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Separators & Strainers

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Rotary centrifugal separators

Rotary centrifugal separators

A Jas Rotary Centrifugal separator is a centrifugal spice cleaning machine. It is an ideal machine for grading, blending, mixing, sieving & separating unwanted particles that are non-sticky, non-hygroscopic and free flowing in nature.
This is a rotary type uniform screening machine. The material enters the drum through a gravety fource. The machine is fitted with required mesh screen in various types of materials as per requirement for uniform screening. The fine material passes through the sieve (screen) by centrifugal force. Coarse material gets separated & is collected at the other end. A nylon brush is provided inside to clean the sieves.

Advance Features of Rotary Centrifugal separators

  • Designed and Manufacture with Precision Technology

  • Ideal machine for pre-cleaning purpose.

  • Totally enclosed Dust proof Rotary sieving Machine works on the Principle of Centrifugal action

  • Thorough sieving and excellent grading

  • Designed to suit Nylon and steel sieves of different Mesh.

  • Sturdy Construction hence free of Vibrations

  • Available in wide range of capacities in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel & Stainless Steel lining

Construction of Rotary Centrifugal separators

Rotary Centrifugal separators construction comprises a stationary horizontal cylindrical sieve, an internal rotating shaft fitted along the sieve length. In operation, material to be sifted is feed into the sifter inlet feed box. The product is then uniformly feed into the Rotary Centrifugal separators by means of the feeding hopper. The centrifugally force the fines material against and through the screen. Soft whilst oversize particles pass out the end of the screen. Adjustable weirs control the flow of oversize and retention time in the sifter.

Standard accessories of rotary centrifugal separators

  • Four numbers of round hole perforated screens

    • Hole Size 1.5 MM for Dust

    • Hole Size 4 MM for chilly seed

    • Hole Size 8 MM for small chilly

  • Machine & motor Pulleys.

Extra accessories of rotary centrifugal separators

  • Electric Motor, Starter, 'V' belts, foundation bolts, Essential Set of Spanners

Application of Horizontal centrifugal Sieve

Recommended for sieving of spices, Pre cleaning of spices, Dal, Turmeric, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Minerals, Fibrous material, saw-dust, coconut shell Powder, etc.

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