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Labquartz Silica Pvt. Ltd.

Labquartz Silica Pvt. Ltd.

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Quartz Ore

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of clear quartz rod, Quartz Parting Tray with Thimble, Quartz Discs and Fused Quartz Plates

Clear Quartz Rod

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 100 Piece
  • Material Quartz
  • Color Transparent
  • Application Industrial & Laboratory
  • Packaging Type Paper Box
  • Country of Origin India

LABQUARTZ offer a wide variety of Quartz Rods for industrial and laboratory applications and our range has a wide variety of applications, from small laboratory tools to large wafer carriers or larger diameter options.


Type of Quartz Available

  • Standard – various grades of the basic material
  • High purity – clear with reduced hydroxyl levels – visual clarity – optics
  • Semiconductor grade – very high purity, excellent sag resistance, no/few defects
  • Infrared translucent – slight milky colour – infrared and semiconductor uses
  • Frosted translucent – acid etched milky coloured (used mainly for halogen lamps)
  • Opaque – white colour similar to the colour of alumina
  • Ozone free – blocks high energy wavelengths that cause ozone generation
  • Uv quartz – similar/same as ozone free – transmit uv-a and uv-b waves
  • Uv blocking – quartz doped with cerium to block uv wavelengths (allows maximum light without uv exposure)


All tube sizes can be supplied as per required length.

Technical Specifications

Cat. Ref No. Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
R0021240 2 1240
R0031240 3 1240
R0041240 4 1240
R0051240 5 1240
R0061240 6 1240
R0081240 8 1240
R0101240 10 1240
R0121240 12 1240
R0201240 20 1240
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Quartz Parting Tray With Thimble

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 100 Piece
  • Material Quartz Glass
  • Color Transparent
  • Application Laboratory
  • Feature High Quality
  • Country of Origin India
  • Thimble Type Fixed Thimble

As per ISO 11426 and BIS Standards


  • External Thimble Size : ID 7.5-8mm, OD 10mm can be used inside these Trays.
  • We can manufacture Custom made Quartz Partings Trays as per Drawing and Dimensions on request **.
  • You can share Sample Size, accordingly we can suggest Parting Tray size.
  • We also fabricate Parting trays for 9, 18, 24, 48, 72 samples against order.



  • Made From 100% QUARTZ GLASS
  • Perfect Uniformity of Quality
  • Not Affected by Atmospheric Changes
  • Robust Mechanical Strength
  • Resists High Temperature upto 1000oC with Thermal Shock
  • Withstands Concentrated Boiling Nitric Acid Attack
  • Extends inherent parallel processing capabilities of Fire Assay
  • Full Scalability to Mass analysis Production Stage
  • Save Time – Reduce Manipulation Hazards
  • Labor, Reagents (HNO3, H2O) Energy Costs greatly Reduceds
  • Assays keep Original Array – No Misplace Errors.

Technical Specifications

Cat. Ref No. No. Compartments for Sampling Compartment Size (ID x OD) Approx Dimensions in mm With Handle (L X H X W)
QPT/06 2 X 3 11 x 13 30 x 70 x 55
QPT/12 3 X 4 11 x 13 45 x 70 x 70
QPT/16 4 X 4 11 x 13 56 x 70 x 70
QPT/25 5 X 5 11 x 13 75 x 70 x 85
QPT/36 6 X 6 11 x 13 85 x 70 x 95
QPT/49 7 X 7 11 x 13 95 x 70 x 110
QPT/64 8 X 8 11 x 13 110 x 70 x 125
QPT/81 9 X 9 11 x 13 123 x 70 x 140
QPT/100 10 X 10 11 x 13 136 x 70 x 152
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Quartz Discs

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 100 Piece
  • Material Quartz Glass
  • Shape Round
  • Color Transparent
  • Application Laboratory & Industrial
  • Feature High Strength
  • Pattern Plain
  • Country of Origin India
  • Above sizes are standard**
  • We can also supply as per your size;
  • Diameter x Thickness can be maintained accurately as per your specifications. Thick Quartz Discs are also tailor made as per order.


Additional Information:

Payment Terms : T/T

Model & Size

QD02001 20mm x 1mm
QD02002 20mm x 2mm
QD02003 20mm x 3mm
QD02004 20mm x 4mm
QD02005 20mm x 5mm
QD02501 25mm x 1mm
QD02502 25mm x 2mm
QD02503 25mm x 3mm
QD02504 25mm x 4mm
QD02505 25mm x 5mm
QD05001 50mm x 1mm
QD05002 50mm x 2mm
QD05003 50mm x 3mm
QD05004 50mm x 4mm
QD05005 50mm x 5mm
QD07501 75mm x 1mm
QD07502 75mm x 2mm
QD07503 75mm x 3mm
QD07504 75mm x 4mm
QD07505 75mm x 5mm
QD10001 100mm x 1mm
QD100002 100mm x 2mm
QD10003 100mm x 3mm
QD10004 100mm x 4mm
QD10005 100mm x 5mm
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Fused Quartz Plates

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 100 Piece
  • Material Quartz Glass
  • Shape Round
  • Color Transparent
  • Application Laboratory & Industrial
  • Country of Origin India

LABQUARTZ supply Fused Quartz Plates from standard stock range or custom-made dimensions and options. Fused Quartz Plates are widely used for industry and science for its optical and mechanical properties. These properties make it resistant to chemicals, withstand high temperature and thermal shock. It has low thermal expansion and high transmission from UV 260nm to over 2 microns.


LABQUARTZ supply several grades from manufacturers around the world for low-cost commercial applications. This includes large Quartz Plates up to 1000mm square for protecting equipment to precision optical windows with multi-layer coatings. It is machined to custom design to variety of shapes and thickness.

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