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Women Wear

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Mens Kurta, Devotee Harinam Print Kurta, Jagannatha Puri Mens Kurta, Saffron Jute Kurta and raw silk kurta

Mens Kurta

Cotton Jute Kurtas are available with short or long sleeves. Jute is a type of material which is softer than normal pure cotton and is preferred by some devotees. At the moment we can only send you the color jute kurta that is available in your size, so right now you can not specify the color, we will send you what is available.  

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Devotee Harinam Print Kurta

Beautiful quality Devotee Harinam Print Kurta with short sleeves. The Hare Krishna Mantra is printed all over with a nice pattern. Available in a variety of colors and sizes. Pictured kurta is "Yellow". The orange one is a darker orange.  

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Jagannatha Puri Mens Kurta

The Jagannatha Puri Kurta is a beautiful style, recognized by devotees in the West as well as India. Pure cotton. Short sleeves only.  

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Saffron Jute Kurta

Excellent quality saffron jute kurta. Some devotees prefer jute to plain cotton since it is a softer material. Long or short sleeves available. For hand dyed items, the shades of color can vary a bit from batch to batch so we don't guarantee it will be the exact shade of saffron that is pictured.  

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raw silk kurta

Pure raw silk kurta. Off-white color. Available with long or short sleeves in a variety of sizes.  

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Gopi skirt

Gopi Skirt -- Wrap-Around with Printed Pattern Attractive wrap-around Gopi Skirt comes in a variety of patterns and colors. See below for example of patterns you could receive. One adjustable size.    

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aipur Rayon Gopi Skirt

Gopi Skirt -- Jaipur Rayon, Beige Background Contrasting Pattern Very light skirt. Exact pattern and colors may vary from the pictured skirt.    

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Multicolored Patterns Gopi Skirt

Gopi Skirt -- Jaipuri Panels, White, Multicolored Patterns Attractive pure cotton skirt. Patterns and colors can vary. White is common to them all.    

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Jaipuri Printed Cotton Gopi Skirt

Gopi Skirt -- Jaipuri Printed Cotton Attractive skirt. The exact pattern, style and shades of colors can vary from what is pictured. Approximate Length: 39"-40" (inches)    

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Frill Gopi Skirt

Gopi Dress -- Frill Skirt, 2 piece with Dupatta Gopi Dress Frill Skirt 2 piece including Dupatta -- one size fits all. Cotton printed skirt with double side border. The pictures show the general style. Exact patterns and shades of color can vary from skirt to skirt.    

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3 Piece Gopi Skirt

Gopi Dress -- Wrap Around, 3 Piece -- Dupatta, Choli Cloth and Skirt Gopi Dress, Wrap Around, 3 piece. Includes Dupatta, Choli Cloth and Skirt. One size fits all. Cotton printed skirt. Available in many colors and patterns, mainly flower and leaf patterns.    

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South Indian Gopi Skirt

Gopi Skirt -- South Indian, Multicolored, 58 Panels Quality Pentex skirt. The exact pattern, style and shades of colors can vary a bit from what is pictured.    

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Gold Border Gopi Skirt

Gopi Dress -- 40 Panel Skirt, Single Color with Gold Border Attractive 40 panel Gopi Dress with a Gold Border -- one size fits all. Cotton printed skirt with gold border.    

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