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  • Coconut Coir Fiber

    Experts' assistance is what makes our packaging reliable and highly durable as well. The packaging material used is certified and experts approved to ensure complete safety. We have segregated our infrastructural facility into different units and one of them in warehouse wherein we keep a huge ...

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  • Coir Bricks

    Coir pith is a spongy material that binds the coconut fibre in the husk, coir pith is finding new applications. It is an excellent soil conditioner and is being extensively used as a soil-less medium for agri-horticultural purposes. With its moisture retention qualities, coir pith is ideal for ...

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  • Curled Coir Ropes

    Coir rope 2 ply. Curled coir rope is made out of matured brown coir fiber. The raw material used to produce curled coir rope is processed using sophisticated technology.

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  • Plain Coir Door Mats

    Reckoned for the exceptional Coir Door Mats; we are a trustworthy Supplier in this domain. Our organization has all the essential logistic resources and links to ensure on schedule delivery of order(s).

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  • Printed Coir Door Mats

    Rubberised door mats are durable and supple yet robust and resistant to abrasion. Coir is a fiber that is collected from the outer shell of coconuts. It is absorbent and is naturally resistant to bacterial mold and fungal growth. Coir doormats are an ideal way to keep your home or office clean. ...

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  • Rubber Door Mats

    Rubber door mats some of its features include anti-slip rubber backing; easy to clean; polyester fiber surface; suitable for use in area like homes, offices, shops and other areas; choice of different colors like blue, coffee, brown, grey and others.

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  • Coir Matting Rolls

    Coir rolls are made out of coir fibers that are extracted from the outer husks of coconut which makes it environmentally friendly, strong, durable and long-lasting. They are ideal for places with hot climate and moisture as they are highly resistant to water and long exposure to sun enhances its ...

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  • Jute Rolls

    We offer an exciting range of jute rugs and rolls fabricated from pure jute . Jute rugs are available in diverse designs and patterns such as diagonal, checks and diamonds and are crafted with finely finished handspun jute. The quality product we offer speak of our commitment to provide superior ...

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  • Coir Cricket Mats

    This Brown or Green Coir Cricket Pitch Matting is made of high quality Coir and is used to cover the Pitch to protect it from the adverse effects of Rain, Moisture, Storm and other Natural Factors. This Coir Cricket Pitch Matting is durable and requires low maintenance. Our Coir Cricket Pitch ...

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  • PVC Tufted Coir Mats

    PVC tufted (backed) mats and rolls are made by tufting natural coir fibre into PVC backing. The vinyl backing provides anti slipping and ensures very low fibre shredding properties. The advantage is that these mats can be easily cut to any size or shape providing a completely clean and safe edge ...

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  • Coir Mattress

    Coir mattresses are made up of layers of coir fiber obtained from the coconut husk. Coir mattresses usually have a foam layer in between with the top and bottom surrounded by coir fiber and completed with cotton insulated layers as padding. This type of mattress has been in use since ages and is ...

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  • Husked Coconut

    The coconut with husk arrives still encased in its original hard protective husk. Inside this husk lies the familiar coconut shell most commonly available. A thin brown coat, called the "testa" covers the kernel, which is hollow and contains a liquid. When the fruit is ripened, the kernel has a ...

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  • semi husked Coconuts

    Semi Husked Coconut is well known for its distinct flavor and the goodness of fresh coconut water that goes a long way to describe the long standing inter relation between mankind and nature. Nourished from the naturally grown trees do not have much husk on them and is easier to peel them ...

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  • Semi Husked Coconut

    We are staffed with diligent and efficient logistics team; they act as a helping hand to make deliveries within set time. We are working in close coordination with the team members and management; they make every endeavor to keep the products piled up safely in our capacious warehouse. By this, ...

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