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Machines and Equipments

Our offered Product range includes Automatic Paper Cone Finishing Machine, Paper Cone Finishing Machine, Glueing Machine and Paper Cone Winders, Fibre Drum Ring Fixing and Beading Machine and paper cone machine.

Automatic Paper Cone Finishing Machine

  SALIENT FEATURES   All integrated finishing operations performed by a single machine automatically Automatic feeding of unfinished cones Nosing (Top Curling) Nose end lubrication Bottom burnishing Notching device to punch thread guide notch Grooving at the base Surface velvet finishing Automatic stacking of finished cones Output : Upto 55 cones per minute

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Paper Cone Finishing Machine

  SALIENT FEATURES   Base cutting, grooving, bull nosing, velvet finishing and automatic counting cum nesting operations done in a single machine Easy interchangeability of mandrels and abrasive belts Automatic indexing of cones as per operational sequence Bull nosing pressure, cutting depth and nosing axis - all adjustable independently Versatile to finish various cone tapers viz., 3°30', 4°20', 5°57' etc. Mechanism to disengage cutting knife when no cone is in mandrel to improve life of mandrel and knife. No air ejection when no cone is in mandrel to save compressed air. No velvet finishing when no cone is in mandrel thus increasing the life of emery belt.

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Glueing Machine and Paper Cone Winders

SALIENT FEATURES     Glueing Machine : Glue coating thickness adjustable Uniform coating on both sides of cone pattern   Paper Cone Winder : Single revolution synchronized clutch Pneumatic air ejection system Faster interchange of sizes

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Fibre Drum Ring Fixing and Beading Machine

This machine is used to fix the metal rings with the top & bottom of the drum and seamed to hold firmly with body. SALIENT FEATURES   This machine is simple to maintain and operate. Pneumatically operated clamping and grooving devices The diameter and length of the machine can be adjusted easily Automatic constant web tension

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paper cone machine

The fully Automatic high performance Paper Cone production line from Sodaltech is designed for efficient manufacturing of paper cones in various sizes required by the spinning industry. The production line comprises the following machines: 1. Automatic Cone Making Machine with Cone Drier 2. Automatic Cone Finishing Machine This production line facilitates cost-effective results in comparison with production with individual operation.

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