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Exercise & Fitness Goods

We offer the best product range of Infra Chi Morning Walker Machine, Sauna Spa of Portable Steam Bath, Family Portable Steam Sauna Spa, Portable Steam Sauna Beauty Spa and Chi Machine.

Infra Chi Morning Walker Machine

We are offering infra chi morning walker machine.
infrared home walker with reflexology therapy is a foot massager which delivers precise stimulations to vital points of the sole and as a result the user can enjoy the benefits of reflexology.

features :

  firmer hips, thighs, and toned muscles
  improved posture
  increased energy
  improved circulation
  weight loss
  aligns the spine
  better sleep
  removes muscle and back pain
  removes lactic acid build up
  helps drain the lymphatic system
  eliminates toxins
  strengthens the immune system
  increases blood oxygenation
  improves metabolism
  total stress relief
  loosens stiff muscles
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Chi Machine

We are offering chi machine
"the chi machine" is one kind of health exerciser which combines science and wisdom, applying a goldfish swimming method and german kinematics. It gives full play to body's aerobic sport through the sport track and brings a perfect effect in a very short time.

kindly contact us for more details of our health products like portable steam bath, foot massager & infra chi morning walker.
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Chi Machine

We are offering chi machine
swing exerciser chi machine of morning walker

we offer our swing exerciser chi machine of morning walker with lots of benefits.

helps to improve oxygen level in body.
Helps to make your lungs healthy.
Helps to improve blood circulation.
Gives complete massage to the body.
Helps to get peaceful mind and comfortable sleep.

kindly contact us for more details of our health products like portable steam bath, foot massager & infra chi morning walker.
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Sauna Spa of Portable Steam Bath

We are offering sauna spa of portable steam bath

relaxes tired and aching muscles
relieves joint and muscle pains
improves circulation
burns calories
helps keep skin healthy
improves body tone
rapid relief for arthritis and rheumatism
relieve stiffness and relaxes the body.
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Family Portable Steam Sauna Spa

We are offering family portable steam sauna spa.

fold up the unit for easy and compact storage;
the effect will be perfect if match with beauty products such as bath lotion, figure-shaping salt, aroma essence, herbal products etc;
thoughtful vent design leaves hands free for reading etc;
special waterproof cloth in the outer case retains heat, making it safe and convenient to use.
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Portable Steam Sauna Beauty Spa

We are offering portable steam sauna beauty spa.
portable steam sauna beauty spa at home

relieve joint or muscle pain;
cure your cold;
clean and nourish skin very well;
keep fitness and healthy anytime
can match with beautify or healthful items, such as salt, perfume, herbs, etc.
repack into handy, compact size.
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Chi Machine

We are offering Chi Machine
- Increased energy level
- Strong and limber spine as well as joints
- More restful sleep
- Strengthening of the immune system
- Alleviation of stress
- Improved organ function
- Improved circulation

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