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Laboratory Apparatus

Our offered Product range includes Electrical Vibrator, Plancks Constant Apparatus, Transistor Characteristics Apparatus, Induced Current Apparatus and Optical Instruments.

Electrical Vibrator

DESCRIPTION : A thin steel rod (called vibrator) is clamped at one end and passes through a small solenoid. The rod is slightly flattened at the free end and a hole is drilled in it so that a string can be tied through it. The solenoid is connected to A.C. mains through a suitable lamp resistance. A permanent horse shoe magnet is mounted on the base board and a steel rod passes between them. The thin rod is magnetized longitudinally. The solenoid and a horse shoe shaped magnet cause it to vibrate with the frequency of A.C. supply. The length of the vibrator is adjusted until its natural frequency corresponds with that of the supply. The whole unit is mounted on a polished wooden base, complete with pulley, pan and cord.

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Plancks Constant Apparatus

Plancks Constant Apparatus that we offer is made in conformity with high quality standards of the industry. Our Plancks Constant Apparatus is made under the guidance of expert professional, and hence is widely demanded throughout the market. Giving accurate results for measurements makes our Plancks Constant Apparatus distinct from rest products in the market.

  • Specifications
    Note : The set-up is complete in all respect, no additional accessory required.
    Photo Sensitive DeviceVacuum photo tube.
    Light sourceHalogen tungsten lamp 12V/35W
    Colour Filters635mm. 570nm, 540nm, 500nm & 460nm.
    AcceleratingVoltage : Regulated Voltage Power Supply
    Output : ±15V continuously variable through multi-turn pot
    Display : 3½ digit 7-segment LED
    Accuracy : ±0.2%
    CurrentDetecting Unit : Digital Nanoammeter ( It is high stability low current measuring instrument)
    Range : 1000 µA, 100 µA, 10 µA & 1 µA with 100% over ranging facility
    Resolution : 1µA at 1µA range
    Display : 3½ digit 7-segment LED
    Accuracy : +00.2%
    Power Requirement220V + 10%, 50Hz or 110V + 10%, 60Hz as required.
    Optical BenchThe light source can be moved along it to adjust distance between the light source and the phototube, scale length is 400mm. A tube is provided to install colour filter and a focus lens is fixed in the back end.

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Transistor Characteristics Apparatus

Transistor Characteristics Apparatus that we offer is used to test output, input and transfer characteristics of NPN & PNP transistors in common base mode and emitter. We provide Transistor Characteristics Apparatus with regulated power supplies, meters and many other components for carrying out experiment successfully. Hence, we are reckoned as reliable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Transistor Characteristics Apparatus in Ambala Cantt. (Haryana). Features Four MO-65 moving coil type meters Easy monitoring of voltage and current with separate terminals for each meter Two built-in variable regulated power supplies Rugged construction Compact unit with self explanatory user manual Supplied with premium connecting leads Special design of sheet metal box Gives maximum visibility for scale of meters

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Induced Current Apparatus

DESCRIPTION : I t has the bulb in secondary a n d m a k e a n d b r e a k arrangement in primary to show the phenomenon of self and mutual induction and principle of induction coil, workable on 6 volts.

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Optical Instruments

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