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Food Processing Machines & Plants #6372456

Pulses Processing Machines

Pulses are a group of different leguminous crops which are in different sizes, shapes and colors within a pod. They are rich source of proteins and oils and are used for human food and also for cattle feed. Since pulses are leguminous crop, they help in fixing nitrogen thereby restoring the fertility of the soil. The protein content of pulses is more than that of other cereals and is equivalent to that of soybean.

After harvesting pulses are processed for obtaining clear grains for consumption. The processing of pulses involves grading, scouring, milling, sorting, de-stoning separation etc. Machines that are used for the processing of pulses are:

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Automatic Papad Making Machine

Papad an important part of South Asian cuisine, recipes vary from region to region and family to family, but typically it is made from lentil, chickpea, black gram or rice flour or Potato. In North India, the lentil variety is more popular and is usually called 'papad'. Salt and peanut oil are added to make dough, which can be flavored with seasonings such as chili, cumin, garlic or black pepper. Sometimes baking soda is also added. The dough is shaped into a thin, round flat bread and then dried (traditionally in the sun) and can be cooked by deep-frying, roasting over an open flame, toasting, or microwave, depending on the desired texture. In most curry houses in the United Kingdom and Australia, they are served as a starter alongside various dips and usually mango chutney.
This automatic papad making machine for making of papad, mathiya, cholafali being a automatic plant, would involve processes right from the mixing of ingredients to collection of ready-to-deliver papad at the collection end.
Mixing ingredient is done in a separate mixer. The dough just needed to be loaded in hopper which passes on to the sheeter and gauge roller where thickness of the papad or applum can be adjusted. The food grade conveyor carries the round cut papad into the oven which is heated by electric, diesel, or l.p.g.
At the outlet of the oven you get papads without any scrap or wastage.
Innovation and quality are the abiding values on which our company operates. We have initiated new standards that contribute in the growth of our organization. Moreover, we aim to provide complete satisfaction to customers by the way of our quality products excellent maintenance services.

Key features of automatic papad making machine:-
  • Unique and reliable design
    • The papad making machine are highly effective as well as nonstop continuous papad making process.
  • Easier operation & less maintenance cost.
  • No skill labor required.
  • Easy starting.
  • Cold & silent running
  • Robust construction
  • Low specific power consumption
  • Durable long life
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Chapati Making Machines

We design and manufacture a mesmerizing range of raw chapati making machine to impart much of the relief to the workers in the preparation of the meals in various departments of institutes, langars, hospitals, schools & college hostels, industrial canteens and railway & defense establishments.
Our chapati making machines are help in making home-like chapatis in most hygienic manner. Dough just needs to be feed into the hopper and at the outlet you get raw chapati. Apart from this no oil is required for the preparation of chapatis. Thus, our chapati making machines offer oil free chapatis at economical prices.

Key advantage of Raw chapati making machine
  • Unique and reliable design
    • The raw chapati making machines are highly effective as well as nonstop continuous process.
  • The Jas - 600 puri and chapati making machine provides ease of use and cleaning, saves labor costs and ensures product uniformity.
  • The dough just needed to be loaded in hopper which passes on to the sheeter and gauge rollerwhere thickness of the chapati can be adjusted.
  • A minimized power consummation by the way of friction loses. Low noise operation, no wastage of product and no pollution hazard.
  • Due to Variable Speed DC Drive, machine's speed can regulate.
Operating System of Raw chapati Maker :-Dough Mixer (Floor Kneading Machine) :

This machine would consist of heavy-duty stainless steel body with multi-purpose arms. Heavy-duty gears are providing to take the full load and to avoid damage to the mixer arms.


Sheeter consisting of a heavy- duty frame with gauging rollers driven by a motor with gearbox arrangement would be provided. The horizontal hopper would be of Stainless steel with proper taper. The dough is smooth formed from the hopper in the form of a sheet and feed to the gauging rollers. The distance between the gauging rollers would be adjustable and this would depend on the desired thickness of the Roti, chapati. The rollers would be teflon coated (food-grade material). There would be an intermediate conveyor to feed the dough sheet to the cutting plant. The conveyor belt would be of food-grade material.

Rotary Cutting Unit:

A rotary cutting is would be fitted on a roller for smooth and accurate cutting Roti, chapati as per the desired size. There would be a provision for shifting the generated chapati scrap back to the scrap collection tray.

Standard accessories of Raw chapati making machine: -
  • 1 horsepower Silicon Controlled Rectifier rated D.C. motor with base speed 300 to 3000 Rpm eletric motor along with variable speed dc drive which converts incoming three or single-phase AC volts to DC volts. During this conversion process DC drives then can regulate speed, torque, voltage and current conditions of the DC motor.
  • one number of die roll
Technical specification of Raw chapati making machine: -

Production capacity: - This machine is able to produce 1000 to 1200 chapatti per hour or 1500 to 1800 puri per hour depends on the diameter of chapatti and puri.Powder Required:- 1H.P. single or three phaseApproximate dimensions :- 98 inch X 43 inch X 20 inch X 230 Kg.

Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the rights to alter and/or amend dimensions/design without prior notice.The figure for capacities given are for guideline only may very force case to case and depending many factors.

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