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Our offered Product range includes ROSCTL Scheme, Standard Input Output Norms, RODTEP Scheme, TMA Services and Brand Rate Fixation Services.


In India, the textile industries are flourishing. Our country has the largest textile industries in the world with a great number of raw materials and manufacturing strength. A new scheme has been launched by the textile ministry for exporting garments. It is known as Rebate of State and Central Taxes and Levies or ROSCTL. To be a part of this scheme speak to us. We at Mahalakshmi Overseas provide our customers with the best services and information about different schemes including the ROSCTL scheme. With our help, you can enjoy the amazing benefits of the scheme and experience hassle-free licensing services. We ensure that all the requirements of our clients are fulfilled by us and focus on providing satisfaction to our clients with our services. Hire our services and get outstanding offers by dealing with us.

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Standard Input Output Norms

Standard Input Output Norms or SION is also known as IO norms. This is used to characterise the measures of the output and import sources that are needed to make a unit of the output for export purpose. This norm is import for the business and items like engineering, electronics, food, chemical, fish and much more. We at Mahalakshmi Overseas, Haryana, provide our customers and clients with the best services including SION. We issue licenses under legal terms and help your business flourish. Hire our service and contact us to know more about our SION services. Send us an email and we will get back to you with answers to all your questions.

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Want to get the best RODTEP services? Speak to us at Mahalakshmi Overseas, Haryana. Our company provides the best services at an affordable price to customers throughout the country. The RODTEP scheme initiated by the Indian Government helps the exporters of India to get level playing field in the international market. This will replace ROSCTL and MEIS but the support that is given to the garment exports by these two schemes will be there till the end of 2020. The rate of the RODTEP is still to be decided by the government but it is will be based on the methods used previously. To know more about this scheme and its rules, contact us. We will help you and guide you to avoid any legal issues in future.

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TMA Services

Get the best TMA services from Mahalakshmi Overseas based in Haryana. Our company is well-known and popular in the market for our extraordinary services. The commerce ministry has laid a detailed procedure to claim the transport and marketing assistance which is also known as TMA scheme. Under this scheme, the government will assist in advertising and marketing of the agricultural produce. We represent our customers on their behalf and fill all the applications to be a part of this scheme and enjoy its amazing benefits. Call us and get our amazing services and know about the schemes which can be beneficial for your company.

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Brand Rate Fixation Services

With our knowledge and experience in this area, we are fully immersed in providing our customers and clients with the best Brand rate Fixation services. Our company, Mahalakshmi Overseas, Haryana, is well known in the market due to excellent services. We have been in this industry for years and we provide our customer with services that fulfil their requirements and needs. Rendered with perfection, our services and valued and highly applauded because of its reliability, flexibility and much more. We have amazing team members who ensure that our clients receive the best service without any trouble. Therefore call us and hire our services. Enjoy amazing offers and services by dealing with us.

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Duty Drawback Scheme

If you want to know more about the Duty Drawback Scheme speak to us. We at Mahalakshmi Overseas is one of the best company for policy and licensing services in Haryana. We provide our customers with all the necessary and important information about the government schemes that are helpful for your business. The scheme of duty drawback seeks to rebate tax or duty chargeable on any advisable or imported materials and also the input service that is used in the manufacturing of export goods. Generally, there are two different duty drawback. One is the all industry rate and the other is the brand rate. To know more about duty drawback, call us without any delay.

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Duty Free Import Authorization Scheme

Under the scheme of Duty free import authorisation, the goods that are imported can be made duty free if the goods are incorporated physically in products which will be exported. There is an export obligation which is set as a condition if you want the advanced authorization certificate. Mahalakshmi Overseas will ensure that you get the benefits of the Duty Free Import Authorization Scheme with proper documentation and taking the right steps. Based in Haryana, our company provide services to companies all over the country. We have years of experience and ensure that our clients receive the best services. To know more about our services of duty free import authorisation, contact us.

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New IEC Registration Services

If you are looking for new IEC registration services, you are in the right place. In Haryana, Mahalakshmi Overseas has made a huge name with the services. Our company provides the best services at an affordable price. IEC or importer and exporter code is essential for your business identification. This is necessary for the export from India and also for the import to India. One cannot do the import and export of products without this certificate. An individual business should have this registration certificate to carry on business overseas. We understand the importance of this certificate and therefore provide the best registration services. We fill all the necessary documents on your behalf and help you to get IEC certificate for your business.

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IEC Modification Services

At Mahalakshmi Overseas, Haryana, we have IEC experts who will help you update the details in the Import Export Code certificate also known as IEC certificate. You need to update every information and data about your company. Like, the activity status, branch details, the manufacturing details and even the merchant in Import-Export code. You can face serious consequences if you fail to update information during the export-import process. The problems usually arise if there is a difference between the DGFT details and customs with the IEC code certificate. You can make modifications of almost everything in IEC code. Like Pan number, address change and much more. Get the best IEC modification services and save yourself from problems with our help.

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