradial Muscle With Radial Extensor Muscle Of Wrist • Palmar Aponeurosis Mounted On Base With Stand.

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Neck Region Model

  • Size 40x26x11 Cm
  • Weight Approx. 2000 G

Nerves of Neck Region This Life Size Model Shows The Distribution Of Superficial Branches Of The Cervical Plexus. Mounted On Board.

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Combination Dark Germination Chamber

COMBINATION DARK GERMINATION CHAMBER For Experiments In Phototropism With Seedlings. Three-Chambered Case Of Wood With To Accept A Variety Of Shutters. The Right-Hand Chamber Has Windows In The Top And Back End, When Used With A Clear Front Window, Acts As A Control Chamber. Supplied With Opaque Shutter, A Slot Shutter To Admit Light From One Direction Only, The Clear Windows For The Control Chamber, One Orange And One Blue Filter To Show The Effect Of Excluding Various Parts Of The Spectrum. Complete With Three Glass Containers For Seedlings. Dimensions Overall 180 X 530 X 180mm Approx. [Height X Width X Depth].

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Mechanical Stage

Attachable To Any Standard Microscope By Means Of 2 Clamp Jaws Set At 90° To Each Other. Graduated Movements Are Adjusted By Rack And Pinion Mechanism And Have Vernier Scales. Movement Ranges 40 To 115mm X 1.0mm And 0 To 45mm X 1.0mm. Vernier Reads To 0.1 Mm. Also Available In Same Configuratipon But With New Improved Design.

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SCALPEL HANOLES, STAINLESS STEEL Strong Stainless Steel Handles Slotted To Accept Blades. No. 3 Length 95mm & No. 4 Length 100mm.

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Internal Female Reproductive Organs

  • Size 23x19x11 Cm
  • Weight 280 G

1.5X Life Size Model Shows A Dissected View Of The Vagina, Cervix, Uterus And Ovary With Follicles At Various Stages Of Development. Mounted On Base With Stand.

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Cell Meiosis Model

  • Size 20x15x6 Cm
  • Weight 450 G

This Item Is Composed Of 12 Different Pieces Showing The Main Stages Of The Mammal Cell Meiosis (Prophase I, Metaphase I, Anaphase I, Telophase I, Cytokinesis I, Prophase II, Metaphase II, Anaphase II, Telophase II And Cytokinesis II) At An Enlargement Of Approx. 10000 Times.During All Stages You Can See The Different Characteristics Of The Cellular Structures Such As Chromosomes, Centrioles, Spindle And Nucleus.

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  • Weight 1300 G
  • Size 53x38x7 Cm

Organs of the Endocrine System This Model Shows The External Structure Of The Following Human Endocrine Organs: Pituitary Gland, Thyroid Gland, Adrenal Gland, Testis, Pancreas, Parathyroid Gland, Ovary. Mounted On Board.

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This Image Analysis Software can be used in Pathology, Histo-Pathology, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, FNAC Reporting , Hematology, Anatomy etc. This package will be highly useful where ever there is an usage of Medical microscope in laboratories and Clinics and Hospitals, For Pathologists this Informative Bundle will be highly interactive to report the findings to Patient?s Consulting Physician along with his Comments.

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2 Parts Autonomic Nerves

  • Size 33x23x40 Cm
  • Weight 1800G

2.5X Life Size. Dissection Of Human Half Head Shows The 12 Cranial Nerves With Collateral Branches And Autonomic Nerves. Median Section Reveals The Upper Respiratory Tract And Pharynx. The Eyeball Is Removable For Close Examination.

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Double Demonstration Eye Piece

It Ensures Perfect Vision To The Teacher And The Student. A Pointer Covers The Entire Field. Being Visible To Both The Viewers, Enables Easier Demonstration. Supplied In Nicely Made Case.

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Reflex Arc Model

  • Size 53x38x5 Cm
  • Weight Approx. 1200 G

Reflex Arc, This Model Shows The Sensory, Neural And Motor Elements Of A Somatic Reflex Arc. Mounted On Board.

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Indirect Inguinal Hernia Model

  • Size 11,5x11,5x16 Cm
  • Weight 325 G

This 12 Life Size Model Shows The Medial And Sagittal Section Of The Male Human Pelvis With An Indirect Inguinal Hernia. Mounted On Base.

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Thyroid Diseases model

  • Size 33x23x25 Cm
  • Weight 450 G

Thyroid Diseases, 4 Parts This Model Set Is Composed By 2 Thyroid Models Divided Four Ways. The First Thyroid Illustrates The Graves Autoimmune Disease, The Most Common Cause Of Hyperthyroidism. The Other Model Shows Thyroid Adenoma And Carcinoma As Compared To The Normal Right Side Of The Thyroid.

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Gastric Diseases

  • Size 20x15x19 Cm
  • Weight 400G

Gastric Diseases This 1-Piece Life Size Model Describes The Most Common Pathologies Of The Stomach Including Ulcerated Gastric Cancer, Pyloric Stenosis, Gastric Ulcer, Chronic Atrophic Gastritis, Hiatal Hernia, Bleeding Gastritis And Carcinoma: All The Pathologies Are Represented In High Detail. Mounted On Base With Stand.

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Do it Yourself Star Finder Kit

Do-It-Yourself Star Finder Kits Let Your Students Make Their Own Inexpensive, Adjustable Star Chart That Can Be Set For Any Time Of Night On Any Day Of The Year Using Only A Pair Of Scissors And Tape. They Can Compare The Evening Sky In All Seasons. Students Can Also Determine The Signs Of The Zodiac By Comparing The Constellations Visible After Sunset And Those Visible Before Sunrise. The Chart Shows 41 Constellations With Lines To Indicate The More Obvious Shapes And Patterns. The Star Images Are Black On A White Sky. See Also The Heifetz Planisphere. Sold In Packs Of 10 Kits: Each Kit Includes 2 Cardboard Sheets To Make One 8.5-Inch Diameter Star Finder.

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College Astronomy Kits

College Astronomy Kit The Three Most Popular Activities — A Celestial Sphere, A Refracting Telescope, And A Spectrometer — Are Packaged In A Kit Designed To Aid Students At The CollegeUniversity Level As A Supplement To Laboratory Work Or Lecture, Or As A Home Lab. Included Is The 18-Page Astronomical Instrument Kit For College Astronomy Manual With Instructions For Assembling And Using Each Device And Optional Questions That Can Be Assigned As Homework Or Presented In Class. The Kit Includes One Of Each Of The Following: A Celestial Sphere Kit A Refracting Telescope Kit With Tubes A Cardboard Spectrometer Kit Or A Plastic Spectrometer Astronomical Instrument Kit For College Astronomy Manual Plus Detailed

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Color Analyzers

Color Analyzers Students Investigate Light And Color Using Diffraction Gratings And Color Filters (Available Separately). A Background Section Plus Concise Information On Color, Light, And How The Eye And Brain Sense And Comprehend Color Is Included. The Front Cover Contains A Secret Message! Grades 5-9.

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Night Sky Adventure

Family ASTRO Is The Most Recent Phase Of The ASP's Project ASTRO™ Program, Bringing Hands-On Astronomy Activities And Astronomy Events To Families Of All Backgrounds. These Products Have Been Presented At Family ASTRO Training Workshops Around The Country.

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Interlab Digestive System

This Life-Sized Relief Model Shows The Complete System From The Mouth Cavity To The Rectum. The Oral Cavity, The Pharynx And First Part Of The Esophagus Are Divided Along The Medial Sagittal Plane. The Liver Is Shown With The Gall Bladder And The Pancreas Is Cut To Expose Internal Features. The Stomach Is Open Along The Frontal Plane. The Duodenum, Caecum, Part Of The Small Intestine And Rectum Are Open For View. The Cross Colon Is Removable. The Head Shows The Anatomy Of The Mouth, Including Salivary Glands. 90 X 30 X 13 Cm. Weight: 1.9kg.

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Heifetz Planisphere

Heifetz Planisphere With Undistorted Images Of Constellations This Innovative, Pre-Assembled Planisphere Has The Unique Feature Of Showing Undistorted Images Of The Constellations Along Its Periphery — Exactly As They Appear In The Real Sky. With Its Simple And Understandable Drawings, The Constellations Are Very Easy To Recognize. The Back Of The Planisphere Features A Useful Technique For Locating And Showing The Relationships Between Constellations By Means Of A Series Of 10 Triangles. Helpful Notes And Instructions, As Well As A List Of Meteor Showers, Are Included Right On The Planisphere Itself. Made From A Durable, Long-Lasting Plastic With A Clear Window,

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Pathological Model

  • Size 11x11x20 Cm
  • Weight 235 G

Pathological Model of the Bronchi This 10x Life Size, 1-Part Model, Shows 2 Pathologies Of The Bronchi (Bronchitis And Bronchiectasis), Referring To An Inflammation And An Abnormal Chronic Dilatation Of One Or More Of The Bronchi, Respectively. Mounted On Base With Stand.

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Colon Diseases

  • Size 16,5x12x29 Cm
  • Weight 360 G

This 12 Life Size Model Shows Various Pathologies Of The Colon And Appendix. In The Region Of Descending Colon, Are Well Represented Diverticulosis With Adhesion, Bacterial Colitis And Adenocarcinoma; Other Pathological Conditions Include Polyposis, Intussusception, Intestinal Tuberculosis, Ulcerative Colitis And Crohn Disease. The Appendix Depicts Inflammation And Fecal Concretions.

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Head Dissection

  • Size 18x25x23 Cm
  • Weight 140 G.

Life Size Head Model Is Composed Of 4 Parts, As Follows: • Half Brain, Features The Internal Structure Of The Cerebrum, Including Blood Vessels • Half Of The Cerebellum • Eye With Optic Nerve The Right Side Of The Face Is Dissected In Sagittal And Horizontal Section, Showing Many Significant Internal Features Of The Skull And Brain, As Well As The Entire Oronasal Cavity.

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  • Size 40x26x30 Cm
  • Weight 2300 g

This Life Size Model Is Composed Of 5 Parts, Including A 2-Part Heart That Provides An Interior View Of The Chambers And Valves. The Sternum And Thymus Are Removable To Reveal The Pericardial Sac And The Major Pulmonary And Systematic Vessels. The Trachea And Esophagus Are Shown Entering The Mediastinum Through The Superior Thoracic Aperture; The Inferior Thoracic Aperture Is Delimitated From The Diaphragm Musculature.

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Life Size Model

  • Weight 1200 G
  • Dim 20x15x29 Cm

Life Size Model Shows The Right Half Of The Human Head And Neck, Sectioned Along The Sagittal Plane. A Superficial Dissection Exposes The Facial Muscles, The Superficial Blood Vessels And Nerve Branches Of The Face And Scalp, The Parotid And Submandibular Glands. A Median Dissection Exposes The Brain With Its Internal Structure, The Pharynx And Upper Respiratory Tract, A Section Of The Cervical Vertebrae.

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5 Parts Urinary System Model

  • Size 24,5x18x36 Cm
  • Weight 730 G

Urinary System 5 Parts This Life Size 5-Part Model Represents The Major Components Of The Urinary System, Plus The Vena Cava And Abdominal Aorta; The Right Kidney Is Dissected To Show The Cortex, Medulla, Pyramids, Calyces, Pelvis And Origins Of The Renal Artery And Vein. The Bladder Can Be Opened To Reveal The Mucosa, Trigone, Urethra, Seminal Vesicles, Ejaculatory Ducts And Vas Deferens. Mounted On Base.

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Top Wire Lid With Spring Clip Lock

  • Material ss
  • Packing 6

Autoclave These Lids Seperately .Donot Autoclave These Lids On Cage Body As Spring Clip May Cause Cage Wraping.

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2 part Labyrinth Model

  • Size 17,5x13.5x33 Cm
  • Weight Approx. 890 G

Enlarged About 18 Times. Composed Of 2 Parts. The Superior Semicircular Canal And Vestibule Are Open, Showing The Saccule And Utricle.

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Thrombosis Model

  • Size 16,5x13x15 Cm
  • Weight 270 G

Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis Model Atherosclerosis Is The Most Common Acquired Disease Of Arteries In Developed Countries. This Pathology, Characterized By Thickening Of The Arterial Walls With Subsequent Loss Of Elasticity, Is Associated With The Buildup Of Plaque (Mainly Cholesterol) In The Arterial Lumen. This Model, Approximately 10X Life Size, Shows The Atheromatous Plaque In Various Pathological Stages Along With Local Intravascular Clotting (Thrombosis) Due To The Arterial Narrowing. Mounted On Base With Stand.

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Veins Model

  • Size 20x15x26 Cm
  • Weight 600G

Veins of Head This Model Shows The Pathway Of The Left Internal Jugular Vein In The Cervical And Head Region, Including The Tributary Venous Branches. Mounted On Base.

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Digital Blue Zoomshot Digital Snapshot B

Get a powerful compact binocular with a built-in digital camera. Binoculars and digital camera all in one. These stylish binoculars double as a digital camera. Look through the binoculars and take digital pictures of whatever you see, then easily transfer them to your PC where you can edit them, store them and send them to all your friends! This fun combo teams a pair of 8x binoculars to a digital camera. Complete with software and carrying case this USB device lets you zoom in, snap a photo and download to your windows based PC.You can capture up to 100 images, edit your snapshots and video clips with the included software doing cool transitions between scenes, add special effects and animations with words and music, and share your movies by screening them on your computer or sending them in e-mails Features:8MB Memory can store up to 100 VGA (640x480) still images 8x21 Prism binocular is compact and perfect for theater and stadium use with 8-times magnification Images may be easily downloaded to a PC for printing or for E-mail Requires 2 AAA alkaline Batteries (not included) Includes CD-ROM for Windows for easy image Editing Includes USB Connectivity cable Includes carrying case 1 year manufacture warranty Get ready to capture extreme close-ups with the Digital Blue Zoomshot Digital Snapshot Binoculars and your PC. This pair of binoculars lets you:Focus with 8x magnification Record 640x480 video clips at or away from your computer Capture up to 100 images like a digital camera Edit your snapshots and video clips with the included software doing cool transitions between scenes Add special effects and animations. Even add words and music. Share your movies by screening them on your computer or sending them in e-mails Recommended for Ages 7 to Adult Here's what you get:Zoomshot binocular video camera Editing Software CD-ROM USB cable for file download Carrying Case 1 year manufacture warranty Much More Than Just Slides The most impressive thing about this microscope is the fact you can take it out of its slide-viewing cradle. As long as it's still plugged into the computer, you can magnify anything with it: the hairs on your arm, your eyeball, flowers, or even the hidden microscopic text on money. While it is harder to focus using the microscope in handheld mode, it allows children to interact with a moving and alive world, rather than the pre-prepared, dead, flat world of the traditional microscope. Movies of the Microscopic Another killer feature of the microscope is that it's not just a stills camera, it's a movie camera too. Carpet fly-overs, centipede's leg articulation or flies digesting their food can all be captured. You can even create a time-lapse movie. Photographing a sprouting seed over hours and then playing the images back as a movie is an amazing leap forward from the static view of a traditional microscope.

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Mixman DM2 Digital Music Mixer

The DM2 is an integrated hardware-software system that enables you to create real-time club music mixes without prior turntable or studio experience. DM2 connects to your PC by way of a USB cable and runs a customized Beatnik version of Mixman? software package letting you access computer music files "on-the-fly" instantly for DJ-style mixing and scratching. With the ability to simultaneously combine and manipulate up to 16 tracks of digital audio from a library of over 600 audio tracks, DM2's dual, independent scratching rings let you work with up to 128 samples for an unlimited number of music remix versions. Mixman's patented auto-beat matching feature makes it easy for first-time users to create pro-sounding mixes and there is a joystick control for applying Mixman's Wideband Audio Real-time Processing (W.A.R.P.) effects like flange, jimifuzz and dub delay. The DM2 also has cross-fader and transformer buttons that function like controls on a professional, turntable DJ mixer.The DM2 comes with 30 Mixman Singles? that are broken out into individual audio elements, including keyboard, bass, vocals and more. Remixes can be saved, emailed or exported in a variety of formats including: RealAudio?, Windows Media?, and WAV files. DM2 users can also upload their final creations to Mixman Radio? enabling them to share their music with users from around the world.Perform and remix like never beforeThe DM2, Digital Music Mixer, integrates a new custom controller with the award winning Mixman remix software. The DM2 debuts independent dual-turntable scratching. With joystick control of W.A.R.P., transformer controls, macro buttons and a crossfader, now you can really develop your own style and become a true remix specialist. Time to make the crowd move. Features Include:? Independent Dual-Turntable Scratching? Joystick control of W.A.R.P. (effects include Filters, Reverbs, and Delays)? CD-quality audio, up to 16 independent tracks? Includes 30 Mixman Singles and over 600 tracks (Up to 128 samples per track)? Crossfader and transformer controls? Recording Studio? Real-time control of Pitch, Panning, Volume and Tempo? Export to RealAudioG2, WMA, & CD quality WAV files. System Requirements:? Pentium II 233Mhz or faster? Available USB port? Windows 98/ME/2000/XP? 32 MB of RAM (64MB recommended)? 50MB of free space on hard drive? 8X CD-ROM Drive? SVGA monitor supporting 800x600 display and 16 bit color? 16-bit Sound Blaster compatible or 100% Windows compatible sound card and speakers? Standard mouse and keyboard

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Piano Professor

Learn to play piano in an exciting new way! The Piano Professor keyboard attaches to your computer and guides you through fun lessons, songs, and games to improve your piano skills. Entertaining and user-friendly, The Piano Professor guarantees you'll never complain about practicing the piano again! Features: 37-Key USB Piano Keyboard Realistic piano touch Fabulous design & color Full joystick functions No batteries required Colorful notes appear on the screen as you play Easy-to-use functions on the keyboard 10 Challenging Lessons 60 Play Along Songs Compose and Record your own music Fun Videogames to develop keyboard skills Build a solid musical foundation with exciting educational games. The Piano Professor will delight children for hours as they develop music skills with 10 interactive lessons, play exciting and challenging musical games, compose and arrange their own music and play along to 60 of their favorite songs.Includes: Keyboard with USB connector cable User's Guide Piano Professor CD-ROM software System Requirements: Pentium?II 200 MHz or faster Windows? 98, Windows? Me, Windows? 2000, Windows? XP An available USB port (most computers manufactured after June 1998 are USB enabled) 32 MB RAM 4x CD-ROM drive 170 MB hard drive space available SVGA Monitor supporting 800 x 600 display & 16-bit color 16-bit Sound Blaster? compatible or 100% Windows? compatible sound card and speakers Standard Keyboard and Mouse

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Bones Structure model

  • Weight 1250 G
  • Height 53x38x8 Cm

This Model Is Composed Of 4 Parts And Shows Different Structures Of The Human Bones. The External Structure Of The Femur With Periosteum, Blood Vessels, Spongy Bone, Compact Bone And Haversian System. Mounted On Board.

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Schematic Cross Section through Thorax

  • Size 40x26x6 Cm
  • Weight 1600 G.

This Life Size Model Shows A Cross Sectional View Through The Thorax At The Level Of The T8 Vertebra. In This Model It Is Possible To Observe The Horizontally Sectioned Heart, Lungs, Veins, Arteries And Other Thoracic Structures. Mounted On Board.

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